40 MUST SEE HISTORIC PHOTOS IN COLOR. This Will Change How You Feel About The Past.

33 Replies to “40 MUST SEE HISTORIC PHOTOS IN COLOR. This Will Change How You Feel About The Past.”

  1. A lot of these I don't believe. They're too posed and formal where say the one with they boy in the slum it's wouldn't have been that great quality and he wouldn't be so posed and perfect for the camera. In no way am I trying to cause offence but I mean come on just because they're in black and white and look old doesn't mean they're real. I'm not saying that theyre ALL fake as some of them I'm sure are very real but some of them I mean, come on.

  2. I got something in my eye once and I was looking at her but then I got an idea and looked at him looking at her and then I go through more little shit but then he says don't even look? That's fucking stupid to think about

  3. I think black and white photos are lot better when showing the past it makes you just think or realize or not knowing what colors are you things are what could be or I don't know it's just completely different and shows the sadness in the depth of the photo completely different than bright just kind of makes certain photos now great and amazing but also depressing and turning them into something completely different not bad but certain photos need to be dark

  4. 3:22
    Some reason I thought they was Nazi soldiers, but I noticed that they were to launch the bombs towards the Fritz, having the carved "Happy easter", then explode. Nice.

  5. from what i read in picture 38, one of the jews in the beds was a survivor of the Holocaust and even published a book of his life in the Holocaust called "Night". His name was Elie Wiesel

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