Bull-Bear Meter Upgrades: BuyUp / SellDown Transactions

what's up guys this your boy bear and today I'll be discussing the bull bear meter updates and how to utilize it and the logic behind these new updates so I own if you haven't watched the wolf bear meter video number one so just click on the description box and click on the link so young and don't you mean introduction on the bull parameter so so I know happened to Tom very possible very me three so the bull bear meter shows you how strong are the Bulls and how strong are the Bears so I am honored previous video we covered the top five bid and ask and the top ten didn't ask hey Owen you go every night and you become updated annually the street indeed and you'll need this I am last five days transactions now not buy up and not sell down by your sensor is so I own to to explain this at all at on top you know that you know Denise Cusco last time your top five billion as can you top 10 billion s basically these are defensive passive or strategic buyers and sellers saliva next to support numb pressure Salemba me believes a bit ito yung de xalapa me Billy so amigo Babbitt my little pony Billy qabil embody Doc's Oh sir buying volume man Ocoee annex supported cement ratio below the current race and a tournament on resisting the price at a Yamaha excel at the asked at a on asking prices so in strategic Celica on the OB monkey be bleed you share smadi on key on emotion event and Hindi comic effect overshadow racial cycling and pleasure so in business he says dog-musher it was a big detour motional allah gay chillax canada so a tournament on new updated and don't buy up sell down the pool appeared at all an italic Asha Negi are inertia so the transana and the bill um maybe it was a sub by up metadata and seldom eaten at all so basically at Humana offensive active and aggressive buyers and sellers sell a young man a buyers have any personal resistances or the by up needs a asking prices at a human aggressive buyers so you maximize I don't know man you man aggressive sailors dead Dominic to sell down she Laennec the brick naman a support or Salonika sell at the bid or silly active supply so active demand psyllium like by an embrace a tournament active supply silly it's a bit so basically so man and I think oh my you might utilize I think reading so I thought I made a simple guide and how to use fee by upsell down will bear so I thought if structure is showing bullish bias plus if by up will person at all it's about 50% higher probability nominee Aryan bullish bullish scenario that I healthy to some aggressive buyers at all so equals safer to execute anticipate or ybody so let's say janitor at a young market structure so let's say that a market swap free where you play structure that they arranged that anywhere and Cunha price and Vito Niko consolidate so this is a VC B or build up some assistance and now he died not in young by up percent is about fifty percent most likely may aggressive buyers now willing to peers or basically not accumulate actively deters area and so I am safer to execute anticipatory by cedar and then you cut model um be based it as a structure Lunia or your swing loaded on subterranean another example let's see from a pub in handle scenario didn't we yeah you might know you hide a dog and place consolidates creates a flag or a continuation pattern and maliki timonium buy a present is above 70 it's about 50% higher probability but continuum price above patatas so you know the Napa Jeana guide column meeting will bear me to be bull by Madonna dog execute him by a small so I don't have any next Dignan I don't know if structure show pedimental bearish scenario demand if structure showing bearish bias plus himself down bear person is above 50% higher probability nyam bearish bias i'ma continue disaccharides if sellers so basically we stay away now at the end of the day follow price model so and let's see see see my no see simply structure price consolidates or prices ranging on a box and price builds builds up the support network and pinna be that no will be meter not in the cell down percentage a above 50% it just means me Marcel is active Tito so most probably bumaba impression so gonna learn in 80 allow me I know you human SWAT you market structure you know – LuAnn tell Anya officialized Allen biomass my lavas sailors ballroom buyers at all active to negiah negiah inertia let me have in a shop Allah so petting my swag and go in more young fight this much Muhammad Ali Mumma visualize or may interpret even seen as a bedroom transactions so I am Rana then he checks real examples so yeah let's try the Momentum's kinder finish reco say some video so on hindi in opener that you check out the Momentum's cleaner and a tonopen gecko for free just check on the link go inside the sculpturing box and watch it Mima gamma k momentum skin so i atone by AB natal by a percentage must Miranda sanctum attains a my momentum setups or let's see much better whom am i committing much better concomitant much Asama setups at all continuation patterns let's see Adama Flags penance boxes or rectangles or mother bus boxes so I own research in Allah and utilize no you mind – Tanya Dido another is 52 week high breakouts plus may build up at at the resistance so yeah I think I died in the meeting Monday long set of snow plus a totem will bury me tornado now buy a present so let's see the abba ignited on Appa so you know a tone