Conjoined Twins: Brothers Joined At The Hip Learn To Live In Harmony

START 00:02
COMM: They suffer from one of the world’s rarest medical conditions. 00:16
COMM: But incredibly twelve year old conjoined twins Shivanath and Shivram Sahu, heave learnt
to co-exist in almost perfect harmony. 00:32
COMM: The twins who share two legs and four arms, were born in an impoverished village
near Raipur in central India. Over the years Shivanath and Shivram have learned to work
together to get through everyday tasks. 00:49
COMM: They’re able to wash, dress, eat and walk upstairs. 00:58
COMM: They’re even able to ride to school on a specially made tricycle. 01:04
COMM: While one twin winds the pedal the other steers. But that’s not to say that their life
is not without hardships. 01:22
COMM: Photographs of the twins have been shown to leading paediatrician Dr. Krishan Chugh,
he says it might be possible to separate the twins, but with drastic consequences for Shivanath,
the more dependant of the two. 01:35
COMM: While Shivram would retain both legs, and go on to live a normal life, Shivanath
would require full time care. 01:56
COMM: Controversially their family say they wouldn’t separate them. Even if they could
afford it. 02:14
COMM: If they’re left alone, Dr. Chugh believes they may go on to have jobs, get married,
and even have children. 02:30
COMM: Regardless of the doctors findings, Shivanath and Shivram are adamant they will
never be parted. And while their imminent teenage years are likely to throw up more
challenges, like always they will face them together. END

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