Conquer IELTS Writing Task 2 with E2Talks!

got questions about IELTS writing maybe you're stuck on down six or six point five and not sure why well we know that there is a lot of conflicting information out there so that's why here at e2 language we only deal with the experts and in this month's e to talks podcast J talks to Barry Brown and resitance vary from IDP aisles they are responsible for overseeing IELTS writing exams and monitoring the examiners who mark your IELTS writing and they break it all down for you have a listen with that background would you be able to introduce yourself please yeah sure my name is Barry Brown I'm one of the ESN managers at IDP now my responsibility is looking after the conduct of the test the marking of the test and monitoring the performance of the examiners to ensure that everyone's marking to the standard in Reza it's good to be here and talk to your listeners my name is reza tests ve and i work as a senior team leader for IDP i oversee their writing marking the writing part of the computer-delivered IELTS test okay so if you want to know the number one mistake that IELTS candidates make learn how much word count really matters and lots lots more then check out this latest e to talks podcast as Barry and Reza explained having a teacher who understands the marking criteria is vital when it comes to achieving your goal so an easy language all of our teachers are either ex examiner's like me or trained by examiner's and we've worked closely with IDP so we know everything about oils and the criteria join us at Ichi language comm or get in touch via healthy to language calm and find out how we can help you if you are not learning from an examiner and X examiner or someone trained by examiner's you are not getting the right information so check out our latest podcast and sign up at e to language now to get serious about your test preparation find e to talks anywhere you get your podcast

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  1. I am taking IELTS for the first time and I am terrified about writing. Pls I need help with writing task 1 and 2

  2. E2 language is a superb online platform to understand and learn how to crack IELTS.
    I really wish I could meet you guys someday and thank you.
    All the best.

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