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good morning it's my birthday it's my 27th birthday there's 27 still like mid-twenties or am I now into the late 20s category I think I've said before that I'm not really a birthday person I like other people's birthdays but I'm not like huge on having my own birthday celebration thing which is good because this year I'm completely by myself my friends that live nearby are going to be celebrating with me later in the week my parents are gone is just me and the little puppy dog this is like best-case scenario for me cuz I could do whatever I want on my birthday and I actually think for the first year I'm going to steal something that I've seen my good friend because he Smith do which is basically like she just puts what she wants out into the universe on her birthday so my plan for the day is just to enjoy all the things that I love doing the most I mean I'm drinking cappuccino which I do every day so I guess that's not really like what I love doing most but the championships for Wimbledon Iran so I'm just gonna watch those I'm going to finish reading a book today that's the play it I'm going to go and coffee shop hop and get some words in I'm also going to Rome my little butt all the way into San Antonio so that I can use up some of those birthday freebies that's the plan for the day it's gonna be chill I'm excited Federer is playing Djokovic in the finals and you know Federer's my boy I'm not saying he'll be rooting my birthday if he does a win but like he'd better win no championship point Gobert oh gosh I'm stressed out I feel like all I've done is watch tennis logs so far but honestly great start to my party this game is literally going into the tiebreak I cannot handle this stress my videos almost up and ready but like a triple championship point for Djokovic No I mean oh well I like to talk about you but like know this holy crap y'all this match though it's past 1:00 now it's only because I've watched those maps that I've been able to get this video done and uh and now I'm actually going to go to the gym it's kind of harken back to Becca's thing about like having your birthday be the thing they like setting a precedent of sorts for the rest of your year I really do want this year to get back on track with like half marathon training I'm trying to focus more on the habits that need to be built in order to achieve the goals but I do have a couple goals this year that are like health-related that I don't want to share just yet but like I am excited yeah yeah but again and we're gonna achieve those goals you actually have to like you know work out yeah I did it now okay now I'm going to go and order my free Starbucks birthday drink they only let you do it for like a day now which is weird I feel like they used to do it like your entire birth month but maybe not oh look at that see happy birthday don't go Starbucks my drinks made a Mickey Mouse I think you ready to go inside yeah okay so now that I am mostly cooled off I have a couple more things on my birthday list but they require going into town because I have a coupon and a gift card to half price about someone get myself a book for my birthday uh per day book okay and then also bubble tea it is 3:17 now so it is time to get moving so I just got out of the shower and I parted my hair kind of funky I never part my hair this late if I could show up can you see I got like a whole string of gray hair gosh you know to really drive the point home that it's my birthday and that I'm aging so for the next thing on the list / my plan / the Freeview I'm gonna get I'm going to go sit down write and read at Panera Bread because you got a free birthday pastry and a free pick too so literally I'm just eating for free all the food full free and that way I can actually get some words in today because I'm not planning on doing anything for camp NaNoWriMo but I I want to just start the second romance novella that I'm going to be writing I I'm so excited for this one I was excited for the first one but I'm extra excited for this one because I also think I'm gonna do my challenge to see how fast I can write 13,000 words on this one so I figured I'd get like a little bit of a start just kind of feel out the project sort of like what I did with the last novella so I'm freaking pumped and free food buy before I pack all of this up I did want to show you some extra fun stuff about my birthday number one being that it is also best field days and apparently Conor McGregor's birthday so you know that's great the other thing to know about my birthday July 14th the thing that my friends from college love to remind me is the fact that is national day now the first thing that came up was actually something in Scottsdale Arizona so shout out to the people in Scottsdale I hope you're celebrating I think a bucket list item for me is to go to some ridiculous national new day thing or the birthday suit joke in there you know but alright it is time to start packing up to get to Panera and get that free food Duke is not excited like this I know he looks like he's just chilling like he always does but I can feel it he's not excited also and the camp NaNoWriMo video I posted today lost in a bookcase complained saying I don't want to go in the bag guess what lost it a bookcase you going in the bag again are you ready are you ready are you ready cuz it's time yeah all right we are going to park at the bubble tea place but we're actually gonna go walk over this way past the truck obviously in order to get to Half Price Books now I don't have a particular book that I have in mind to buy but because I have the gift card and the discount I think I'm just gonna like it whichever book strikes my fancy oftentimes I find that I'm only looking at like the bargain rack for stuff and or things that I can't find my library which often times are on the bargain rack because they're a little bit older maybe I'll pick out a current book that would be cool right oh my gosh there's so many people here I always think titles like this are so interesting there's so much of the blanks a daughter or something and then when it's the Sun it's like son of Blake rather than the blinks son anyways and then after having said that I found the daughters of temperance now huh I found exactly what I wanted this book like capture exactly okay so some things y'all might not know is that Kat actually makes author Toobin booktube videos and I have been just pumped for this novel thank you now we're just gonna do everything we did to get here to go back oh my gosh I'm stopped at the light here but there's a rainbow over that way hold on I'm gonna