Apple’s New iPhone to iPhone Data Migration Feature – How it Works

hey guys today's video is brought to you by dr. phone repair if you're having any issues with your iOS 12 or iOS 13 device doctor phone repair will help you recover and restore your device without any data loss rather your iPhone is stuck on recovery mode on DFU mode or any constant boot loop this software will help you recover your device without any data loss you can also use it to downgrade from iOS 13 back to iOS 12 and if you want a chance to win one of ten free license codes links will be in the description thank you to dr. phone for sponsoring to this video so yesterday Apple released iOS 12.4 with a brand new awesome feature that allows you to migrate all of your data from an older iPhone to a new iPhone very easily using a Wi-Fi connection so let's say you upgraded from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 10 s I'm going to show you how to use the brand new transfer your data migration data transfer from iPhone to iPhone in this video so all you have to do is once you buy your new iPhone unlock it and you'll get prompted on the old iPhone to start the setup process so once you lock it in and lock it click unlock device go ahead and use your touch ID device and click continue here and this will actually communicate with both devices here and you see that using the camera on the old iPhone I can scan right here the new iPhone and the pairing process has begun the data transfer process will now begin we have to enter the passcode from the old iPhone into the new iPhone in this case is 0 0 0 I use that passcode just for test devices never use that passcode is not a good idea anyway both devices are now communicating and all of the data from the old iPhone will be transferred wirelessly to the new iPhone using the Wi-Fi connection so it is recommended to do this at home of course this can take anywhere from 5 to 10 to even 20 minutes depending on how much data you have on your own iPhone for this data to transfer and of course that's also going to depend on your Wi-Fi speeds as well so once both devices are communicating you'll get prompted with face ID so we're going to go ahead and set up our face ID device here if we do upgrade to a face ID device is now set up and all we have to do now is continue with the process now keep in mind both devices do have to be running iOS 12 point 4 or above and here is the new screen that you get in iOS twelve point four you have two options to migrate this data you can use the cloud as before or you can do the iPhone to iPhone so that's the new option that we want to choose both devices will now begin to communicate and transfer everything I mean everything that's on this phone it's going to be a carbon copy on the new phone which is awesome I know a lot of people wanted this feature not everyone uses the cloud for everything with this new feature you can keep the data on your device and transfer it from an older to a newer iPhone just like that using Wi-Fi so let's go ahead and wait for the actual process to be completed after a few seconds you'll get prompted to agree to the new terms click setup click through the menus here and once you're done setting up your device the way you want it to set up you'll see that the transfer will begin so you have to go through the initial setup before any of the data is transferred over to the new device here we go the actual transfer process has begun now we can open our new devices or old device next to the new device and they both have to be next to each other until the transfer is complete since I don't have that much data on the iPhone 8 it says a minute here to transfer all the data over but it's not going to take a minute for you keep in mind this is going to take a while so you need to keep both devices connected to a power source connected to the same Wi-Fi network and until the data is completely transferred ok so the transfer has been completed as you see here so on the old iPhone we get a prompt here that tells us how to actually get rid of all the data on the iPhone so before we trade it in and give it away or sell it we can go ahead and erase it is recommended to erase the device and you can go ahead and do that it will show you how to do that and here it is the new iPhone now has everything that was on the old iPhone just all like that so it's a really cool feature I just wanted to share this one with you guys I hope you guys enjoy the video in this quick tutorial on how to use the iPhone migration data transfer on the new iOS 12.4 I hope you guys have a great day thank you for watching and I see you on the next one peace

48 Replies to “Apple’s New iPhone to iPhone Data Migration Feature – How it Works”

  1. Dude you didn’t show after the phone opens up. We wanna know if the Apps and files are transferred to the new phone or not. Only the data is not enough

  2. Yeah I KNOW FOR A FACT that when I took my iPhone 6S in to an Apple store to trade-in for my current iPhone XR this was the EXACT PROCESS that took place when I migrated my data from my old iPhone. Not sure why you are emphasizing this like it's new. Or more importantly like that feature is somehow attributed to Apple's latest software update to IOS, 12.4. BOTH DEVICES during the aforementioned data migration were on 12.3 which days later would be, my XR that is, then updated to 12.3.1 and as of yesterday 12.4 on my XR. This trade-in took place almost 4 months ago. So unless this video was made many months ago and you simply forgot to upload it I'm not sure what this upload was about lol

  3. Just got a new iPhone XR today, updated my old iPhone 6 to 12.4 for this update since my itunes wasn't letting me backup, and i don't even get the "transfer from iPhone" option, it simple asks me if I want to use iTunes, iCloud, or set up as a new phone. I'm so confused!

  4. 3:42 Make sure you go into your new phone and make sure everything transferred correctly. Like check photos messages contacts apps and then erase.

  5. Hey i just got a new iphone Xs today! But my phone has all data but only a couple 100 photos saved through my icloud, how will i get my older photos of icloud??

  6. I already did the cloud transfer like a few weeks back but it didn’t fully cause I don’t use cloud often. Can I reset my new phone and then transfer still from old phone to new

  7. I’d used this feature when I bought the iPhone X and transfer all my data from iPhone 8… not sure why you said this is a new feature ….

  8. Will the iPhone transfer be faster than using iCloud transfer? 📱📲 Thanks for the video, man.🤙🏼

  9. it creates its own wifi adhoc network. doesnot need to be on a fast wifi connection as it uses a local connection anyway. thats why it says to keep both phones nearby. using the home wifi network will be painfully slow. also u can see that the wifi connection icon in the status bar of both iphones disappear once the transfer process has begun…..

  10. So this is just like restoring from an iTunes backup? Do you stay logged into apps just like an encrypted iTunes backup?

  11. Great video buddy … will the data from my old iPhone be completed removed or erased if I transfer it to my new phone ? Please respond

  12. I hate transferring with iCloud as I have a load of data on my devices and I have to hit permission boxes all over again.

  13. iDeviceHelp is the best when it comes to iPhone tutorials, I also have a channel called “jaydennnly” which is my name that also shows iPhone tutorials check it out and I will always follow back

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