3000 Year Old Statue Reveals Advanced Technology? Uthirakosamangai Temple, India

Hey guys, today let us take a look at this
ancient Temple called Uthiragosamangai. It has some stone carvings which have baffled
all experts. There are these statues of large saber toothed
lions called Yalis. But inside the mouth of this Yali, is a perfectly
spherical stone ball. You can roll this ball, you can rotate it,
but it cannot be pulled out of the mouth. People have recently vandalized it and have
tried to pull out the ball using force, damaging the statue, which is why it has been closed
for public view. How was this mysterious structure created
in ancient times? In fact, the state Government is so baffled
by this artifact that they have created modern day carvings like this and placed all over
the state. This is a modern day recreation. These were created using high tech machines. Modern Sculptors put flexible sculpting tools
inside the mouth and carved the ball. Some experts have theorized that ancient builders
followed a similar procedure. After carving the Lion’s mouth, ancient sculptors
would have worked for countless days, and slowly chiseled this stone ball inside, using
primitive tools. But locals in the temple area, point out to
something much more interesting. They say that these modern statues have a
serious flaw. In newer statues, the ball inside is the same
material as the rest of the structure, everything is made of one solid rock. But in this ancient statue, while the lion
is made entirely out of one solid block of granite, the ball inside is made of a different
material called Onyx. Look at the color difference: the statue looks
much lighter, while the ball looks black in color. Now, why are we not able to pull the ball
out of the lion’s mouth? Because the ball is larger in size, than the
openings in the mouth. But how was the ball, which is made of a different
rock, put inside in this opening the first place? This ball is not a flexible rubber ball, it
is made of solid rock, so it would be impossible to achieve this without rock melting technology. Remember, I have already shown you clear evidence
of Rock Melting Technology at a different temple called Ramappa Temple. So, does this statue prove that ancient builders
were melting rocks? How else could such a feat be accomplished. Many tourists see this mind-boggling statue,
and think that this is also a modern day creation, but archeologists confirm that it is older
than 600 years. However, the temple was already mentioned
in a 9th century text called Tiruvasagam, making it older than 1200 years. But locals believe that this temple is one
of the oldest temples in India, about 3000 years old. According to locals, this temple was entirely
built 3000 years ago using advanced technology, and not using primitive tools. As evidence they point out this carving. Here you can see an elephant carved inside
a one inch circle. You can see all its features, including the
eyes, so what kind of tools were used in ancient times? The temple contains many strange features,
it houses a 5 foot tall dancing Shiva made entirely out of emerald. There is also a tree which botanists have
confirmed to be 3000 years old. While historians claim that human beings lived
a primitive lifestyle 3000 years ago, what we actually see is evidence of Rock Melting
Technology, extremely sophisticated carvings and proof of an advanced civilization. Did we once have a highly developed civilization
which used advanced technology? How else can we explain these evidences? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and also click on
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100 Replies to “3000 Year Old Statue Reveals Advanced Technology? Uthirakosamangai Temple, India”

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  2. Your videos are great but when you say "builders" I hear "boogers".. so to me it sounds like you're saying "ancient boogers".

  3. You are doing a great job. Thank you dear Mohan. It is like that awakening experience for all of us.

  4. My thought: Ball is made up of molten lava or molten rock and later the mould of the ball has been removed.

    Great work Praveen Mohan Garu.

  5. Sir pls share details like which state and which city does this temple is.
    Not only this temple you may also give details of location of all other places u have worked upon.
    We also can visit these places

  6. I recently subscribed your channel and binge watching your all videos.Amazing videos,providing clear information.I have visited some temples but after watching your videos i want to visit again and want to explore each and every thing. You are doing great job.keep it up and all the best for your bright future.come along with more videos😍

  7. Our ancient civilization was nothing less than magic and wonder . It is very disappointing that government takes no care of these wonders .

  8. Here in Australia there there are these granite coated with chert n writing ancient 33° lines carved too melt the chert on Stone takes at least 1200°C the lines look more pressed than carved…with stone age tools supposedly !
    Power stones pineal shaped stones sound like glass or cooked stone full of crystals tiny ones n donut shaped torus stones hmmm wonder of hidden energies known by the ancients of this beautiful planet

  9. Love your work Praveen…I'm falling in love with Hinduism…
    I definitely have to come to India visit everyplace you've shown us…
    Before I come I have to read the books of Hinduism are they in english?

