Bhad Bhabie $Million Dollar Writing Deal? Dre First Billioniare or Jay Z? Asap Rocky Millions lost

this Jordon tower with JT News makes you smash that like button and hit that subscribe button okay so Daniel Berg Olli it's a million dollar songwriting deal we'll break that down then we got Tiger canceling his show and ASAP Rocky's living conditions in Sweden right now Joe it's kind of sweet i'ma be honest with you but it's what's not sweet is he's missing out on three hundreds of thousands of dollars then we got jay-z dr. Dre and Diddy is is jay-z really the first billionaire I mean doesn't really matter I mean they have more money than all of us but hey why not wait till why not talk about it this Georgia with JT News make sure you smash that like button hope you guys are all having a great day a positive day hitting the like button is very important it really makes the video suffer and there's not a lot of news out here for the for this month so I really appreciate you that support and everyone who watches okay so Daniel Borgo Lee she doesn't even write her own music I'm not trying to like hate on a I don't think she's 16 I really believe she was 18 or 20 think about it she she would be a minor when she got into this stuff she would need her mom with her everywhere it would be a different situation they wouldn't let her do so many things being that young so I think it was all kind of a marketing scheme to say she was so young I really believe she's more like 18 think about it and be a young boy and other people would have been and you know trippy red would have been in trouble for messing with her that's a teenager anyways getting on with that she just did a $900,000 cosmetic endorsement deal which is pretty amazing and she does have influence on kids around her age she had a snapchat reality series like what snapchats pretty much over but she just inked a million dollar songwriting deal and she's making a lot of money okay I'm not really hating on it I just don't get how you can get a writing and publishing deal when you don't even write your own music or produce your own stuff okay so you know she'll get 350 K up front followed by two installments of 325 down the road of course half of that goes to taxes but isn't this other girl writing her music wasn't that exposed and wouldn't that be the person getting the right do it just doesn't really make sense to me I mean how you know how was she getting a million dollar writing deal or does she have to disperse half of that money to the people who write her music because we know she's not writing her music and somebody is you know it's a it's a marketing scheme these labels turned into corporations that manufacture artists it's like you're an artist factory you know we call them what plants right yeah but uh you know she's making a lot of money regardless okay then we got ASAP rocky his living conditions Sweden now jails in Sweden are totally different than jails in the United States jails the United States are pretty much living hell right Sweden it looks like it's like you're in college you got a little dorm row a bed little TV you know they're they're exposing all the living conditions over there but here's the bad part here's the really bad part first of all East Iraq is not free he's in another country and he's losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on festivals this is the time where the festivals make the most money and he would be touring on festivals it's the whole reason for him being overseas Tyga said he's canceling his Sweden trip on July 14th it's not really gonna do anything I he might as well go and fulfill his obligation I mean Sweden's doctor book oh my gosh Tigers not coming here we got a lot of ASAP out it's more of our president and our embassy needs to get involved it's for just the rights of the United States citizen defending themselves in another country you know hopefully something could be worked out because I honestly look at the footage he documented it or they dr. whoever documented it and it's obvious that he's defending himself then we got jay-z he coined the first hip hop billionaire but I'm pretty sure dr. Dre was there first I mean they announced that two years ago when he did the headphone deal he got an instant 750 million dollars he already had a couple hundred million from signing mmm 50 cent you know I know 50 cents on the M&M but it was also under Sun der aftermath then he had the game he had his own label deal with Interscope he had the death row stuff he still owned his masked well I think he had most got his master's from that just think about how long he's been touring and everything and that endorsement deals he said he had a couple hundred million okay then he got the installment of that and technically the way they calculate it is you know jay-z's a billionaire on paper just like dr. Dre is because you know jay-z's money's tied up in title the the liquor a bunch of other stuff you know so if they were to sell their assets you know their holdings in these companies right then they would be half a billion dollars and I'm pretty sure dr. Dre was first but it's also who has the publicist that's gonna make it known and jay-z makes money off of the press that he gets from all of his business deal I mean they just did a cannabis deal and he just that's all over the news I mean these deals his publicist gives them to people I mean do you think Forbes is just doing articles on Kanye and everything or do you think of publicist do you think it's good publicity to have make it look like what Yeezys are making a bit 1.5 billion this year because they have a new shoot coming out you're gonna buy into success anyways guys what do you guys think this Jordan tower JT news I'll check you guys and actually do not forget to like this and I will check you guys later I appreciate

31 Replies to “Bhad Bhabie $Million Dollar Writing Deal? Dre First Billioniare or Jay Z? Asap Rocky Millions lost”

  1. Dame forreal she should have been pimped raped and murdered and her mom famous for nothing the rap game is a fuckin joke now

  2. You definitely hating 😂😂 what if she keep her 300 thousand and don’t pay taxes 😂😂you tried to play her that’s hating

  3. She does write her songs now, she used to co write then with the chick she was “exposed” with (even though they publicly wrote together). Now Brittany and Bhabie aren’t working together, idk why. Look at the making off for lotta dem, you will see her writing

  4. damn I thought puff daddy would've been the first billionaire all them business's he got going on he more business minded

  5. She does write some if music. Easy to look up.. She has songs with her only in the writing credits don't think for a second that all let me say this one more time .All rappers have writers facts

  6. Jay Z and Dre are agents for the beast…
    Just as some blacks helped with our slavery here in America so are they but only it's a mental slavery which is far worse..

  7. How r these so called artist that dont actually write their shit gettin deals and winning awards? Smh

  8. Dre would have been except again another person that had to pay other partners such as Jimmy Iovine and I think 1 other person who are involved in that big Beats 🍎 deal.
    Jay-Z is legitimately the first billionaire because he owns everything with no partnership.
    Sean is not even close.

  9. Kinda funny how kylie jenners cosmetics line is worth like $900,000 million but they wanna day shes the youngest billionaire without disclosing this ..but yet wanna put all jayz buziness out there

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