3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape Can Take the Cold

Hi My name is Tino I have worked in the chemical industry for the last 32 years My name is AnneMarie and I’ve been an electrician for ten years now. the coldest job i ever had and I still remember it. Minus 30, top of a storage silo, With the wind howling and of course you weren’t at the back of the silo, you were right directly into the wind. My experience would be past Fort Mac, where your hitting minus 30 to minus 40 no problem without the wind chill. Using 3M™ Vinyl Tape in cold weather – you got everything you need. The material rolls off the tape really well, it sticks and it’s not bothered by the cold. and if your taking it off, same thing, it comes off very easily and it doesn’t leave adhesive on the pieces that you’re working on so you don’t have to scrape it off. What I found with using Super 88 is you don’t need to put it in your jacket pockets to keep it flexible. Ski Goggles are probably my best friend in really cold weather It keeps your eyes from freezing, keeps your vision clear. Have all the things that you need before you start the job. There’s nothing worse than going up realizing that you’re missing some tape or your screws. Always remember, take your stuff.

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