  10. Love your work Praveen…I'm falling in love with Hinduism…
    I definitely have to come to India visit everyplace you've shown us…
    Before I come I have to read the books of Hinduism are they in english?

  11. Love your work Praveen…I'm falling in love with Hinduism…
    I definitely have to come to India visit everyplace you've shown us…
    Before I come I have to read the books of Hinduism are they in english?

  12. If the Ark of the covenant was found , someone would vandalise it, or try to steal it !! Damn shame ain't it !! Probably be Muslim too !!

  13. Thank you Praveen for another quality video. I have learned more from you about our roots as humans, than any other source/person. I also agree that there had to be some technology used, such as rock melting, to get that ball in the mouth of the lion. In all my years, I have never heard of this. This is the one artifact that literally proves that there just had to be some tech besides crude chisels and hammers. If it was the same material, I would say, just maybe they could carve it, but, the difference in materials is a game changer. The only other possibility is that they drilled a hole all the way through the statue, placed the ball, and then somehow filled the hole back in. Probably filled back in with molten rock.

  14. Incredible information. Thank you Parveen for your time showing us what India should protect and preserved. I am learning so much from your shows. If melting rock technology existed by ancient builders then the two anomalies found on the bottom of the Baltic sea really could have been two vehicles made out of melted rock that crashed landed centuries ago

  15. Probably that the ball material is different shows that it's the mechanism rather than they PURPOSELY didn't use the statue material which would be harder and more obvious. The material is not known, it was carved outside, much easier then it either EXPANDED DUE TO ITS composition or the exterior statue or the ball was shaped in a way to allow it access in then remodified to cover up the method

  16. I wish people would stop vandalizing these places, what would they even do with the ball if they had gotten it out?
    There’s no better place for it than where it is.

  17. Mr. Praveen barely covered 10% of the Indian temples. Imagine how much more he might find out only if he has time and money.

  18. very high heat anything will melt….you are calling that technology man…..you are making people idiots…..

  19. He:what is inside
    Me:Ancient Technology…..n extraterrestrial ……n we can't do anything with that technology

  20. There is Another fact about the uthirakosamangai temple is aaruthira dharisanam … Once in a year we can see and workiship the Emerald stone natarajar … Expect that day it was fully applied with pure sandel closed in that karpagragam room.this is my native place

  21. Around 3000 years ago, the vegas arrived to china n brought in the dna pool w their technology. That lion looks like chinese version n style. Also one of ur videos show chinese man stabbing indian man statue. So the chinese may have came out of the Dasksha children that propagated throughout the world.

  22. This is the first temple ever built after great deluges and continents disintegration after the sea engulfed continent lemuria. The lost continent lemuria. Uththirakosamangai – the name itself depicts the age and the history of it. The last Tamil Sangam or Tamil academy literature has mentions of this great temple of ours. British looted all our palm inscriptions and decide them and create history as if science and technology are just 400-500 age inventions. Culprits. Rich beggers

  23. cool pictures kept it up i think you should look into molding procedures and you will find how and why about the loin ….kept up the good work thank you

  24. yes it's all well and good it's done with machineries but the question is why can't we find any of those machines anywhere did they take them with them when they left the planet

  25. I was watching the Hindu temple in Kuai Island, Hawaii with a new lion and a rolling ball in the mouth. The lion statue was ordered from Andra Pradesh.

  26. A hundred years from now, your videos will be regarded as high as any of these wonders! You have a special mission on Earth

  27. one should see beyond racism ..afterall it's technology, science everybody is connected with..if anybody thinks these are stories then give scientific answers ..thats are we r asking..not showing off..

