American Pickers: Mike Picks Iconic BMW Isetta Micro Car (Season 12) | History

[phone ringing] Hello? Yeah! Hey, what’s up, man? How you doing? Did you get it going now? Runs pretty good. Oh, you got it running! I’ll be there in a couple hours. All right, buddy. Thanks. That’s funny. Here’s the deal,
I told him remember, I said, don’t call me unless
you’ve got it running. It’s 11 grand. That’s what you said.
I’ll back you up. I’m going to do a U-ey here.
Look at this. He’s already got the gate open. You know what that means, right? That means he’s been
probably test driving it. – That means– yeah, exactly.
– Yeah. MIKE: Whoa.
FRANK: Whoa. MIKE: All right. FRANK: Oh man, he buffed it out MIKE: He buffed
the heck out of it. Yeah, well that means
he’s motivated to sell. It is nice. Look at the paint. Beautiful. I’m hoping the thing runs and
sounds as good as it looks. That’s going to probably
buff up the price here. FRANK (VOICEOVER): I could not
believe it was the same one. I mean, they must have
worked all night on it. Hey! Al! [laughs] Man, you buffed it. DEB: Hey! Yeah, you’ve got
to have a buff car. MIKE: I mean, it looks like
it was freshly painted. AL: Yeah.
– Yeah. Yesterday, we went and
we bled the brakes, put a new battery in it. We put an air cleaner on it. AL: We got done about
7:30, 8 o’clock last night, just before it got dark. It came out pretty
nice considering. DEB: Cleaned it. We even put new carpet
in there for you. We bled– You did? Yeah, check it out. All right, new carpet. Whoa, look at that, Frank. MIKE: It looks beautiful. But to be honest with you,
it’s about the mechanics with this thing because
that’s the expensive part. Can I– can I start it? DEB: Sure. All right, let
me get in there. Cool. MIKE (VOICEOVER):
There’s a lot of car here for the size of this thing. I mean, it’s like 4 and 1/2
feet wide, 7 and 1/2 feet deep. The two rear wheels are
only 19 inches apart. I mean, top speed,
45 miles an hour. But the slower you go in an
Isetta, the cooler you are. [engine starts] And she runs! Feel the power, baby. Can I drive it? Yeah, you can drive it. Go for it. I can not believe that he
and Deb got this thing going. You’re not going to
get in there with him? I’m– I’m good. [laughs] There, I got it. And there it goes. Woo-hoo! FRANK: That’s taking right off. MIKE (VOICEOVER):
And it runs sweet. It shifts amazing. The brakes work perfect. Here I go. MIKE: Boom, take off, I’m
cruising down the street, and I’m like, this
is perfect, man. AL: They’re a little
different than an average car. The shifting is a little strange
till you get used to them, but he did fine. Least he brought it back
and had a grin on his face, so that’s what I like to see. That’s pretty cool. I haven’t driven one
in a long time, man. What do you think? They’re a little
different to drive. The last one I
drove had no brakes and you had to use
the emergency brake. Yeah. MIKE (VOICEOVER):
What gets me going about this car is that I’m
buying it from Al and Deb. They own a number of these, so
they know what they’re doing. So what’s going on? Where are we at with it? Well. Now that we buffed
it out, how about 13? And I got a clear title,
and she runs great. Al? I– I think 13 is a
fair price for that. What do you think
needs done to shake it down the rest of the way? Needs to be driven. We need to readjust the
brakes because they’re new. Are they juice brakes? They’re hydraulic
juice brakes, and all that stuff is new. MIKE: I mean, obviously
condition matters. How solid is the car? This is a California
car, very solid. And the great thing I
like about these cars when I’m talking to Al
is he’s the mechanic. Well, I came over thinking
that I was going to spend 11 because we talked about it. Right. And to be honest with you,
you guys have done a lot more– I spent all day on it. –cosmetically to it. I’ll come up 1,500 bucks. 12,500. 12,500. Yeah. I’m still kind of stuck on 13. I’ll tell you what,
if you go 13, Mike, I got a surprise for you. You’ll have your own little
hula girl to put in the back. That’s 5– [laughter] That’s 500 bucks? [laughter] Is that solar so
it moves in the back? Yeah, she moves in the sun. All right. AL: She knows how
to stroke people. I’m a woman, so a little bit
of charm, it does excellent, and you can always get that
extra few dollars or that– get– get a mile or two extra. If you wiggle the right
way, it works out good. And then the
perfect thing that you need to wear when you’re
driving your new Isetta is an Isetta shirt. FRANK: Wow, man, you– she’s a salesman, isn’t she?
– I know. Look at that. That is an Isetta shirt. Was it that, fried egg coming– That’s a fried egg– Why, because there’s
no air conditioning? No, because they used
to call it the Egg. This car has history. They called it the Egg. MIKE: Al went above
and beyond what he should have with this car. I like the car. It looks a lot– a hell of a lot
better than I thought it would. DEB: Thank you. I’ll do the 13. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you. MIKE: The other day when
I looked at this car, retail to me was 15 grand. But now looking at it today,
these guys went the extra mile. I’m thinking retail now 18k. [cash register dings] Push it! AL: It did turn out very nice. I’m happy with the 13
that we got for it. Cha-ching! All right, there you go, girl. Thank you. Al and Deb are a stand-up
couple that have been around motorcycles their whole lives. They know what they’re doing,
the ins and outs of everything. It just was a win-win situation. [horn honks] Later, Al! FRANK: See you, Al! Bye, you guys! Thank you! We’re out of here! DEB: [laughs] That was fun! [music playing]

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  1. If Rick Harrison wanted to buy this car

    Brings expert who specializes in Small Red Cars and says the car is worth 5,000

    Oh I’m taking a huge risk…. I can do 11 dollars

  2. When they loaded it in the van was that an old auto car truck in the background? Maybe a mack? I'd like to see that fixed up and running. Go back for that guys! 👍

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