8ban – mini playable Vinyl Records from Japan

right in this video we're gonna have a look at one of the smaller record formats it's the eighth band record so called because it's 8 centimeters across and it comes from the Japanese company Bandai or at least it did it was only on the market for around about a year starting in 2004 the one I've got here is new old stock I've got a record in the top of here and then below there I've got the instruction booklet which has a slip mattered it's time little slip mat in there and then below there the record player itself they'll they've made this one type it's it's a little plastic portable record player there's a couple of different colors of this but it's a very simple little machine this it just runs on four double A batteries you can't even power it from the mains there are no outputs to send the audio off to anything else it just uses its built-in speaker you can see there copyright 2004 now it did make its way to the west courtesy of the White Stripes in 2005 they sold 400 of these as merchandise at their shows together with a selection of their previous singles issued on the tiny format they did intend to sell more of these but that's all they could get hold off because the products have pretty much being discontinued by the time they started selling it now those sets come out quite a high price on ebay now whether anyone ever gets these prices for them I don't know but when the White Stripes were selling them they called them the triple in show phone now I paid nothing like those prices I think mine came to about 50 parents including delivery to the UK which I don't think was bad although it is still just a small plastic toy record player so it's about the maximum the art wants to pay for something like this taking this stylus cover off and turning it on I was happy to see that it does work it was advertised as Junkers things offered are on Japanese auction sites we've got a small mono speaker and it's not right there we've got a pitch controller a speed control below that I'm not quite sure why that's necessary and then up towards the top left you'll notice we've got an adaptor to go into the center of disks that have a larger hole in them much like you get on a normal full-sized record player although everything's being shrunk down so let's have a look at the record that we got with this one inside the box now I believe this worked just like buying a pack of cards in a comic shop you bought it and then you open it up to see what you got inside hoping it was the one that you hadn't already got notice there's a piece of black paper in here perhaps that was to stop you're holding it up to the light to see what was it inside or maybe it's just there for protection but anyway here's the one that I've got in mind I'm not familiar with Japanese vintage TV for the sixties and seventies but I believe that's what this ranges TV themes now on this little disc here you can hold a maximum of four minutes of Mato sound it's single sided and it runs at 33 and 1/3 RPM also inside the box is this piece of paper where you can tick off the titles as you get them along the bottom there there's 13 listed on there but I believe there's 16 in total in this range there's three secret hidden ones that you can get if you're particularly lucky and also we've got this nice double-sided artwork sheets here which presumably tells you a little bit about the program that the music comes from so let's put the slip mat on here and put a little disc garden let's just see exactly what this one sounds like so darm seems to be way the retro diamond stopping it from turning I [Applause] think that slip bar is taking its job a bit too seriously it seems like the slip mat is staying in position and the turntable beneath is spinning around there's enough talk on there so what I'm going to do I'll just put that slip that to one side for the moment and I'll put some gaffer tape of the turntable itself just to raise a record up a little bit and give it something to grip onto as well because this has a rough surface on there so if we put the record directly on top of that fingers crossed hopefully this time we'll be able to have a quick listen to it [Applause] well it's the lowest of low Phi but at least it works let's just have a look at the size of this disc in comparison to a 45 rpm single you can see it fits within the label in the center of it if we compare it to a CD well it's the same size as one of those CD singles but obviously it's smaller than a CD because of CDs 12 centimeters and this is 8 anyway let's put that slip map back on top of that tape now because it seems to be gripping to that and fortunately I do have some other discs I can play on this and these are the real reason I'm featuring the 8 bound in a video today because before now I haven't found anything I wanted to play on one of these machines but I've managed to get hold of a set of 13 of these it's out of a collection of 16 and they're called old is the best and looking at the front of there there's some familiar faces and titles on there so I'll be interested to see which ones I've got inside these packs but before I do that I just want to mention there is a web address listed on the back here that website no longer exists it was only online from 2004 to 2005 it would be nice to see what other titles were available in the format so I've looked on the wayback machines cached version of their site there is an awful lot there but I could see there was some Japanese pop that was available on the format's as well from the 1980s and that's off of the page there 367 yen is the price of each one of these packs that works out now it's about the equivalent of just over to UK parents anyway enough about what I haven't got let's see what I have got in these 13 individual packets now the description on the Japanese auction site was very vase I wasn't sure whether I was going to get 13 identical records or a random selection or 13 different ones so opening up the second one will tell me which way we got to go well it looks like we're getting different ones so hopefully they're all going to be different and as I open them up I found that to be the case every single one I opened up was a different record so it looks like this is going to be part of a full set that would have been in a shop perhaps on a care each one of them would contain a different record and as you bought them you'd work your way through that setting and the guy would have to restock presumably I've only got 13 out of the 16 here