Bubble Mithai | Indian Desserts and Indian Sweets | Indian Culture I Jalebi Street | Full Episode

Jalebi Street Come baby dance on Jalebi Street It is early morning on Jalebi Street Naaz stop playing with it Now give it to me… Bye my little mithais… have a great day In India, Sweets and Desserts are called Mithais Bye daddy Come come….lets go Ok little mithai….as u say hahaha Come on….why are you so slow? Krish Yes See you later….tiny mithai hmm…. yeah….marrie cookie hahaha Oh oh….. Bubble doesn’t like being made fun off school School is over for the day The children are leaving Hi little mithai Hi Naaz Naaz Cupcake Krish doesn’t mind being teased but bubble sure does hmm Bubble mithai Bubble Jalebi Bubble mithai Bubble Jalebi Bubble mithai Bubble Jalebi Naaz.. stop it it’s not funny hmmm mmm ahha today’s subject is Indian Desserts First we are going to taste some of them wowww….yummy…. Now I will distribute these sweets to everyone Hold on Bunny who knows the names of these sweets ? this is jalebi right ? and that is mysore pak My nani makes it Like a chicken pak pak pak pakaoo hahaha this is Rasgulla and this is Kaju Katli my favorite this is modak right mam ? from Ganesha’s puja parties and these are laddoos yes these are a few of the mathais from India now let’s choose your favorite Dig in children Were they all tasty ? Yeah hahaha Now… The game is to pretend to be the mithai and describe yourself….like this my name is Rasgulla I am an Indian mithai I am white and round and soft and delicious this is a fun game and children are excited hi my name is Jalebi I’m also an Indian Mithai I am a circle in a circle in a circle in a circle I come in bright colors like orange and yellow my name is Kaju Katli I am diamond-shaped and shiny too ahh….Naazu Kaaju hahaha My name is Laddoo I am big Round and orange and I love myself so much hahaha My name is Modak I am an Indian Mithai too Ganesha loves me a lot hi I am mysore pak I’m sweet and brown and sound like a chicken….pak pak pakaooo hahaha Great job mithais of India you are all as sweet as these Mathais Thank you mam Joking is fun just like Bubble is beginning to understand yayyeeee Bye my little mithai Bye Rasgulla mam hahaha bye mithai friend bye modak mithai Love you Naazu Kaaju Love you too

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