Ancient Aliens: What is the Ark of the Covenant’s True Purpose? (Season 9) | History

NARRATOR: The dome of
the rock, Jerusalem. This Islamic shrine sits atop
the Temple Mount, once the site of King Solomon’s temple and the
last known location of the Ark of the Covenant. In 1981, a small team
of Israeli workmen secretly tunneled under
this hotly disputed site. Rabbi Yehuda Goetz, the
preeminent rabbi of the Western Wall, supervised the highly
prohibited and politically inflammatory excavation. There was a pretty
big problem with this, because that is the number one
sacred site for the Muslims as well. And these men believed
strongly enough that the Ark of the Covenant
had been located there that they were willing to take such great
risks to try to locate the Ark of the Covenant themselves. NARRATOR: When
Arabs on the Mount heard noises from
the cistern below, they confronted the
work crew in what became a dramatic
subterranean standoff. Police separated the
two sides and ordered the tunnel to be resealed. To his dying day,
Rabbi Goetz believed he was just 40 feet away
from finding the original Ark of the Covenant. But could such an
audacious claim be true? Might the Ark really
still be located where it was thousands of years ago– at the site of the Jews’
most sacred temple, one of the holiest
places on earth? For ancient astronaut
theorists, the answer may very well be yes. And for proof, they point to
reports of strange sightings over the mount in recent years. ARIEL BAR TZADOK: Many
will call it a fraud. Many will say it was not real. But it was witnessed
that a ball of light came down over the Temple
Mount and just hovered there. And then all of a
sudden, a pulsating light went out from it– poof– and then ascended back up. NARRATOR: Could it
be a mere coincidence that the UFO sightings occurred
over this particular site? Or could it be, as some ancient
astronaut theorists claim, merely the first in a
series of events concerning the Ark that are, in
fact, the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy? ARIEL BAR TZADOK: There’s
a very interesting prophecy in the Book of
Zachariah that states that there’s going to be
a tremendous earthquake in Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives is to split. It is said that
this earthquake is to be caused by some type
of a sonic vibration created from under the earth, and that
the powers from under the earth are then going to arise out
of this chasm with the Ark. This is then considered to
be A, the return of the Ark, and B, the famous, of course,
coming of the Messiah. NARRATOR: Could the light
seen over the Temple Mount indicate that some sort of
extraterrestrial reactivation of the Ark was taking place? And if so, might we be close
to finally rediscovering this ancient relic
and finding the source of its incredible power?

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  2. What is it purpose? Nobody really knows.
    But i suggest it's Pandora's Box.
    It's one of the pieces of EDEN!
    Ancient Technology which have been scattered around the globe by the ones who came before , some hidden ,, some found , all of the Dangerous 🙂

  3. The Ark of the Covenant was a unique ark or wooden box covered with gold. It had two golden angels or cherubim on it. It contained a written excerpt of the Ten Commandments of God. God is an emblem of the people of Israel ! 😇😉😉😉

  4. UFOs are actually just demonic deceptions… some people who have encountered these beings have said that they (aliens) actually leave when hearing the name of Jesus!

  5. Ive seen UFO myself with my own eyes.. it was pretty amazing it was very similar to the video. Its just impossible to record things you see in the sky flying over you and vanishing in light speed in a split second – when all you wanted to do was just walk outside. Im Jewish as well – but I highly doubt that the Ark of the Covenant was anything related with aliens from space – the fact is that ancient civilizations had a different understanding of science, mathematics and astronomy – making their language different from ours even if we know what the words mean. We relate to those same words in a different way because we are 2000+ years in the future. They were just simple human beings who wanted peace, believed in hard work and tried to make sense of the world with what they had then.

  6. Watch it be a gold box full of dirt and that’s it 😂 no powers no magic lol most people don’t even believe in religion anymore so it’s not as sought after I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. Read the Bible History channel. Kjv Jesus CHRIST comes back in the clouds. Not from the ground. Revelation 1:7Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

  8. And if I ask the experts he'll say yes to anything. it's on Oak Island?? yes!!!!!!!! it's on Uranus????? ancient alien experts say yes !!!!!!!it's God's old pornstash ??????ancient alien experts say yes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. ok respect for historie.. but israil is killing palestina people.. en israil is like the biggest terrorist that i now.. this must stop.. kill or hang up netanyahu..

  10. Except the "lights" turned out to be fake. All the different angles that were captured were all by employees of a video effects company/class of students. This is well known. All this conjecture is utter bunk and to present it as fact is inexcusable. But HISTORY channel doesnt really care about little things like fact any more.

  11. Ludacris, the arc of the covenant was built to house all the good words in written form, the Torah.. Just like Mary is the arc of the new covenant, haven given birth to all the good words in human form, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that name translated from Latin into English is Joshua the Messiah.

  12. You can’t show a picture of Jesus Christ when the rabbi is talking about the coming of the messiah. Jewish people don’t believe Jesus to be the messiah.

  13. This legend is all it is a legend there is no such thing as the arc of the covenant. I think you all watch Indiana Jones a little to much

  14. It's full of "MONO-ATOMIC GOLD" ! Research the properties of mono-atomic gold produced in the ancient temples by "workship", not worship. The ancient Annunaki alien rulers ate it and lived 30 thousand years. See Egyptian book of kings to learn that before the flood rulers lived that long. It is multi dimensional and anti gravity. The Ark was said to levitate, shoot lightning, and go interdimensional. Crips full of this white powder have been found at ancient temple sites…

  15. 💌Repent and you will know the truth. To be born again will not only saved you but Free you from deception. God bless us all 👍😀try it what can you loose but gain. I never liked mustard ☺ now I have to have it in my samdwich👍

  16. Have you ever pondered on the idea of it being a parable of sorts for what happens within?
    When going within through prayer, meditation, etc..
    When you have the "lightbulb" moment and it all makes sense. Or at least "all" as in all you were inquiring of in the moment.

  17. I am prety sure the Ark of govenant's was a kind of communication device , built by us from them specification, moreover in the time of Moses he received a device from them Gods they has gived them a device was has produced the Manas this weid food .The moses brother and other guys have to does mentenance this device ,they have receice all specification what they should clean each mounth .Then somebody has accidentaly opened a container and this guy has daying in the next days .I am prety sure this was a nuclear battery and this guy was very contaminated with radioactive stuff.They has writted this guy has begin to losen his own hair ,in the next day .That happend only in the case of very powerful contamination with some radioactive stuff,this story are writted in them ancient Tora boock .Why does hidden the hebrews all this facts from us ?are they afraid we will know them God may be was a aliens from another world ,and they have only misunderstood this advanced civilization ?sfmy spelling !

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