BM-800 Condenser Microphone Unboxing

This is going to be an unboxing and
review… small review of the BM 800 microphone It’s the Chinese version… it’s
a no-name basically… this is how the box looks like and there is not much
information except for the date here that we see April… 20 April of 2016 so
this looks like it’s a pretty new model it was made recently or at least at
least the box was made recently but yeah this is this is the box nothing nothing
really special there so if we’re going to open the box here they didn’t even
bother to pick the color to mark the color that the microphone is inside so
opening the box it’s it has an instruction manual which is in Chinese
and English it’s both English and Chinese here it shows the different
information about the frequency response of the microphone and the pattern… pickup
pattern… it shows that it’s a unidirectional microphone so it will
pick up sound coming from the front and not as much from the side or the back in
the box we have the windsock it’s just the wind the windscreen I’m not going to
use that and stand a shock shockproof stance it’s
not something that looks like something really good that you can usually get for
this kind of thing but for me this is very good and there is also XLR to 3.5 millimeter
jack this is supposed to go from the microphone straight to a sound card on a
computer but this is doesn’t it just doesn’t work like this because it needs
the phantom power so what will happen is this will be used as a cable from from
the phantom power to the computer and from the microphone… this is the
microphone the black and gold version if you notice that it there are no markings
on it but surprisingly the build quality is good is good no sound no rattling
sound nothing is loose inside and it feels good if you can see the that’s the
capsule the the microphone capsule and you have to see inside to notice which
side you’re supposed to speak into because this is the side that it’s gonna
pick up with the small hole since in in there this is the back and this is the front
that’s the front there and the XLR connector pin the three pins… there is no sound, no rattle… and by the way this recording is done with this microphone
with the phantom power 48 volts for the phantom power the kind chips kind that
you find on eBay and Amazon and Aliexpress this is the shock mount it
fits very well and that’s it this is the this is the microphone itself you have to make sure you you have it
pointing the right way this is the phantom power supply it’s
turned on at the moment it has a cable coming out of the microphone going into
the input section input connector and the output goes to the computer the DC
jack is 18 volts AC and that’s it basically there’s not much to it start recording now it’s for a gardening
video ok the recording has started it’s I’m just preparing for a gardening
video just adjusting the microphone testing one two testing testing one two
okay so the as the recording keeps going I’m going to start to play the video and
while I played the video I will do a voiceover commentary now this is the
second time I’m spraying it and they don’t look very good actually plant in
the corner here is the most affected by this so I’m going to spray the sodium
bicarbonate and water mix it’s one tablespoon for 1 or 1/2 liters of water I’m spraying the underside of the leaves
also especially in the corner plant this is all about this mic so far it’s a huge
difference for me compared to what I had before the camera the iPhone microphone
it was very cheap I just I bought from eBay and I got the stand and pop filter
from Aliexpress and it’s all good now that’s it thank you for watching the
video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends
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56 Replies to “BM-800 Condenser Microphone Unboxing”

  1. Do you need phantom power when you plug it directly into the dedicated sound on the motherboard of a Desktop PC?

  2. Hey, i wanna buy this microphone but i use a laptop that doesn't has a input for a microphone cabel and i dont have an phanton power so how do i use it then?

  3. im getting that hissing back round noise and i have a phantom power supply (48v) but it seems to not doing anything. and the hissing sound persist with it without the power supply. any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated

  4. Amazing, your voice is so chilling.
    One question, because i dont have a PP, what will the microphone need most? The PC power supply because i have 500w and my friend has 350w and it doesnt sound good, or do i need a good sound card?

  5. thanks for uploading, I have ordered te similar one and I got it 2day. Just when yu say at 2:56 that it needs a Power to run the mic. what do u mean ? I connected the mic to the computer and wanted to run it rhough audacity, but its not picking up anything. what do I need ?

  6. Hi i'm intereseted in buying this product, however, i'd like to know if it would work without the Phantom Power

  7. Hey Dragos, I bought it today. But sadly it is not usable because my mixer is mono for mic but mic has got stereo connections. Disappointed! 🙁

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  9. Salut, ti-am mai lasat comentariu mai de mult. Mi-am luat si eu microfonul asta, pentru a-l folosi la un pc mai vechi, insa se aude incet, si cu boost, si m-am gandit sa iau o placa audio externa, stick din ala, 7.1, crezi ca m-ar ajuta? Momentan am integrata, si se aude incet.

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