68 Replies to “Black Friday fight: Video shows two Marines throwing punches inside Murrieta Walmart I ABC7”

  1. Fighting in the Christmas section I thought they was supposed to be Marines not against each other now the worst of this is if either of theses men have women in their lives.

  2. You are MARINES! What the hell is wrong with you! You are supposed to be the example of America’s best. Getting mad because you got bumped? Grow up. In fact, everyone needs to grow up and stop getting so upset over something so trivial? Some people are morning this holiday because they lost family and you two are acting like children in public. I’d call your parents if I could and them to get their children under control.

  3. The reason they call it black friday is because its mainly just blacks fighting over stuff to save a few dollars. Because they need to.

  4. This is why basic Jujitsu is so important. All those bystanders are suffering from bystander syndrome it’s a good thing the security agent is more powerful than both of them because it could of become deadly at some point

  5. If the police officer has shoved a black man instead, it would be all over the news and he would probably be demoted.

  6. So these men fought over an issue that was caused by some lady. Geez
    #dontbeawhiteknight #shewalkedawayunharmedandhappy

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