Ax-Synth in recording studio

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  1. I know that Ralf played a supernatural Cello sound using the portamento switch located on the back side of the neck. I dont know which preset he use when he played synth bass.

  2. I think Roland has reinvented the instrument adding the internal synth and you showed very well some of the new possibilities of use. Great video!!!

  3. This guy is good and knows about the sensibilities of music performance as well as traditional artistry.

  4. La mia firma per concludere i concerti è il DAAAAAOON del jazz scat. Fa sorridere la gente 🙂 e gasare me!

  5. lmao i found this 5mins after chaning the batteries in my own keytar …this video is fantastic , love the comedy element … I use the roland ax7 into korg triton rack , as i prefer its smaller size to the newer ones

  6. its just the standard scat sound. most sythns have em and depending on the touch will give different scats

  7. I'm such a dork because I'm so loving this video. I want a keytar to play at church. They laughed at me, but one day the keytar will make it on stage.

  8. Si, ci sono suoni di chitarra non distorti, ci sono chitarre acustiche e chitarre Jazz. Poi collegando la tastiera al PC, usando un editor in bundle è possibile modificare i suoni interni.

  9. Oh my God! May my dream becomes true! I need to have my own AX so much for my live performances on stage!!!

  10. Hello All, As you can see from the cover of my recently released CD "The One," I used it heavily on the CD and love it…check it out:
    Also, fellow keyboardists might be interested in viewing my recent appearance at the Sony Legacy Lounge where I demonstrated how I put together some of the music I wrote during my time with the Isleys…the link is:
    Take Care! Chris Jasper (Isley Bros/Isley-Jasper-Isley) –

  11. The use of the pitch bend control definitely works with the shakuhachi. Wikipedia says that shakuhachi is unlike the recorder, inasmuch as it offers substantial pitch control. Both instruments are similar in the sense that they have "woody" tonal qualities, unlike flutes made from metal.

  12. sick a….s sh….t crazy i have vortex 2 wild units with midi etc the is yours peace from canada djfreecan soon

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