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alpha Bravo Niner this wolf Wolfmother woods hand and Wolfpack you're gonna want to get down here and see this in fact bring a bit bring a big back up yeah bring in the big gun he's here and owning boys what father do you come fuck of your house killer star laughs Carol I into the news what we do here this go back back back oh that's a rattlesnake hell yeah dude hey everybody welcome back to another legit rat review on today's episode we're gonna check out a channel that's best known for the phrase nigger another gem includes hey everyone type Alex is a stupid nigger in chat now I'm not gonna be using any of these classic lines its argument points in this video instead I'm going to use them for comedic relief there are plenty of other things to insult the rat for he's manipulative kunti hypocritical makes horrible content extremely unfunny cringy it's kind of like picking on Tommy NC really it's kind of like picking on autistic kid I'm wouldn't you agree keemstar the reason why the autistic kid tell the autistic kid that I'm bullying him you told an autistic dude you took advantage of an autistic kid he took advantage of an autistic kid and you took advantage of an autistic kid I've never said anything about the autistic kid about the autistic kid at all retard and I looked at all the backlash that leafy got for making fun of Tommy and say I don't want any part of that so I'm not making fun of an autistic kid I'm instead making fun of a retarded adult I'm so excited if you really want the epitome of sensitivity you got to look toward keemstar Twitter videos because this dude is the most sensitive man on the planet take for example this individual he barely criticized keemstar in fact he was sucking kiemce star's dick for half the time using the noises go on the internet but he's the most real issue no he'll tell you how it is whether you like that or not the only criticism was I think keemstar should put a disclaimer in his videos well I think kiemce should have done in that video is gave some kind of disclaimer and what it Keim's start do upon hearing this this awful criticism that dude is a fake piece of shit learn it you're a fake piece of shit and if you fucking swing at me I'm gonna swing much arterback come at me I'm a fucking smack you fuck pyro you fucking loser oh my god the world's gonna end someone made a video about me Oh God even though I have a thousand videos on the internet of me saying nigger I'm gonna cry over this video Oh keemstar that dudes a savage don't don't get on his radar dude you're gonna be fucked keemstar you are an absolute pussy in every way imaginable he's a very rash decision maker and he'll just say something before even thinks about it he has no filter he'll just do it and this is resulted in countless examples of him saying really regrettable shit totalbiscuit can't wait to report on your death hmm can't wait to report your death this twitch streamer is a pedophile so this leads to his timeline being jam-packed of borderline hypocritical dumb shit anyone that has a YouTube channel and finds the need to tell their subscribers how to fuckin think and how to act must have subscribers that are little little children alright you must have subscribers that are little fucking children I don't think he's a hypocrite for doing it at all I just think that he's dumb as a stump I treat my subs with respect that they can have any a fucking opinion they want I don't need to tell them what to do tell them what to say tell them how to act I want their opinion so Toby Turner hasn't uploaded in weeks anyone know why probably fucking some kid I want their opinion probably fucking some kid there are a lot of reasons to call keemstar hypocrite I'm going to focus on one reason the reason that I find most compelling my objective isn't go destroy their life on drama ler I don't use my platform that way you know how they've been contacting me saying that you've been dating some like fourteen-year-old French girl and shit just please swing at me if you're gonna swing at me swing at me dude let me know because I got a fucking files on top of files to swing back at I don't use my platform that way I don't use my platform that way I don't use my platform that way cuz I got a fucking files on top of files to swing back at well that was extremely blatant you said you don't use your platform that way but then you've threatened to use your platform that way but idubbbz the keemstar Twitter account and dramaalert are two separate entities I try to keep my show fair and balanced but on Twitter I'm gonna get my opinion I heard you're a pedophile fourteen-year-old French girl pedophile I have to taste a pedophile cum in my mouth I'm on the hunt I hit a pyro on the dams I'm like is this true he says it's not true he gives me some stuff all right and I don't run the story I talked to pyro and he gave me some stuff and we hashed it out it's no longer news it's no longer going to become news because I deemed it not news if it was someone I disliked guess what that's news on his Twitter he will constantly allude to people being guilty or innocent or not guilty depending on whether they go on to his show or not keemstar I know you're very fucking slow I said elude your hand is fucking shaking right now because you really want to do a Twitter video and say dude you got to think about this logically the only time some big youtuber wants to come on drama is to clear their name because they're in the right right and the only time like a small youtuber wants to come on is they want to come on like no matter what because they're about to get a lot of exposure dude you got to think about