see if I can get it all my stuff and do eet did it applied hello let's go we're gonna see we gonna find the rainbow because I wasn't that far from home and I saw it now the trees are in the way stupid trees yeah like a rainbow and like the prettiest moon I've seen oh my gosh okay so I just finished the book that I was reading for my birthday undead girl king by Lily Anderson so I got this recommendation from Jessica Williamson I will link her down below she does a lot of booktube content as well as author tip content in y'all bowl of heard me talk about rule before push you my friend this book Belle okay I have such conflicting thoughts because it was one of the most fun reads I've had in a long time like the voice on the character it pops so strongly I think there was a lot of humor in this book and it's about like actual witches and Wicca and zombies and like it's a creepy crawly spooky kind of thing and there's so much to love about it but the last like 70 pages once we're resolving the whole mystery that kind of runs throughout the story and the whodunit just kind of I think I had expectations that were up here because the rest of the book had been up here actually it had been off screen that's how good it was and then the last 70 pages and the whodunit hit like right here for me and then like the very ending was good and provided some amount of emotional closure that I needed but it was just like mmm I would still recommend this to people though like it is so fun but it's one of those things where like as a writer I've just sit here and I'm like I'm curious about the choices that were made yeah I got questions like this when there's no good way to ask that of an author but I want to know you know I want to know I think I got what the author was going for and like some of the tropes she was kind of trying to subvert and it just didn't land right I and I'm wondering if maybe there were like a little bit more scenes that could have helped and again as a writer this always makes me wonder like were there more scenes at one point that better explain this and then through the edits and and multiple other eyes that just kind of got lost somewhere you want to think that would happen but otherwise a plus book would recommend a dead girl thing Willie Anderson Wow you've never never here with a vengeance oh so the last thing I want to say about birthdays as I'm about to drink my tea out of the new mug that my friend called me it is ginormous and Darth Vader so like everything that's amazing about this world is that my favorite thing about birthdays is to like compare where I was the year previous and like kind of a fun nostalgic kind of way I don't know why birthdays it's the time that I tend to see growth moreso than like a New Year's sort of thing or anything else and last year on my birthday I was actually in Winnipeg Canada on my super mega solo roadtrip and I was also alone then – unfortunately that year I also got a migraine and then I started sprouting a weird rash so the day itself was actually not as good as the date this year 2019 but I feel like the growth in between 26 up until 27 has been phenomenal I feel like just where I'm at mentally is better this stuff I'm looking forward to I'm really excited for and yeah I feel like 27 is gonna be a good year for me and I have a lot of projects coming up that I think I'm finally going to get to see all of that hard work and like still hard work to come but I think I'm finally gonna get to see like the end result of that hard work you know and that's just that's awesome that's awesome so anyways please do comment down below let me know what your birthday traditions are let me know if you like me don't like birthdays or celebrating your own birthday I don't actually think I ever said why I'm not a huge birthday person but part of it is because I grew up a really shy kid and I absolutely we hated with everyone gathered around the same happy birthday D and so I think I just like associate that with I still don't like I still just don't like and we also moved around a lot usually in the summer which is when my birthday is so you know I was starting in a new place with like not a whole lot of friends I think I got used to birthdays but it was just my family or just me kind of getting to do my own thing and it not being a huge deal and so now that's just what I like but yeah please do comment down below let me know how have you've grown in the past year let me know if you've read any good books recently and also let me know if what kind of markers you use are you like a New Year's new year new you kind of person or do you do more what I do which is around your birthday time and like reevaluating and just kind of checking in with yourself then are you a quarterly monthly whatever kind of person or what's up yeah let me know thank you guys so much for watching and I will actually have another video up tomorrow which will be the how long does it take me to write 13,000 words because that's what I've been doing in the past two days today is my break day from that so and that was a lot of funds okay I will seal then boy but all right oh no that come up so that I would rather be getting three people is he chewing the grass beside of Djokovic thing oh my god like yeah okay

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  1. LET ME KNOW if your birthday falls on any fun or interesting holidays! Looking at you Bastille Day and National Nude Day. 👀

    And tomorrow I'll be posting this month's writing experiment video! The inverse of my 24-in-36 write-a-thon, I tried to see "how long does it take to write 13,000 words?"

  2. AAHHHH, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I know the feeling of not wanting to do anything on your birthday, but my family always does. I love them, but sometimes a quiet day is all you want!

  3. hey hey! I'm from Winnipeg! That's so cool. I love your thoughts on birthdays, and thinking about growth. I also like being alone on my birthdays as well, it's an interesting way to celebrate – by doing anything you want! 🙂

  4. Happy birthday! Summertime is always the time I go into the "checking in with myself" routine but the witches new year is when I really go for the whole "new year, new me" routine.

  5. I just had my birthday on the 9th and turned 25!! Happy birthday from a fellow July Bean (instead of jelly bean.)

  6. I love seeing you out and about! I recently went to that HPB. I typically go to the one on Broadway, but that particular location had a WAY BETTER variety. I hope your birthday was magical. Thanks for letting us tag along🖤🖤🖤

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