16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places

sixteen most beautiful abandoned places 60 eerily beautiful this is Kolmanskop which you can find in the movie air this little town was thriving in the early part of the 1900 s where there was an influx of German settlers coming to the diamond enriched areas however the diamonds depleted and by the 1950s the little town was deserted fifteen if the walls could speak it would be amazing to unlock the stories and happenings that took place at Angkor Wat this beautiful abandoned temple discovered in Cambodia and coal means Satine and an NGO was the capital city from the ninth to the sixteenth century this temple is said to be the biggest religious monument in the world and was originally a Hindu temple there have been several theories as to why the area was abandoned from lack of water disease natural disaster and pressure from rivals fourteen set sail if you visit Homebush bay in sydney you'll find the surreal floating forest inside the ship the SS airfield it was at home bush that many ships in the 20th century were just left when there were no longer needed this ship is over 100 years old and used to deliver supplies to American troops when it served as a Collier 13 gone but not forgotten we are fortunate to have access to the Internet otherwise we wouldn't even know about half of these beautiful abandoned places this is a mill discovered in Sorrento Italy from 1866 the mill was deserted in the 19th century and National Geographic did a lot of research on the mill and explained the desertion due to the development of Tasos we're isolating the mill from the sea making heat levels rise and too unbearable to functioning so it was abandoned 12 sad to see it go this is the Lawndale Theatre which in its heyday was the place to go in Chicago it could seat around 2,000 people which featured movies then burlesque shows then to the movies it closed out in 1963 and was made to be demolished in 2014 however locals say it's still there and many have been very upset that so much of history was just going to be demolished 11th be our guest this is a big reason to visit Bogota in Colombia so you can go and visit one of their main tourist attractions this abandoned hotel is called Hotel de Salta and you will also witness the tech um Dharma Falls and the surrounding nature the hotel opened in 1928 and welcomed the wealthier travelers through its doors the verchota River eventually got contaminated and tourists lost interest in going there it closed its doors in the early 90s and many believe the hotel is haunted as so many people have committed suicide there tend not something from a sci-fi movie this was actually the HQ for the communist party in Bulgaria it looks like a giant flying saucer and was created by the communist regime as a meeting place it was active from 1981 to 1991 and then fell into disrepair when the fall of the Soviet Union took place apparently there are looking into restoring it nine old places have soul and this exquisite abandoned railway station users soul its location is the former Russian territory known as FK ZM it was deserted in the 90s more than likely two blockades imposed by Russia this type of architecture is known as Stalinist gothic or socialist classism 8 only memories left behind this is the goki island which forms part of a group of nearly 400 islands called the Shanxi Islands in China at one stage it was a super busy fishing village but with the developments of secondary and tertiary industries many of these little fishing villages didn't last much longer and people left seeking work elsewhere 7 hauntingly beautiful sadly the stories of what went on inside the pier leads health startin hospital are not as hauntingly beautiful as some of the architecture seen in this building this hospital once had Hitler recovering there for a bit it's all thousands of TB patients heading through the doors had take place inside and I'm sure many other atrocities the sanatorium is in Brandenburg in Germany and sees many people breaking in just to capture some of the beauty that the actual building hosts six a romantic tale they doesn't seem to be an exact story as to how the chattel and car graveyard in Belgium came into being but it's a breathtaking sight the cars are surrounded by plants and branches and vines are growing through the vehicles reporters say the cars were left in haste but the romanticized story attached to them is that the cars belong to US soldiers who left them behind when the war finished and they returned home five going back in time this makes me feel like I'm right there at this blade mill in France not much is given about this exact blade mode but the sharpening of blades scythes sickles knives and swords would have taken place there apparently many grinders died very young due to grinders disease which is a lung disease more than likely caused from the inhaling of the dust when grinding took place for no tresspassing allowed it's all because of one brave girl that we have access to these beautiful images of an abandoned rocket Factory in Russia we only know her as Lana and she broke into the factory situated just outside Moscow as you can imagine Russian authorities were not happy at all and even posted threatening letters on her web site so a big thank you Lana for showing us what it looks like on the inside three that's personal journey this 27 meter deep well is found in sintra and is known as the initiation well it's meant to lead one on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth you read the going into the darkness or coming out into the light also could be deemed as death and birth it was owned by a well-known freemason who used the wells they are two of them for ceremonial purposes they were never used to draw water and every part of the well is symbolic in some way to ghost town or rather goes subway this is stunning the City Hall subway station in New York and was supposed to be the showpiece when it came to subway stations however a mere 41 years after opening it was actually closed down but some recent traffic at that station saw a rapid decline and then with the onset of the Great Depression and then World War two the station wasn't used at all so it was shut down it received landmark status in nineteen seventy nine and there were plans in the pipeline a few years ago to bring it back to life what history created this breathtaking crystal mall is from 1892 and is actually a decompressor station constructed in 1893 it was used as a power plant this mill is said to be one of the most photographed sites in Colorado in the US and has a place on the National Register of Historic Places you

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  2. Sorry , but Nº3 is not abandoned……Belongs to Quinta da Regaleira. Well-known and daily visited by hundreds of tourists. Bad information given in the video. 🙁

  3. It is because of inherent VAASTHU DEFECT the building came to be abandoned!.There is always remedy.The Dosh can be removed.

  4. The "SHOW MORE" notes have absolutely NOTHING to do with this video. I won't be believing or visiting "Believe That" anymore.

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