Cardiacs – Sing to God ALBUM REVIEW

SssssssssssssssSsSsSsSSsssSsSsSs sooo well I wanted to remake for the third time, this necessary super ultra NE-CE-SSA-RY, REVIEW! ABOUT THIS IMPORTANT ALBUM! We’re going to correct, CORRECT WHAT WE DID THE LAST TIMEE! Okay? IT’S THE THIRD TIME I MAKE THIS REVIEW AND THIS TIME YOU ARE GOING TO UNDERSTAND ME AND HEAR ME WELL So I got… a new… phone and I said: you need to make the review now or never because You’re not going to get a proper camera or a proper microphone You have a lot of things to waste your money on That… things that nobody else will waste money off because that’s my fucking life so we’re going to do it again in a pretty amateur way and you’re going to love it this time And you’re going to like this time and we’re going to be happy forever after okay? so Let’s watch the last review I’m going to be closer to the camera this time because since I don’t have a microphone You need to listen me well and not sound so pathetic like the last time okay? I need to pronounce well because my Spanic South American… shitty… accent will not let you know I’m saying, and we need to do it now because there is a daylight because I don’t have any lights either And I need to tell you how important this album is! So pay attention Of course. I’m going to paint myself this time Because I need to look awesome because the last time I didn’t look awesome, and I need to because you need to understand how Important this is this! This the best album in history! So what did I say the last time? Welcome everybody and this is Ripthony Offthana, the internet busiest music hoe well, I did that in the first time but not in the second time You don’t get it do you? Sing to God Sing to God, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correctly. I mean, I love it, but I’m totally totally illiterate in English, so come on Sing to God was released in 1996 By the absolute masterminds, Cardiacs! I’m gonna die! If one day I decided to.. um.. cremate myself, you know, like turning myself into ashes I will cremate myself into a Sing to God vinyl because [It is] the only worthy way to go to the afterlife. and you need to see my sing to God pin I.. it’s a personalized It’s a personalized pin or something like that and I have one for work too and it’s mega super awesome and oh my God! But that is not going to happen, because, in a few year In a very few eyars I am going to transfer myself into a cyber body And I’m going to become fucking immortal so fuck you afterlife If I don’t kill Clavi in a week or so! You will, yeah I can’t open my eye! Okay, easy… easy… This level So this album reaches a level perfection and accuracy in putting all the emotions in a level of intensity that I cannot even explain! The emotions in a level of accuracy that I can’t even explain A level of intensity goddamn fucking shit Yes in bad english, but it’s true! Okay so the first song Eden on the Air It’s like cool collaboration with Willy Wonka Loompas Okay so, the first song Eden on the Air starts with the most beautiful melody you could ever heard like a.. I can’t explain it, you need to listen for yourself gosh I’m a terrible reviewer “I’m a terrible reviewer that means that I could be a good Youtuber” or something like that? I don’t know picked up by an angel reaching space! Remember that is scene in The Shawshank Redemption when Andy Drufene puts like a vinyl On the speakers of the whole prison and everybody feels free for a moment? It’s… magic Anymore oh Eat it worm… Well, goddamit! How shameful is for me to say that is my favorable album and not being able to pronounce the titles? Okay Okay, whatever the second track Eat it Up Worms Hero Goes into a spiral of something I don’t really want to talk about ~Is the track that has most influence of Punk of them all~ ~you know?~ Oh sorry I was? I didn’t want to imitate a British accent here because you know Cardiacs are british and and I don’t know but I just wanted to Okay, I do’nt know I have to remind me of the remove this part of the video later so nobody will know! And the guitars go like the power…. it’s too much for me! If there’s something more evil that Eat it… Up… Worms Hero I don’t really want to know about it The next one is one of the best songs ever made! Dog like Sparky Who do I explain it for you plebs get it? It’s like A cool science-fiction Broadway musical that comes from another dimension and it shouldn’t be here and it’s awesome, and I love it. If I was a ringmaster this song would make me cry because it’s perfection! CRAWLING IS MY WORLD♪ CRAWLING IS MY WORLD♪♫ I don’t know if you can see what I can do? Yeah? Okay? Okay. Very good One of best things about Sing to God is like this TV organ sound out of nowhere that is like a pipe organ sound but with more but better It’s like listening two dimensions at the same time or something like that Like, you know, how pipe organ is one of the instruments ever made? Well, they made it even better in this album. Like being rolled up in the fabric of beauty! FIERY GUN HAND IS ALL PERFECT BECAUSE ALL THE SONGS HERE ARE PERFECT AND IN FAST TEMPO WHERE ALL THE INSTRUMENTS LIKE TO RUN AND MAKE INTRINSICALLY CONFUSING STEPS IN A OPERATIC DANCE THAT ENDS IN PURE ACROBACIES IN HANDS OF THE DEVASTATING KEYBOARDS Yes! In one take bitches! And they go like Insect Hoof… Insect Insect, insert… Insect Hoofs on Lassie has one of the most beautiful lines in music history so ineffable So ineffable and wild I mean I’m serious up to this point I’m fucking serious here I’m fucking serious This is beautiful. This is beautiful shit It’s incredible just so huge and technical these song is and how we can still feel like the climax of a theatrical story opera play or something like that Lke the moment when everything changes, anagnorisis You know one you just cover something about the main character than you never knew about Don’t judge me spare my life please Fairy Mairy Mag reduces… Mairy Mag… Fairy Mairy… Mairy Mag FAIRY SONG Reduces the moment[um] quite a bit and towards the end gives us a Frank Zappa solo that is beyond the stars Bellyeye is like a neverending overcharge… I’m reading the thing of the previous video because I’m lazy AND I AM SAYING IT LOUDER THIS TIME SO YOU CAN HEAR ME AND MORE CLEARER SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME Or that’s what I hope to Bellyeye is like a never Bellyeye is like a never BELLYEYE IS LIKE A NEVER Bellyeye is like a never ending overcharge… Bellyeye is like an never ending overcharge of electric tension and suspense that you will wish it would last forever. That fucking dog! TOWARDS THE END THE LIGHT IS SO BRIGHT THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE I’m scared Jhonny! I’m ready!