3 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Feat. Danyel Moulton, Jonathan Sison, and Andie Zazueta

What’s up y’all! It’s Clay and Jessie and
welcome back to STEEZY’s YouTube channel Our guests in this episode of three
choreographers one song are Andie Zazueta, Jonathan Sison, and Danyel
Moulton. Their song is Pony by DaBaby In our last episode we gave each
choreographer a unique challenge but you guys left comments saying that you didn’t
like it so we went ahead and let Andie Jonathan and Danyel interpret this
song in their own way. Let’s get into it Hi I’m Andie Zazueta, I am formerly
from Miniotics, the crew leader and I am currently a director on Snowtorious at
snowglobe. When I was choreographing to this song I really just wanted to make
it look like how it sounded to me which was like super swaggy.
So my foundation style is popping like animation. I kind of pulled from that
right now I’m really focused on like krump and kind of like more like gesturey
body language type. For this one I was really just trying to like feel the vibe
of like mixing my foundation with kind of just like more talkative movement.
So there’s this one part in the song he says something about a pony I act like I
was like on a horse kind of like giddy up to the horse and I was like yeah yeah
and it just feels super good Come on! Andieee! Yo Andie! I know Andie for her
more clean intricate side but for me I got to see a lot more groove I got to
see a lot bigger pictures like I honestly think with her style and this
type of song the way she accented it was perfect. That combo, ew! It’s so
refreshing to see like a strong female like a female that can do like krump
very like strong movements like I love it and Andie’s one of those she’s
been doing that for a long time. Initially watching it I just feel I feel
so happy to see her stay true to her style but still like growing and
evolving that’s something I think everybody wants to do like I can even
now see like new ways like over moving like it her like breathing out and stuff
this one this one though mm-hmm. I’m feeling that. Choreographer #2
– Jonathan Sison! What’s up everybody I’m Jonathan Sison and I’m from San
Diego and I represent Tha Most. I actually founded tha most. My general thought
process for choreographing this piece was I needed to change up my vibe I
needed to figure out something new for me I didn’t want to just do the same old
like ayy Jonathan Sison I need to have new pathways and new
flows for myself. I wanted a throw whacking into this piece somehow I just
started fusing it with my own style to my own choreography and for me I wanted
to challenge myself to do it to a song like this where within the intricacies I
was like .. I wanted to be like I wanted to show all the funny stuff
too. Especially for a song like this, I wanted to like hit that moment where it
was like I’m dude living with the back end I was like I wanted to have that
moment. Okay stop stop stop it! I need to mentally prepare myself for all the beats that he’s about
to kill. He started playing the flute! Yes! He heard every sound. Need to pull up my pants!! He played the guitar! Yes! Double bass on the knee! Come on hickey!!! A hickey, I, stop tis the Jonathan Sison, everything about the way he Jonathan moves is very like clear but it’s also like
really flowy like it’s actually legible That’s like so upsetting!
I binge listened to this song but like how did? they where did my ears not work?
for the same part in that very song that he heard that I didn’t? The
guitar! I’m so mad about the guitar I’m mad but in like
the most supportive way possible! Great job His performance is unreal like even like he
was like talking to someone over here like who you talking to?
but like we all do it when we like perform on stage we’re like hey whattup? But like who
are you talking to you? No one. But great performance. His performance is amazing.
Wow! That was whoa! Hello I am Danyel Moulton, I am from La
Habra California, and I am the director and founder of both vmo and LFG. I
guess I’ve like built a repertoire of breaking my back So I guess my black, my black?? But my back
is very flexible there’s like a little like elbow whoa that I do even if I was
like trying to be serious like okay you have to remember the choreo, I would do
this because this is fun to do! getting to choreograph something that
wasn’t for stage that wasn’t meant to teach other people just something like
so like showcase me is super cool because I haven’t done that in a minute Yes! My heart is beating, my heart is beating She’s busy! She said I’m busy! Im screaming What! and then, how does your back? I’m broken I’m already broken for you that was
incredible that was everything pocket that’s patience that’s performance
that’s new her that’s old her that’s evolved her I just I know her for her
passion and her dedication to her performance always when the piece just
started just that first look up already know it’s game over
period. Danyel you’re just like not allowed to do that she was like .. I just like believe her and she dances that’s like the cool part
it’s just like so much character you’re just like yes message received
I feel super happy I think it’s just cool to like watch your friends really
like do what they do. As a choreograher, I get to see how other choreographers
interpret the music it’s refreshing and it’s it’s nice to see and I’m really
happy with the product that we all put out. Thank you all so much for watching!
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100 Replies to “3 Dancers Choreograph To The Same Song – Feat. Danyel Moulton, Jonathan Sison, and Andie Zazueta”

  1. I was like "Damn! Danyel is so fun! I wanna be her friend!" And then she's from La Habra which is where I'm from??? Meant to be

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  5. who else was waiting for Danyel’s dance bc she was acting so nice throughout the video and i couldn’t wait to see how she dances 😁😁🤪

  6. see? how they dont get jealous of each other ? they get mad that they didnt think of something, but in a good way; theyre just happy and hyped for the other dancer.

    this id exactly how people should be with everything 🙂 be the change you want to be. bring people up instead of down!

  7. Omg I loved this video ❤️❤️💕💕 each person had their own unique characteristics and you could see it in their choreographies 👌✨✨

  8. So nice to see how choreographers interpret the same song so differently! And also to see the mad love they have for each other which is so positive for the community! YES YES YES

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