#7 When RAPPERS Hear New Beats…Travis Scott, Future, Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, Kanye West, Jay-Z

Travis Scott: A little too high I want Nah…. Nahhhh Nahhhh Nahhhh Nahhh Nahhhh Nahhh Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NAH KEEP THAT IMA RIDE ON MY ENEMIES Alright we can stack that! Travis Scott: You know how like there was a perfect mmmmm mmmmm mmm It was like a perfect evil melody Metro Boomin: Black Keys Like just some ill drive type feel on it Travis Scott: Alright lets do it Lets Do it It’s only us Baby! It’s only us and the HUNDOS Baby! It’s only us! Y’Know What I Mean Gucci Mane: Ehhh Polar Bear Studio Something good got to happen, I’ll tell you that METRO… Cookin in the Kitchen (Gucci Mane: Hum Flowing to the beat) What?! Metro Hold On Hold On We just in the house we bought ourselves a Crispy Cream I’m Ready to Record Man I’m Up Now! Jay-Z: Beat’s Don’t Just Come Out DONE There’s An Idea… And there’s an Execution Of that Idea… Hopefully You don’t just lose everything in the Execution Then You Got Collaboration… Jay Z: You Know what I need… I need that Bounce But by Far for me, the most important thing is inspiration… As an artist if you ain’t inspired to work… Then You start thinking Once you start thinking, you start forcing music It’s never Good. I Think just as important as knowing when something is hot and knowing that this is the one Is Knowing when it’s not. Jay Z: You Know That One Right There Is Very Limited. Just Blaze: I Hate When He Does That Timbaland: Ahhh man why we got through this every freakin time man… I Ain’t got nothing Timbo: You Confused? Jay Z: What? Timbo: You Confused? Jay Z: Nah Timbo: Ya Right, I’ll get another one Jay Z: You got Bounce? You ain’t got no bounce in anything… You ain’t got no bounce in anything… Timbo: (Deep Breath) The bounce coming up… Jay Z: ooooOOOOHHHHH shhhhHHHHIIITTTT Timbo: Alright, you make the pick Timbo: I’m the best there is… YOU GOT THAT?

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  2. 90% of the comments are talking abt Travis and his mouf, sis stop being jealous that he has a fine ass bitch and more money that you could think of😭

  3. If y’all were wondering, listen to that Travis song 5 mo, he says at the beginning of the song “I’m off the molly right now” really out of beat, so that’s why he’s eating an invisible sandwich

  4. Anybody know where I can find number 4 ? Gucci Mane's song at 5:38?? Also where can I find number 6 with metro and 808 mafia , or at least something similar to that beat?

  5. Jay Z: Timbo, you ain’t got no bounce Ni$&@. Tim: plays 3 beats…Im done playing with you
    Jay Z: blacks out @ 9:50 and one takes it.

  6. Future, the type of nigga to repeat the same line over and over again with a hard ass beat calling himself a rapper while waving an imaginary gun around

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