A Super Nice Japanese Song — Promise【Yakusoku 約束】Lyrics

If possible, we are reborn At that time, I will look for you Don’t say sad things like, “I don’t want anything in my next life” Your smiling face In that place while chewing candy Forever and ever Never change But I will go far I hope you can find, A person who is precious to you At this long lifeline There are meetings and farewells Is that true or false It doesn’t matter. I just want to say “thank you” If we can meet again If there is one more chance Next time, I don’t want to lose you again And I will not lie to you anymore When you smile like a child You always hide your sad face Forever and ever Never change It’s just your feeling your heart Has left me Which still stands still there On a long lifeline Then meet you coincidentally, Smile and talk to you naturally Like what was done on that day At the time, What will you say to me? On a long lifeline If one day I’m lost When I look back, there is you I feel like I can smile again At this long lifeline There is a meeting, there is a farewell There are times to laugh and also when it hurts I want to tell you, “Thank you” I want to tell you, “Thank you” If possible, we are reborn At that time, I will look for you I hope you are the same person With the same smile. Thanks for watching, sorry if there are mistakes lyrics / subtitles

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  2. When i broke up ! Have music
    When i alone ! Have music
    When i sad ! Music coming
    Music is my life
    My love Japan song and anime!
    Love you <3

  3. be calm and deep feeling, someone can leave anyone alone. Keep him/her if you loved and dont be give up to fight. True love maybe will come to you suddenly. ☺️

  4. Ur finally active missed u soo much noricha
    Plus thanks for the english cc yk idk that much Japanese I listen to all Japanese songs tho. XD anyways love you hope everything is aight now keep up the good work

  5. Japanese music is really always TOP 1 in my heart! All of them is always SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!Japanese music and animes is THE BEST!

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