up for me major parish already it was a witness latest ad indeed palatov at um last five days transactions at owe me Abba it said it's telling me that the cell down present is above 50% so much madami active sellers so for me major bearish continuation pattern again ago and Abba which is a triangle or a pen so depending assay operating Dignan potentials but organ inside garden so even for me birthday a continuation pattern bearish so maybe it'll it will retest the previous 52-week high at all it was a point eighty nine two point ninety yeah it was Aryan again and once it's telling me that the by a preset is about fifty percent iron valid support Tom point nineteen a dog plus aided by the top five bananas so next AG I AG I could eat Manhattan so another big picture so Vito currently currently near a torpedo it's serene j+ measure the consolidate shibata's so dignity him pull parameter in the by a person so major nutella lungphu above with dynamesh above 50% so i'll better with it was a resistance nepal yeah if it consolidates theater and the pool parameter by a present is above 50% i owned by freddie mac anticipatory by all and buy one we break out item 16 16 pesos so yeah next I'll call so enlasa damming active so I caught in an 80s rock premium Alko is currently at the least resistance 52-week high resistance may be the attorney and at a 52-week high resistance every six month high current six month I than being one peso so another major NASA psychological resistance one peso final measurement big analysis tension so I am basically it's at the resistance and been operated by a present in a sixty three percent above fifty percent sure so madami aggressive by use so let's see by module oh you foolish scenario as long as point ninety holds for this candle Oh holds alq or all each see so greatly out is at the resistance zone or litter boxia so much better if the by a percentage is about fifty percent but problem is it's below fifty percent so it's telling me that must must actively on sale is these suppliers so meaning hey are in distribution so let's see the tournaments I know sir top five billion ask so the top five didn't ask or the strategic by buying food buying percentage is about fifty percent so let's see as long as this trend line holds good stone college season and if this breaks about four pesos Bhama 52-week a Natur all-time high we check along all-time high battle I did I was damn hey that's seven pesos so if word passes if price breaks for pesos maybe I'm next maybe see tiny eyes around six-30 teeth pesos or seven pesos okay next check nineteen don't see HP so entity with Ramona talk to my drawing tools so what the technologies of trainees HP measure neck major bottom measure the current and big accumulation dieter almost a year of accumulation well Amish I don't parent engine to literally in a palpable so major inertia bottoming setup so signal at indeed Oh Vinnie NATO my daughter six months high or 10 months high and then price is consolidating the Saban Center and the price is above the 50% of the Bronx so it not only does last five trading this transaction so so far the sell down is stronger the aggressive sellers are stronger so dignity if ganyan Yamato you've been operated up will be metered much better if we wait it was a support that detox Aryan end or at the 290 pesos area or three pencils so we and once in a meet I know will parameter in Edina by a person in a couple fifty percent I'm Sheena subpoena will parameter is but continued 'no but a stone CHP so yeah for me CHP measure bearish hell better be a strategic buyer three support area so three pesos and then be an aggressive buyer if only price breaks 322 so yeah like v8i in a my life examples and I know I'm gonna hire sutorius or balance pulpit setups I didn't know to get less so actually this is one of my favorites right now is M and C so Tecna in Taniya same structure to myosin the governor one the Palacio so and currently it broke the downtrend line or the one-year downtrend line my own camp in a Politis at in a reception or pay structure is that it's ranging Ito so six seven P to 720 area so right now it's at D support little and again don't kinda live in just saying even a machinist opposite in a bull parameter is mad I mean active sellers now you for me major Paris to Milan and McGarry in shred it was a support non kind in range beginning bias with Ito is better be a strategic buyer at the support so I am young support and a peanut in your neck support yeah Leonie it's a 650 so pretty money a legend when he said our union is with breakdowns 676 56 taking a break and so we'll continue but us or by the McGarry but continuing the bah-bah-bah so dignity let price be the king and always follow place pay a technical Dido so trading did below 50% then you buy a present so major Parrish shadow tapas kinetic man nobody does a tending kinda living shadow was mad I mean he read candles so may signs of distribution so that's it I hope now at all say no and please don't forget to subscribe so YouTube channel Madden investor grams TV and click on the like button YouTube video network and please share some of a began you know interested in trading in improving their trading and learn more about the supply-demand and finally tomato to do when you're trading book so I hope you guys learned a lot and you enjoyed the video thank you and goodbye

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