Audio Recording: How to Record your Voice with a Mac/Apple Computer (2017)

Okay for this one I’m going to show you a
quick way to do an audio recording. You’re going to open Quicktime if you’re on
a Mac. And then up here, you’re going to go to New
Audio Recording. And you’ll have this little thing come up
and as you see as I’m talking it’s already recording or it’s not recording it’s picking
up my voice. Okay so I plugged in my Yeti, so now you can
see that my Yeti is here too. So if I wanted to use that microphone, I could
use that one. Or I can just use the Built-In one which right
now I have the headphones in so I’m just going to use that because not everybody has a different
microphone. And then really, all you do is hit this record
button. And then once you start recording, you can
say something like, “Hey this is just a test, I’m trying this out to see if an audio recording
is something that I would like to give my audience as an opt-in. You can try this too by using Quicktime.” And then when you’re done, you hit stop and
then, you come up here and hit save and you name it as optins101audiofile. and then you
can save it to where you want. So now I have this audio file and that’s just
a quick easy way to do that. Now, inside Quicktime, you can also do movie
recordings and screen recordings. So if you want to do a screencast, you can
use that. And if you want to do videos you could do
that as well. But honestly, when I do videos or I use screen
recordings, I like to use a tool called Screenflow, because it’s a lot easier to use than Quicktime,
Quiktime sometimes slows down your computer.

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