♫♫ READY FOR THE BIG RIDE BABYY ♪♫ A Horse’s Tail is another amazing moment of pure mega perfection of acrobatics instrument all over the place! You fools! You don’t understand! You don’t! You don’t understand what are you’re dealing with this album because this album gives you fucking powers! The saxophone is everywhere and it’s ah oh! It mixes with the keyboard and the guitars, it’s like a like a like an orchestra, but with different… like… all the sound is together and you know, it makes sound… like one sound.. but… more… big… and you know The saxophone is like doing totototototototo Here like a… wheel The instruments are doing twists, jumping around Stepping frenetically as crossing a path of fire with the tips of their feet you have seen like they do that, well, it’s like that but with instruments but with the instuments! Well, it’s just like that but with the instruments! ♪♫♫♪♫♫♪♫♫♪ And the guitar is doing like this huge… Wall of Sound all over the place I mean, I like I really like to use the phrase “Wall of Sound” and I like to search music that has like “Wall of Sound” and stuff like that and ike 50 percent of the time I’m just saying wall of sound and wall of sound and wall of sound and music that is abrasive, but it fits here I reserved that phrase for here because It’s a fucking Wall of Sound! Manhoo is like a very clever song because… it’s like an normal pop song that in the middle of the chrous realized the possibilities of grandiloquence and greatness in the fucking middle of the chrous where it morphs to have a beautiful dress! To have a beautiful dress! get a beautiful dress! Yeah And Jelly My “friend” Jelly says always “oh this song is great because it is like it had a chrous half of the chorus all over the song and just at the end it got completed” But Gob says No, it’s a fucking bridge dude, it’s not that big of a deal. I mean, I have no idea so I wanted to ask you what do you think about that part that? At the end that gets are an additional part of the chorus, something like that? yes? Wireless, okay, I get it, Faust. I get it but it’s not like is the first reference and the first it’s not like itt’s the first reference and the first influence on this album, you know? and I don’t simply care because Wireless does it better The piano line the piano dancing is like the cherry on the top that makes this person better because you have these amazing ominous song that makes you feel that something is going to happen and Cardiacs add like a dancing piano and Cardiacs are just dancing right there Because you know the plan is going to work better. Just dancing around as my manically evil plan gets into motion! It was my evil servant dancing around when my plan comes to place! GIR! Ok billion, billion? the next song… Billion, it’s like a miniature of what makes this album great! A tiny little melody that sounds like a fairy godmother pasing by. Odd Even is like a very fresh and very cool pop song that gives us the repirse of the Frank Zappa section of the first disc, now completed This song is perfect to walk around in a land of gnomes and spiders pigs and mooses *rapping mode* Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude Bell Stinks… Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through the whole song sprinting and the tongue is forever! What? Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through… Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through the wa… Bell Stinks is super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through the whole song sprinting and the tone is PERFECT!! I can’t do it better than that it’s like a super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through the whole song sprinting and the tone is perfect that is it that is it “Oh Clavi what is Bell Stinks about?” And I’m gonna say It’s a super mega awesome guitar interlude where the guitars skate through the whole song and is perfect! Bell Clinks is a super mega hammering into yoru whole fucking head! Flap off you bleak it’s a cool jumping team to… theme And you wrote team like a group Not theme like a song that is not a song The subtitles are bad Okay but whatever, you have songs… English phonetics are absurd so that’s your fault. It’s a cool theme to listen during a ride while you let your hair running through the air. something like thaaat. Como estan todos today? (How is everybody today?) Flap off you bleak is a cool jumping theme to listen during a card ride while you let the air run through your hair, Quiet as a mouse. Okay. I told you to not underestimate this album. Jesus Christ This is one of the things that makes the album so dark and I sincerely love how deliciously creepy it is! Quirky Quirky quirky, quirkyness.. However the fuck you spell it! Quirkyness + Darkness=Poom! Masterpiece. Angele.. Angulworm angel Okay Relax Parece que estuviera doblando lineas en otra parte! (It looks like if I was dubbing my lines somewhere else!) Oh chi que interestante Oh que interesante Did you hear that? *Angelworm* Angle… worm Like… angle° One day I tried to show Angelworm Angel to one of my cousins of mine One of my cousins of mine? I said I’m going to play this song This song is a masterpiece Oh fuck me! I said “I’m going to play this song! This song is a masterpiece And he said that it sound like the Powerpuff Girls or something like that and he’s not that wrong! Ridiculously excessive that ends under a chant that goes like Welcome to the Fight Club! Bitch! Red Fire Coming Out From His Gills is like a if a carnival was coming out of… your… Oh yeah I want to use this light, but there is, the dog Oh you’re quiet now Good boy Okay Red Fire Coming Out From His Gills is like a passing through the street the street around your house and All the acrobats and the clowns and the people that… give you globes were there. and it’s one of the few slow mid tempo songs of the album shows how sharp they can be even when they are not at full speed This is no good! This is no good. This is no good sir I don’t understand this I guess that makes it? I’m a fucking failure No Gold is such a beatiful wandering lullaby Nurses Whispering Verses is like the best song to play in Halloween. Aside of this is Halloween this is Halloween of course The production is this album is very sharp, very sharp for several thing, and I mean sharp as in good Listen to the… Tim’s voice for example It seems like he mixes what it seems to be several Pitch pitch shifted takes That give… gives the song a more Tim burton-esque feeling so if there is a reason to me to like this version more than the previous versions, VERSIONS, that… of Nurses Whispering Verses It’s because this version is darker Founding, the end of the trip. It’s like your soul ascending to heaven or space Finally after being picked up by the angel af the beginning. The keyboards on this song leave me in a limbo that I cannot simply escape It makes you feel.. Happy… And grateful because we live In the period of time that Cardiacs exist. Oh! Did I forget about talking about Dirty Boy? Okay, listen to me Dirty boy is the best song ever made in all mankind! Everything that has happened in humanity has lead until that point when Dirty Boy was recorded. All the fights, the war… the people the… countries that were conquered and got independece and every single historical fact has lead to Dirty Boy because I believe in the butterfly effect So every single thing counts I feel like all this I’m going to kinda paraphrase paraphrase… a critic with something I’m going to say later now Just now but because I really like the phrase and it’s true. With Dirty Boy I feel like all the atoms on my body start to contract themselves, not as making me smaller but fusing me with the whole cosmos in a rocketship launched towards forever! In Dirty Boy I feel like all the atoms on my body start to contract themselves, not as making me smaller but fusing me with the whole cosmos in a rocketship launched to a black hole towards forever! In Dirty Boy I feel like all the atoms on my body start to contract themselves, not as making me smaller but fusing me with the whole cosmos, launching me to a black hole towards forever!

