A robot that flies like a bird | Markus Fischer

It is a dream of mankind
to fly like a bird. Birds are very agile. They fly, not with rotating components, so they fly only by flapping their wings. So we looked at the birds, and we tried to make a model
that is powerful, ultralight, and it must have excellent
aerodynamic qualities that would fly by its own
and only by flapping its wings. So what would be better than to use
the herring gull, in its freedom, circling and swooping over the sea, and to use this as a role model? So we bring a team together. There are generalists and also specialists
in the field of aerodynamics, in the field of building gliders. And the task was to build
an ultralight indoor-flying model that is able to fly over your heads. So be careful later on. (Laughter) And this was one issue: to build it that lightweight that no one would be hurt if it fell down. So why do we do all this? We are a company
in the field of automation, and we’d like to do
very lightweight structures because that’s energy efficient, and we’d like to learn more
about pneumatics and air flow phenomena. So I now would like you
to put your seat belts on and put your hats on. So maybe we’ll try it once — to fly a SmartBird. Thank you. (Applause) (Cheers) (Applause) (Applause ends) (Applause) So we can now look at the SmartBird. So here is one without a skin. We have a wingspan of about two meters. The length is one meter and six, and the weight is only 450 grams. And it is all out of carbon fiber. In the middle we have a motor, and we also have a gear in it, and we use the gear
to transfer the circulation of the motor. So within the motor,
we have three Hall sensors, so we know exactly where the wing is. And if we now beat up and down — (Mechanical sounds) We have the possibility
to fly like a bird. So if you go down, you have
the large area of propulsion, and if you go up, the wings are not that large, and it is easier to get up. So, the next thing we did, or the challenges we did, was to coordinate this movement. We have to turn it, go up and go down. We have a split wing. With the split wing, we get the lift at the upper wing, and we get the propulsion
at the lower wing. Also, we see how we measure
the aerodynamic efficiency. We had knowledge
about the electromechanical efficiency and then we can calculate
the aerodynamic efficiency. So therefore, it rises up
from passive torsion to active torsion, from 30 percent up to 80 percent. Next thing we have to do, we have to control and regulate
the whole structure. Only if you control and regulate it, you will get that aerodynamic efficiency. So the overall consumption of energy is about 25 watts at takeoff and 16 to 18 watts in flight. Thank you. (Applause) Bruno Giussani: Markus,
we should fly it once more. Markus Fischer: Yeah, sure. (Audience) Yeah! (Laughter) (Gasps) (Cheers) (Applause)

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  2. Idiots
    , see , bunch of idiots , and what the f… are you getting excited about?

    What makes sense is to create robot bird?

    NONE you f.. idiots.

  3. Don't talk. Just show us the bird fly. Amazing. Keep your secrets with you. Fly it again. Amazing. Thank you.

  4. If there was no living birds, and suddenly there was a bird, OMG a living thing – with wings instead of arms, that can fly!! OMG.

  5. I hate it when the germans (i'm from germany) speak like that.. please lern english man its not that hard 😩

  6. you… are saying that all birds are extincted and we didn't know it and they replaced all bird with this drone? wow.

  7. While Technology is Rising, The trees and being cut down and the animals are getting Extinct quickly.

  8. Had a similar toy in the 80ies. Wond-up rubber spring pigeon. 30 years later this is an innovation, hmmmm ok.

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  10. Stupidity on these people is amazing
    They all sent the Creator
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  11. Nothing new
    You could buy a wind up balsa version in France 40 years ago.
    And yes they flapped and flew.
    It was 10 franks. About £ 10 today.

  12. se formos capazes de criar tecidos e orgamos humanos.. quem dirá que esse mundo tambem nao foi feito por seres super inteligentes>??

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    who will suspect an innocent bird (or 200 birds) flying above his battleship?
    BOOM! No ship…

  15. how was this 8 years ago? I had MTV filth recommended by YouTube to me for the last 8 years and this was sitting there all the time! What in the world!

  16. developing a flying bot with bird like wings are not that important.. in my opinion.. first… as long as it fly, the joints on its wings wont last in a year or 2 or lets say less than expected.. you can only use that bird spying.. but its to noisy and hasnt perfected the realistic motion.. but its a nice robot as a toy.

  17. How happy we are!! And applause!! We are killing all the real birds – but don't worry – Big brother will give us robot-birds!!! Isn't that great?! And very soon we humans will go the same fate …. Applause…?? (People: start thinking and stop believing in "God-Science" – more on PBME Planetary Movement for Mother Earth)

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