10 + Surprising Facts About Kenya

Located on the east coast of the continent of Africa, Located on the east coast of the continent of Africa, Kenya is like a photographer’s dream come true… Kenya is like a photographer’s dream come true… Kenya contains eye-popping wildlife such as zebras… in addition to these iconic species There’s just so much to see and explore… in this diverse and magnificent country The oficial name of Kenya is the Republic of Kenya Kenya was named after Mt. Kenya which is a very significant landmark in the country. Mt. Kenya is actually the highest mountain in Kenya and the second largest mountain in Africa. Now the origin of the name Kenya is And those three words all mean God’s resting place ho hie

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  2. Ugali 10/10 when you eat ugali with fish and kachumbari(salad) in hot day…just get a nice spot under a tree take your shirt off and let the ocean coast breez take you…you will feel good

  3. I liked this video but please don’t use Kenyatta’s quotes he really was one of the worst people to reign Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ.

  4. I have a presentation tomorrow about my country Kenya and I wanted to touch facts that matter coz I feel like I have a lot of knowledge that may keep me away from majoring on the facts that my audience may need. This video will be really helpful and you are doing a good job. Thumbs up

  5. Ugali is the best food in KE because it is good when it goes with stew of meat.Kenya is the best country loved by many europeans,arabs and much people around the world.Love KE

  6. Ugali is delicious (I'd rate it 11 out of 10)! πŸ™‚ And it's also very healthy and filling, usually eaten with green veg called sukuma wiki.
    Ugali is pronounced oo-gali though, not you-gali.

  7. this guy is devoid of facts and the fact he might be nigerian (looks like one but born abroad) makes his views very skewed… no europeans dealt with slaves in the territory that forms kenya, the slavery only happened along the coast with the arabs who ruled the coast of EA with headquarters in zanzibar…

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  9. πŸ˜ƒ Rwandan but πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ is my favorite country in the world. People there are amazing and respect personal privacy. Wanna move back during my old age bless the land

  10. Dude knock it off with all the suggested video pop-ups. I'll find more of your videos on my own if I'm interested. It's very very distracting and it pisses me off and ruins my experience watching your content.

  11. I am somali kenyan. So i was born in kenya and i love ogali it is so good like reat that to 100. I love kenya but i live in norway❀

  12. NOT yougali more like Oogali / Ugali 10/10 especially if you get to clean the ugali cooking pot, peal the crispy goodness off the side of the pan and eat it OH so good.

  13. Ooo ghali not yugali. Great presentation. I love it just had it last night, it's an acquired taste that you learn to enjoy with time. The stew or what you choose to eat with it, is what elevates it to balance spicy or rather salty stews. I grew up in Mombasa hakuna chakula bora kupa mwili nguvu!

  14. Ugali is an acquired taste. What people actually love is Chapati. Ugali goes best with Barbeque, we call it Nyama Choma.

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    I am running a donation campaign to travel to Kenya and raise money if you don’t mind donating that would be amazing ! There’s more in the description https://gogetfunding.com/the-youth-supporting-youth/ have a great day!!! Thank you so much

  16. This video was hardly informative. Talking about a nation and its people like its flora and fauna. Nothing about the booming economy, modern culture, lifestyles, recent events, infrastructure, a reading of history that is insulting mentioning the colonisation but not the Mau Mau Rebellion or the end of slavery or the developments of de-colonialism and African nationalism and the interesting dynamic of Brits, Indians and Natives living side by side for now generations. What about the future? Growth, Chinese investment, US military alliance, Israel's role in the nation, projects, visions of the future, banking industry etc. Extremely poor video but hey at least I now know Obama's dad was born here.

  17. No cap am Kenyan n love my culture but I have to keep it a buck ugali is disgusting like u on the diet to get swole yes but on a daily basis it nasty

  18. Correction: Lake Victoria is on the western side of Kenya and not the south west.
    Ugali pronounced "Ooh gali" ranks a hot 10.

  19. I have been to Mt JoogrenvfrΓΌnderbΓ₯rdΓ¦njuΓΌngrΓ«nkeΕ‚Ε‚ΔΊΕ§ of ΔΏΔ³mbΔ—Ε—ΕΏΕ΅Δ«Δ·

  20. My highest elevation so far is 14,265 feet on the summit of Mt. Evans in Colorado, USA. I am planning a visit to Kenya in November of this year (2019). My home in coastal eastern North Carolina is rarely above 12 feet! Very much looking forward to my Kenya visit.

  21. I am proudly Kenyan and not to offend you but its ugali. The u is sound oo. You were saying yugali. Don't take it offensively but I was just correcting. Anyway anyway awesome video. Keep it up. As we say 'kudos!'

  22. Some facts you may have missed.
    1. Lake Turkana, formerly called lake Rudolf is the only fresh water desert lake in the world.
    2. In Kenya you can experience temperatures ranging from 0 to over 34 all round the year. The coldest is the snow capped Mount Kenya at sub zero and the hottest in the Chalbi desert.
    3. Kenya has one of the largest fortified forests in the world near a place called Loyangalani.
    4. The world's earliest fossils of mankind were found in the country.
    5. Queen Elizabeth inherited the throne after the death of her father while at the foothills of Mt. Kenya. Surprisingly, Prince William met his princess at the same foothills different location.

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