Behind The Vinyl: “She’s So Young” with Moe Berg from The Pursuit Of Happiness

So this is Again the original recording of She’s So Young which came from a demo that we had recorded With our friend Scott De Smit in his basement at the same time we recorded I’m An Adult Now Whats interesting about this is the original version of this song Started with a drum beat And then into the first chorus And then When we When we decided after we recorded and we decided to press it We were getting We got it remixed By a friend of our bass player Johnny’s in Saskatchewan and so I asked if he can trim off Either I asked him if he could trim off the drum beat at the beginning or he just did it I can’t remember which one But anyway that seemed like a good idea and that just goes right into the chorus as you just heard Even then I felt like What the song had was way too much chorus And so when we eventually we re-recorded it for Love Junk with Todd Rundgren We started it on the first verse And so that’s Whats unique about this version of this is that We have one extra chorus at the beginning of the song that doesn’t exist in the final version That was recorded for our major label record I feel like One of the things that Todd Rundgren who produced Love Junk was It seems like too much of a good thing there is too much chorus in this He said the chorus is very engaging but it constantly happening in the song That was a really interesting Lesson actually Figuring that stuff out, figuring out all about arranging songs is something that’s helped me out in my producing career is like How to edit down a song so it’s just down to it’s essential elements That worked out really great This song is really interesting In a way because it really reflects the pop side of The Pursuit of Happiness had like This two sort of sides to it so we had more of a rock harder edge version Of ourselves And then a more pop side and this just kind of reflective of my Upbringing in music Of course I listen to a lot of sort of very Pop AM radio kind of stuff But I also listen to a lot of harder music especially love punk rock and stuff like that so We sort of had those two things And those two things sort of were in my songwriting and sort of in the band’s DNA And I remember Early on when we were getting reviewed And someone came up with this Line said If Or maybe we came up with it I think we came up with it and we used it and it was like if AC/DC If a van carrying AC/DC and A Volvo carrying ABBA got into a car crash it would sound like The Pursuit Of Happiness And so that’s kind of what What our record was these two odd sides of the band What Todd Rundgren did for us was he sort of helped us define that And so we had some songs that were more poppy music then sweeter then this one And he called them two There two tweed And then we had some other songs that were more hard hard Or they have a lot of guitar they were kind of guitary and he says Those are too guitar oriented your not really good enough guitar player To have two guitar oriented songs We had 30 songs he says these are the ones that Are too tweed and these are the ones that are too guitary and neither are the ones you do the best Essentially he helped us define our sound That was good The other interesting story about this song and It wasn’t so much this song but we played this song on The Mickey Mouse Club which was a big Disney show And we also played it with When The Sky Comes Falling Down which is about killing yourself so I always thought that was kind of funny that we had these two subversive songs on The Mickey Mouse Club

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  1. The Rundgren 45 I have of this is so different and really grabbed my attention in high school. Thanks so much, Moe.

  2. my heart sank a little when moe said todd rundgren wasn’t a good enough guitar player. to me, his guitar solo should settle any question concerning his ability

  3. I saw TPOH live at the PNE back in like 1989. Pretty cool. Later saw Moe while I was working at The Bay in Toronto, Queen and Yonge. I guess he was shopping. Saw him again at the same place. Years later saw him walking down Queen St. It's fun when someone you watched on music videos in the mid 80s is suddenly in front of your face.

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