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  3. Im a kid which we dance that (im a six grader) then our teacher is just being obssessed about the dance and song lol

  4. A ram sam sam
    A ram samsam
    Guli guli guliguli
    Ram sam sam sam

    A rafi arafi
    Guli guliguliguli
    Ram sam sam sam

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  6. At 2016 i was 6 and i had an agenda, I found the agenda now and I am 9 and at the end of the agenda, it said: a-ram sam sam, so I searched the song at YouTube and when I listened it, I remembered a lots of great childhood memories.
    Thank you soo much

  7. Shout out to my 3rd/5th grade teacher for showing us this and many other songs! She was so into teaching music and made it fun. She also taught us French ☺

  8. Oh my goodness I love this song so much. Man, it gives me memories when I was younger and used to go to overnight summer recreational camps, and I used to have fun singing this song, and other fun songs in a group with other kids, and as an adult, I still love this song! So amazing!

  9. I used to sing this song when I was younger in Haiti , always tought this was some random Haitian song until I google the lyric 😭😂

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  11. I honestly remember when my 5th grade music teacher showed us this, and it is still stuck in my head to this day (im in 6th grade now)


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  13. Oh my goodness I been looking for this song. Wow man, brings me back memories when I was younger and used to go to overnight summer camps, and this was one of my favorite songs we used to sing in groups😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏😇

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