Best Sony A6400 Video SETTINGS for Vlogging

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  1. No money for gear. Started with phone I have 101 subscribers but i am confident i will be successful soon here on Youtube and thanks to Think media and video influencers.❤

  2. Alriiiiiight! Pretty excited about this one, I’m filming my channel and vlogs with the a6300 but I would love to have the flip up screen 📺

  3. I just started as well with my phone and the video quality is really bad. Whats worse I always have kids at my house so I always have a terrible background sound. So maybe Ill get the gear later when my channel is doing better than it currently is now. I just had to take the leap of faith and start because I have been wanting to start my channel for the longest of time now

  4. Great info guys. I would love to get away from the twos webcams I currently use for my videos. I have ideas for my channel that I currently can't do. One day I'll be able to afford such nice equipment. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Haven’t started vlogging yet, and has not bought the 6400. But thinking of buying the 10-18 together with the 6400. I have the small 16mm for simple stuff when I’m shooting with my current A6000.

    But first I want to build up my audience with simple videos (in Swedish)
    Thanks for great content. This channel has given me much useful information. ❤️

  6. This is my first Sony Mirrorless camera and I love it, I got the 10-18 and the 16-50 lenses based on your which A6400 lenses video to buy. Love you Think Media, btw ruby is adorable 🙏✌👊❤🦅

  7. As I'm not as familiar with this camera as opposed to others, it would really be helpful to point out what buttons you're pushing to get to what you want to set. I got the ISO but couldn't follow your focus adjustments. Thanks in advance.

  8. I am currently using the standard 16-50mm kit lens. Does a good job. Not super wide but it gets the job done. I have not tried shutter priority yet. I traditionally keep it on manual with auto ISO.

  9. When shooting in 30fps the camera is not downsampling from 6k to 4k anymore. Furthermore it's croping in, compared to 24 fps. Just wanted to let you know. Might be an important fact for some people.

  10. Omg need this😭 !
    I'm currently doing everything on my channel straight from my phone but hopefully one day I can upgrade to this 😍

  11. I’m currently using this camera for sit down videos. I used to use this for vlogs but I figured the stabilization is not the best. I’m trying out vlogging on the DJI Osmo Pocket.

  12. My 6400 came yesterday. It was thanks to you that I chose this camera. Very thankful for you and the team and the content you provide!

  13. Hi guys , i have a question . I am very new to this filmmaking and photography world . With my budget and all that, I am considering to buy Sony a6400 for doing 40% photoghrapy & 60% filmmaking/ videography . At first I was considering to buy the Canon 80d , but its sort of hard when the auto focus make noticable noise. What do you guys think ? . Canon 80d, Sony a6400 or any other camera that much better around that price range ?.

  14. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡What LENS do you vlog with? Let us know! 👇🏼 ** 🎯 Want to master video and photography with the Sony a6400? Watch our free video series on the best settings and accessories here ➡️

  15. Have you tried using the RODE Wireless Go system with the A6400? I wonder if that would be short enough to mount in the top hotshoe without blocking too much of the screen

  16. Perfect video! Was looking for something like this to gain some additional perspective on camera settings for the a6400. Thanks!

  17. I watched your YT masterclass and i liked it so much that i want to get your vid ranking acedemy but in your examples you only showed super specific niches, I'm looking to break into gaming, is this course still relevant for that, have you worked with gamers in the past before

  18. I don’t have the A6400. I have a Canon SL2 and I’m using a BOYA BY-MM1 microphone. Question: I can’t find shutter priority in my camera. Any tips?

  19. I just bought the sigma 16 f1.4 and I also bought the Sony F4 18-105 lens for its zooming capabilities because I do public pranks and this helps me film my subjects unnoticed. My question is which one is suitable for vlogging as I’m about to start a vlog channel also?

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