but that's a nice selection of records let's have a look at one in a bit more detail so I presume that the pictures on the front of these are a reproduction of the original cover art that would have appeared on the singles when they were first in the shops now if we look at the back of here we can see we got the lyrics printed on there which is a nice touch and then at the bottom we've got a copyright date of 2004 which ties in with all the other dates that we know for this format and then we've also got a card in this one which will presumably tells us a bit about the record at the top or the artist to them below there we've got 14 titles we can tick off in this range and there are two additional titles aren't listed on there I think I might have one of those in my set because it doesn't appear on the Front's in the box at caramel which one it was no but anyway we've also got the record let's have a look at that nice thick vinyl this it might be 180 gram vinyl not too sure a good little reproduction of the label there as well from Atlantic and notice it says on the right there's stereo but of course this is only a mono player with a single speaker on it and no other way of getting sound out of it but yeah that's another thing that lets say putting on the record player and have a listen to it we'll need to use that Center adapter for the larger hole on these because they've really got all out have made them look like an american-style record let's have a listen [Applause] yes oh the glue on the labels coming off a bit but other than that it's fine it didn't sound bad at all a lot better than that Japanese theme Chu let's have a listen to some others [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] while recording that section is a few tracks in there that I hadn't heard before or I didn't know the artists names off so now I can go back and listen to them properly so it's introduced me to some new music which is always a nice thing I think this is a fun little product and it's a shame II didn't take off now I'm quite sure that despite their size these little records could sound better if playback on something a little bit more upmarket than this record player and it doesn't have any kind of outputs on it so I can't send the sound off to anything so it'd be an idea to try and play them in a normal record play but there's a couple of issues first off the center hole is too large for a standard spindle are the smaller spindle is too small so you could perhaps adapt it I'm just gonna use a bit of plasticine on here just to demonstrate what that would look like but then we've got another issue the arm doesn't go as far as the record itself you see it stops at the back there because it's not designed to go into that section of a normal record because remember the size of of these discs is the same size as the label in the center of a record where the arm doesn't normally travel into however I did remember I've got hold of one of these Crossley revolutions recently not because it's good but because I was planning on using it in a future video for something and I was reminded that the arm on that goes right into the middle because it's designed for packing away and because it's a completely manual turntable it means there's no kind of automatic shutoff when the arm reaches a center or anything like that so it might just work I'll put the line out into my speakers and on this one I'll need to adjust the center again so that the record stays on there and doesn't move to the side I'll put the slip mat on and I'll look through the toolkit seeing if I could find anything that was the suitable size to go over the center of there and hold the record in place I haven't found anything perfect just yet so temporarily I'm just putting a bit of tape on here but it isn't an ideal solution and it might rub against the record a little bit but at least I'll better just try this out so let's give it a go and see what [Applause] okay so the sound is a bit wobbly and there's a couple of reasons behind that it's probably rubbing on that sensor spindle the records a bit off-center the tone arms on a record at a point it shouldn't really be on it the angles all wrong but other than that there is something I need to point out a couple of firsts here number one these record rings stereo the label was right everything I've read says that these are mono records but no definitely stereo and the second thing is this will be the only time you've ever seen anyone play a record in a Crosley turntable to make it sound better so to sum up the Bandai eight band was a cheap little toy plastic turntable that came and went with barely a whisper thirteen years ago it was definitely not the best way to listen to music but that's what makes it interesting it was just a toy it was a bit of fun you do remember fun don't you it was fun fun wasn't it but nowadays it seems like every product has to fit a need perform a serious function and doing better than what ever came before as well as maximize return on investment the days for things as frivolous as the eight band record seemed to be behind us now and to me that's a bit of a shame although I suspect that's little consolation to Bandai who probably lost a considerable sum of money on this little bit of frivolity anyway that's it for the moment as always thanks for watching

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  1. Judging by the vents for the speaker on the back looks like the speakers may have come from a surplus of Fisher Price stock components

  2. Seems like it's Christmas every day for Techmoan , it's good some seem to think he deserves to be subsidised……πŸ˜‚

  3. And to get the last laugh – Crosley improves on the format and releases the RSD3 in 2019 with a line out, and an AT MM cartridge.

  4. "Crosley" have recently released a tiny turntable called the RSD3 which plays 8ban sized records, pity its made by crosley lol

  5. Crosley just released a mini turntable this year during record store day 2019. Mini 3 inch records are out to play on this device.

  6. hey at least now they released a mini 3" turntable that's pretty legit (well, compared to the quality of this for sure) on record store day last saturday! and funny thing is, jack white is one of the few artists who received releases alongside its launch (4, i believe). ironically tho, it does just so happen to be made by crosley tho sooo…..

  7. Das ist aber hi-fi. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

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