  28. Hi Parveen, i am watching your video sometimes, great! Much knowledge, and information i gather. True; every temple has a saint, or sitthar behind the building of the temple, they have seen farsight to see the past present and future: the Temple is the Past, Present, and Future we see in temple. GO WITH A CONCIOUS MIND and see your future there in the temple.#

  29. I think I know how they got the ball inside the mouth. They used a geopolymer cement and binder. First they formed a ball that was just small enough to fit inside, then they placed it inside on top of some slick, non-stick surface. Then they poured the mixture over the ball and after it hardened enough they broke off the excess puddled compound that ringed the bottom, rounded the bottom area to match the rest of the surface, and then repeated the process after giving the ball a turn. That could make it too big with perhaps just three applications.

    I don't know how long builders have been using varnish (which is made from tree sap) but I'll wager it has been for thousands of years, which wouldn't be surprising since sap is visible and accessible right out in the open in most natural inhabited environments. Sap or boiled animal collagen would make excellent binders, which when combined with powdered stone would make an excellent artificial stone, -not to mention various sorts of powdered compounds which naturally harden when combined with water.

  30. Praveen please do mention the place,location and the state so that like minded people can go visit and admire from all over the world.

  31. It's so crazy to me that more people don't pay attention to these things here in the states.. Keep it up!

  32. Hi bro I am from Telangana
    My place is Ramunipalli village, sultanabad Mandel, pedapelli district in Telangana their is Sri Rama temple in my village on top of a hill where we can see a small water pound about 1m diameter in which water was sweet nd pound was nvr became dry till now , if u interested u can come .

  33. It’s a worth watching and your videos went viral internationally.Now you are going to be international celebrity.

  34. For others INDIA is land of wonders ♥️ for us ONLY MONEY and is EVERYTHING and degrading like pro "ok do we get a single penny with that??" Think idiots get a genuine guru learn ramayan bhagawatham Bagawadgeeta we are finishing our no. Of breaths and nearing to death day by day..

  35. Government should announce prizes or competition to explain the reason behind it to draw attention of Indians and foreigners towards this fact.

  36. Very useful and incredible information (in each and every vedio). I request you to mention address or location of temples as an introduction to your researched videos

  37. Jinn (satan) can build something out of our mind….etc…solomon using jinns to build his palace ( muslim Alquran)

  38. Could the ball be two pieces glued together?? Could the granite stone have contained a piece of the onyx and they carved it in place?

  39. Great video😍 about Yali & the ball in their mouth and the incredible carvings of the temple. Take Care Bro 😎👍

  40. India's ancient buildings are simply mind-boggling in every possible way. You simply can't stop staring at them in awe. They are way beyond anything else on this planet. It's a shame the western culture has side-stepped so much of Eastern ancient culture, all the way from China to Iran, in favor of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and South America. India alone surpasses many of those countries in amazing megalithic architecture.

    Luckily with internet and tools such as YouTube, more and more of these fantastic ancient cultures are being presented to the world. And especially thanks to enthusiast such as Praveen Mohan.

  41. Inside of the lions mouth rock ball is not from different rock , it's same rock only which lion body has , but it ball colour change because the ball is continuously touching by many people every day so ,it seems different

  42. where this temple is located?
    Please put the Google map location with your video description.

  43. What is the size difference between the ball and hole? Heating of statue in an oven and cooling/freezing of the ball could cause the hole to expand and the ball to contract.

  44. Why is this video now showing up on your Phenomenal Travel Videos channel? It only shows up in general YT home page displays under my account…

  45. why do you think they could not carve the elephant? look at all the intricate carving on the right and left of the stone. Look how they made it 3-Dimensional and extruded from the wall. These people had experience and the elephant was easy and probably the first thing they made before making the temple shape.

    Also the ball is probably black from all the people touching it. Even if they could 'melt stone' and made the ball that way, how do you pour molten stone into the mouth of the beast and form a sphere? Do you carve the mouth and place a plaster cast inside where you have a paper ball filling a void so you can pour it in through the side? Do you make the ball place it inside, and 'pour out the teeth'? It makes no sense unless the ball is made of the same stone and carved in the mouth, or it was smaller than the mouth anddropped in then covered with sticky sap/tar and rolled in rock dust to increase its size to make it difficult to remove. Hell, they could do that and then even burn it with fire.

