CLICK PID Tutorial Video Series Overview

If you are already familiar with PID, then
checkout the QUICKSTART video where we do a quick example without a lot of explanation. If you are not real familiar with PID, or you
just want to learn about all the cool features the CLICK PID has to offer you, then this
series of videos where we break it down into easy to consume step by step hands-on tutorials
is for you. This video is the OVERVIEW where we outline
what we will be doing. We’ll then take a closer look at the hardware we will be using. Understanding your hardware is the first key to getting a successful PID implementation. Next, we’ll see how to configure the CLICK
PLC for PID using the graphical user interface that walks you step-by-step through setting
up PID. Then we’ll find out what the hardware can
do, do an autotune, and run a bunch of examples to see how well we did. Autotune can struggle if you have something
odd going on in your system or a noisy process variable for example, so it’s always nice
to have a manual tuning method in your tool box. In this video we’ll show you a quick and
easy way to manually tune a reliable and stable PID system without having to play the PID
guessing game and hoping you get close enough. In all the previous videos we manually changed
the setpoint. PID is great for tracking processes, so in
this video we’ll build a little ramp soak function and then use it to feed PID so PID
can automatically track the Ramp Soak and give us a nice clean repeatable and reliable
temperature profile! Finally, we’ll use this video to back up
and take a closer look at the features we glossed over or skipped to save time in the
previous videos. And some of the bigger topics will be covered
in their own bonus videos. If you are you ready to get started, then
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