Avengers Endgame Shatters Thursday Box Office Records

okay guys so Thursday numbers for Avengers endgame are already coming in analysts seem to have been all over the place going into the weekend but now we kind of have a number that might dictate how the future does and what exactly Thursday numbers mean so according to Deadline which was the first one to report around 59 million the numbers are officially coming in around 60 million for Thursday night now people have to understand Thursday to Friday usually gets rolled in together by Saturday afternoon so Thursday alone for Avengers endgame saw 60 million dollars we're talking about just the previews you know just you're later in the afternoon showings and that's it not accounting for anything else so 60 million dollars to put this in through perspective for you guys that's how much Shazam made actually less than that in its opening weekend counting Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday meaning that this film officially right now has actually set a new record for the United States domestic opening which was previously held by Star Wars The Force awakens now this is something that I don't think many people saw coming uh there was analysts that were saying just a couple of days ago that there's no way it could beat this number and it was gonna fall short of it by a few million surpassing that by a few million means that this film is on pace right now to possibly do that 1 billion weekend optimistically Disney's gonna keep their numbers down probably around 800 million worldwide and it's opening weekend but anything could go either way you know this isn't accounting for how many screens are you know being like taken up at each theater how many showings per day theaters haven't opened up around the clock literally so things are looking rather good and rather interesting and just thinking of it that way it looks like there's gonna be a lot of revision when it comes to what autumn analyst said and if you were falling on the higher side of it and working for a firm that's an investor you're probably gonna be making good money this week

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  1. You know what the real question is why do the articles that try to list the number one best superhero films of all time always try to lie and it's blatantly obvious because you can look at the box office records and show that those movies that they're putting his number one didn't make as many box office records which means not as much fans are satisfied there for more fans satisfied the greater the film therefore obviously those articles are full of crap and we should trust the box office and tell us what the greatest movies are of all time because they're based on audience review and how much money they made

  2. I saw it Thursday here in the UK, me and my friend made it into an earlier showing but when we came out there was barely any space to move in the lobby and the queue was going out of both sets of doors. It was absolutely insane.

  3. Only after Thursday & Friday it's at $643,700,000 worldwide now. Most likely it'll hit 1B over the weekend. This has a legit chance to beat Avatar damn.

  4. Yo Warner Bros, I just want to take this time to remind you that you cut the justice League time down for nothing! You made the movie into a chopped up mess of a film for NOTHING!

  5. Lmao marvel fanboys jizzing in their pants. TDK is better. And avatar will still be the highest grossing movie of all time

  6. Me – I wish i had seen Avatar in the theatres
    Thanos – Here… take two tickets of endgame ..pretty isn't ? Perfectly balanced as all things should be .
    Me – Thank you uncle Thanos 😊😊😇

  7. 300 million is the low ball for opening weekend now. 315-340 is what is expected for domestic opening weekend. According to Deadline. Who are usually not far off on their numbers. That’s insane.

  8. saw it!!! we will never see this ever again. i dont think secret wars or avengers vs x men vs deadpool would beat Endgame.

  9. So everybody went 5 years into the future except for the spiderman franchise cuz Peter went back to high school to a 15 year old ned that was pose to be 20 and in college

  10. The last movie that made me cry was Logan, but this-this changes that. Endgame will forever be my favorite comic book movie. Nothing will be able to top this for a long time.

  11. Not surprising considering the theaters in my area, stopped showing other movies that wasnt End Game at 5pm. After that all 15 screens were taken up by End Game.

  12. It will surpass 3 billion and we owe this to the studio who gifted us this movie a try and we will WHATEVER IT TAKES

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