5 Missed Shots That Would Have Changed NBA History Forever

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  1. Pains me to say this, as a Mavs fan, but after the Mavs incredible comeback from 15 points down in the 4th qtr of game 2 of the 2011 Finals, D Wade had a near halfcourt heave as time expired that hit front iron, hit the backboard, hit front iron again and came off. That shot goes in & it’s soul-crushing for the Mavs after that incredible comeback. Mavs go down 0-2 & I don’t think they recover.

    Edit: was a bit off. D Wade's shot hit back iron and bounced off. Maybe I remember it being a bit closer than it was just because that shot was online & way too damn close for comfort.

  2. UPDATE: What if Stephen Curry hits that 3 on Game 6 of 2019 NBA FINALS?
    Yeah, sounds silly coz even if he hits it he was left with no KD and Klay but yea, who knows?

  3. Ahhh game 6 of the WCF that yr….one of the most rigged(and obviously) of all time, as well as the series as a whole. The Kings most def should have been in the finals and should have prolly been champs that year. They had to let kobe, shaq, and co. 3peat tho. Games like that one that make u lose all faith in pro sports being somewhat legit.

  4. Was that Knicks/Rockets game footage from the day that OJ went on his chase in the Bronco? I remember it taking up a lot of the 1994 Playoffs.

  5. Come cry go spurs go thanks for reminding me tho liked because it's a great video… we came back 2014 tho

  6. Kawhi Leonard's Game 6 missed free throw should be on here instead of Duncan's missed hook shot. If Kawhi made that free throw, it would have put them up by 4 with 10, maybe 20 seconds left, but he missed it, which led to Ray Allen's clutch 3 that led to the Heat winning Game 6, then, in turn, winning Game 7.

  7. Who's here since Kyle Lowry missed a clutch championship three-pointer in Game 5 and Stephen Curry missed a game-winning 3 to try and force a Game 7 in Game 6

  8. Wow, 11 points in the 4th quarter alone? That pace would have made him just 6 points shy of Wilt Chamberlain's 1961-62 season average of 50.4 per game.

  9. The refs stole Game 6 from the Kings. I think the NBA had already predetermined that they wanted a Game 7 and they called the game that way to give it the best chance of happening. They called 20 fouls alone on Sacramento in the 4th quarter while swallowing their whistles when Bibby got hacked or mugged every time he drove to the basket. I do not care what anyone says. The refs were given their marching orders by the NBA and they followed them. The Kings got robbed of that game and potentially a NBA title.

  10. i think the "changed the NBA" part is a little hyperbolic. many of these would maybe change the series but doubtfull to have a large butterfly effect.

  11. That game had my heart in the mouth. but when they did not score for eternity, i knew something was up. what is with lbj missing a point blank and kyrie irving virtually ran away in one possession. curry did not have legs as seen by previous launch. Even in this game warrior upfront leading all the way. JR played very well. JR falling off hurt cavs( he injured that thumb and was never same again).
    There was no way in the world KYRIE was missing the shot. HE was wired to make that shot. lue and lbj knew it and they let him go to work.

  12. I know this is football but…
    1. titans 1 yard short of tying the game in super bowl against Rams
    2.the panthers out of bounds kickoff against the patriots.
    3.Bills missed field goal against the giants
    4.Cardinals late game fall against the Steelers
    5. Double Doink Cody Parkey choking the bears.

    These are not in specific order

  13. Well, to be fair, KD probably wouldn't have gone to Golden State if they won the championship that year and the NBA would be a lot more balanced. That's probably the biggest impact of that shot by Kyrie.

  14. Pat Riley is easily one of the best coaches in NBA history. Imagine that he would have been in the conversation with Phil Jackson and Red if he won a championship in New York.

  15. Curry missed another one game 6 2019 finals.

    Eh I was happy cause I’m a raptors fan but that could definitely be on this list.

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