CNA Skill: Bedpan and Output

Hi Tracie, I'm Leigh Ann Lee, your CNA and I'm here to do bed pan going to sanitize and get my supplies and I'll be right back I'm gonna go ahead and get my supplies going to get 2 gloves a barrier towel to wash cloth two wash clothes I'm gonna go ahead and get the toilet
paper as well I'm going to lock my brakes I'm not going to raise the bed but I
will raise the head of the bed when I put down the bed pan going to close the curtain and put my gloves on I'm going to go ahead and get my bed pan so I'm going to go and get you on the bed pan and I'm going to ask you to lift your hips does that feel ok? an alternative method of getting on the bedpan would be to roll you on your side so let's go ahead and just demonstrate that as well someone
take the bed pan out so I will have you roll toward me go ahead and roll back does it feel like you're on it kinda that's better so however you want to put them on the bedpan is fine Ok, I'm going to go ahead and give you your tray, here's your call light here's your toilet paper I'm gonna raise the head of the bed going to go ahead and take the wash cloth going to give her some privacy the curtain is pulled so when she rings the bell I'll be ready with my washcloth go ahead and wash your hands go ahead dry them Alright, Tracy I'm gonna go ahead lower the head of your bed get you off the bed pan alright this point and women take my bed
pan over to the examiner the examiner will put some simulated urine in your bed pan going to go ahead and put it in my graduate I'm gonna go ahead measure my output it
needs to be on a level surface at eye level and reads 250 in mls that's the number I'm
a record on my slip here now for state boards it
doesn't matter if you wear your gloves at this point I recommend just because you're nervous just to go ahead and write it down with
your gloves on so you don't forget that goes under output, I'm going to record 250 double check your number and then circle the mls I'm going to print my name at the top sign the bottom if you're more comfortable taking your
gloves off you certainly can but we still have to empty this and clean it out as well so I'm going to do that now I'm going to empty this make sure to dry it thoroughly this needs to go back to storage now I'm going to return my supplies the toilet paper roll away get rid of my
linen Ok Tracie here's your call light and water go ahead and open the curtain I'm going to come over here alright at this point I'm going to go ahead and remove my gloves I'm going to pinch at the palm scrunch that up in my hand. my fingers inside the glove pull it down I'm going to go ahead and wash my hands you need to wet your hands first but my hands together interlacing my fingers make sure to wash all surfaces going to get my wrist and my finger tips want to make sure that I wash for 20 seconds and you are going to rinse with your fingers pointing down I'm going to dry my hands make sure to dry them thoroughly use as many paper towels as you need get them completely dry gonna take it going take a dry paper towel make sure you don't touch in ether put their hand and then it goes straight
into trance at this point in time I'll go ahead and
give my recording sheet to the examiner and just
make sure I filled in and enough completed my scale are eight so filled up for graduates to show you how
to measure the first one is measured at 100
millilitres it is on a level surface in its I level so as you can see this measuring is in increments of 25 in males so the very bottom is 25 50 75 in the 100 second example its measure that 100 and fifty and nails the line to the
right the third graduate it's above the 200 then there's the 200 and 225 so this one is 225 mL the fourth one this measure that 250 mls

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  1. Thanks for all the videos that you had. It helps me a lot to pass my skills test last June 24.
    Thumbs up to this site. By the way, i like your scrubs, is there any site where I can order same scrubs? ty

  2. Demonstrator of the pericare video stated that the two skills you must actually wash your hands instead of stimulating hand washing are the pericare and another. What is the other skill that simulated hand washing will be an automatic failure?

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