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  1. Enjoyed your third review and look forward to the next one. Idea: maybe do a different Cardiacs album next time 🤣🤣🤣 Or keep doing the same one, why not.

  2. Sos adorable!!!, va mi review del disco!

    Si me dicen, de todos los discos que seleccionaste para irte a una isla desierta (hasta ahora 94) te tenés que llevarte solo 10, además de querer cortarme las bolas uno de los que elegiría sin lugar a dudas es este. ya con el arte de tapa con sus caras de marcianos te compran de entrada.

    En fin, no me voy a explayar mucho, me he dado cuenta con las fanas de los cardiacs es que somos insoportables y medios testigos de Jehova, queremos convencer al mundo de lo maravillosos que son los cardiacs (efectivamente creemos en eso) y no paramos de vociferarlo, de ahí que sus fanas son como una especie de ocultistas y una de las bases de fans más leales a una banda, los siguen adonde sea, chequeando distintos foros de música me he dado cuenta de eso, por iniciativa recaudan fondos para Tim Smith en su lucha contra una enfermedad que no le da tregua.


    Que llega al minuto 8 con 38segundos de este tema, esa fracción de terma ya justifica todo el disco doble.

    Ni hablar de temas como "Manhoo" que es adorable, "Dog Like Sparky", "Nurses Whispering Verses", "Fiery Gun Hand", "Bellyeye" en fin paro, es hermoso, esquizofrenico y te deja alienado por el resto de tu vida, gracias Cardiacs, nada fue lo mismo a partir de escucharlos a ustedes.

    Get Well Tim!

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