  46. Can you please start talking about how these temples are probably 15,000 – 20,000 years old or much older? Saying it’s 800 – 1000 years old is ridiculous and is only pandering to the Christian beliefs of the archeologists.

    Dezert-Owl / Free America Radio / The ORIGINAL THOUGHT TransLiteration Project

  48. The sculpture for the tiny elephant on it I wonder if it's a flying machines motor. It would utilize what's known as the conda effectwhich is the fluid has a tendency to follow the curve of around and can create lift. The dragons represent fire and the elephants as horsepower

  49. Those temples were created by people who are our equals . That is Math, Algebra, Geometry, tool building, Quarry work, moving giant stones, intricate carving in rock.
    And the esthetic artistic aspect of their work is stunning.

  50. Conflagration with lasers and again you show that we have been highly advanced in the past and we are older than accepted history .

  51. Yeh jitne bhi unlikes hai na yeh sabhi woh mughalon ki aulladon kiya hai. Yeh kutte aapni maa bahen ko nahi chodte. Inko kya malum kya sahi hai kya galat bus dislike karte hain humare culture per

  52. Todos los templos de India. Constan de billonrs de años ,desde antes que el hombre fuera creado.
    Eran las abitaciones de los Dioses del cielo y las estrellas y sus descendientes.
    Los arquehologos estan equivocados y los historiadores.

  53. El problema an sido los khazarianos mafiosos de los falsos israelistas.
    Que an trabajado arduamente para que el mindo vea solamente a su dios extraterrestre.
    Por ello odian a los Islamicos por que el angel Gabruel hanlo y dejo secretos del y la tierra al profeta Mohamed.Y a Abraham y a Ismael son los que mas amo.
    Cuando vino Cristo los trato de satanicos hijos de vivoras.Y les quito el reino de los cielos que el extraterrestre les habia dado.
    Now cuando un israelista muere adonde va al infierno.

  54. Just a thought …was the rock inside the mouth was cooled and contracted while inserting inside the mouth.

  55. Yali – base or budhi

    The balls became his eyes, the other balls his nose.

    Still others – taste, food.

    Yali help control the passage of feelings.

    About nutrition


    “121 (121). And there is nothing that the name of Allah is not mentioned over: this is wickedness! After all, the shaitans inspire their supporters to bicker with you, … .. "

    146 (145) .Tell me: “In what is open to me, I do not find it forbidden for the eater to eat what he eats, only if it is carrion, or spilled blood, or pig meat, because it is filthy, or unclean which is stabbed with the invocation of not Allah. Whoever is compelled, not being a libertine or a criminal, your Lord is forgiving, merciful! ” (Quran, cattle).


    "2 For the first tabernacle was built, in which there was a lamp, and a meal, and an offer of bread, and which is called" holy" (Bible, Hebrews of the Apostle Paul, 9).

    What kind of bread? Proposed.


    “The Lord's bhaktas, eating the food offered first to the Lord, are cleansed of all sins. Those who cook for their own sensual pleasure, truly eat only sin. ” (Bhagavad Gita, ch. 3, v.13).

    “If a person offers Me a leaf, flower, fruit, or water, with love and devotion, I will accept them”,

    “Patram is a leaf; pushpam — flower; phalam — fruit; me – to me; bhatya – with fervor; prayachchati – offers; tat is that; aham – I; bhakti-upahrtam – offered with love and devotion; asnami – I accept, prayata-atmanah – from a person with a pure consciousness. "

    (Bhagavad Gita, ch. 9, v. 26).

  56. The statues with the ball in it reminds me of a giant whistle. Everything in that temple looks like it was molded concrete rock or as you say, melted rock tech.. I have very little knowledge of Asian and India ancient buildings or how they were constructed. It kind of reminds me of a 3D computer printed sculpture made by a space craft up above ground out of rock or soften rock. Sumerian text has a formula for softening rock into clay like substance and hardens with something else that could not be produced. Simular technology of stone structures were found in Puru South America and Mexico. I could be wrong. I'm still learning myself about these acient buildings and statues and structures from 3,000 to 15,000 years ago. Humans be stupid and ignorant of what was in the past.

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