this logically okay keemstar I'm thinking about it logically you want big youtubers to come out of your program after you harass them on Twitter so how are you gonna get them to come on your program oh I know you suggest that if they don't come on your program they're not innocent the situation turns out we're big youtuber comes on because he's innocent of course that's just part one we ought to think about the second part logically as well if you are a small youtuber you're gonna get a big fucking sub boost from it and guess what I won't let you fucking forget it I will hold that shit over your head if you fucking blink in my direction I'm gonna hold that shit over your head at the end of the day dude like it's like I had this dude on my show he got a huge subbu's from drama ler when he had way less subscribers the fucking thing with Sam pepper I helped him with that thing his fucking Twitter gets suspended I tried to help him get his Twitter unsuspended and I helped him make a new Twitter and promote it he has this really immature technique for insulting people he will insult them while simultaneously putting himself up on a pedestal financial problems if you are going through money problems you could have reached out to me and I would have helped you I mean money problems don't don't use me don't manipulate me for your own agenda you can just stop with the money problems you know I don't have a financial situation that's a low that's an immature load house I didn't realize you were a poor disgusting piece of shit you should just come to me for some money I would have helped you I would have helped you dumbass I'm a helpful guy Keem the helping hand no helping hand mentions how much they help people that much that is a slimy asshole thing to do well I guess this is the drama Lert effect yeah keemstar I'm seeing this shit right now it's fucking funny dude now that's the drama alert effect I've taught my brother you mean that thing that happens when any big youtuber features a small youtuber on their channel of course you know that you're just really trying to solidify the fact that this was a helping hand don't insult me please don't insult me cuz I will fucking cry about it on Twitter I report the news I don't create the news but from like a new standpoint people are so annoying when you've been a mossad damn the news is my job a news to report news keemstar is very adamant that the dramaalert channel is different from his twitter account they shouldn't be compared to one another because one is very opinionated and the other one is facts news and hard-hitting reporting however one is run by a complete sociopath and the other is also run by the same complete sociopath so what you have is this conflict of ideas where he's trying really hard to not give his opinion on the dramaalert channel however he can't fucking help it this is the problem with fake pranks on YouTube I gotta say this alright I gotta say this alright but all I'm saying is but all I'm saying is it's like if I had to label someone that is a cunt now I don't give my opinions on drummer in fact that's the reason why my show so successful is because we don't bombard you with opinions this is really where Kim stars retardation is highlighted right because he has the potential to criticize people and also be in the right trying to stay biased because I'm the news guy just trying to get you the information but this is bullshit you can easily brand rom alert as the biased news station you can brand drama ler is the very opinionated news station I think the best part about all this drama alert content is that he'll over hype it by screaming like a fucking ape on his Twitter videos keemstar always over hypes his videos before he puts them out no I fucking don't dude watch tonight Strom Alert and tell me if I overhyped it trust me this shit is fucking fire yeah that's that's it okay that's that's crazy that's crazy tell me if I overhyped it trust me this shit is fucking fire I just filmed leafy and the dog fucker I am dying I am fucking dying it will be live on YouTube in about an hour well I mean I guess we can make it work out if she's willing to do hamsters I'm just like not really a dog's person you know here's one awesome example of some content creation from dramaalert 20 minute narration of a tumblr post no there's nothing to supplement this audio it's literally 20 minutes mitting that he and I mean really 20 minutes of Sandra he did his only purpose how to spot a serial killer criminologist reveal five key traits the most notorious murderers have in common power junkie I got a fucking files on top of files to swing back at a manipulator the only time some big youtuber wants to come on drama lore is to clear their name because they're in the right an egotistical bragger drama ler is a dope ass show I make dope ass videos cuz my show is dope retweet if you love that shit a superficial charmer and I know there's been a lot of people in the past and there will be a lot of people in the future that go with a certain network because I'm with that certain network and they're influenced by that so I need to make sure that networks not just good for me but good for them to an average Joe called me big pop but throw your hands in the air if you were true player seems like he shares a lot of traits with serial killers now I'm not ready to call him a serial killer just yet I think he can change but he needs to listen to some of the tips and tricks I offered in this video nothing like a good friend keemstar knows all about friends he's got a lot of friends he's got a lot of friends cuz he's done stuff for all his friends they were chatting in the DMS they were friends in the most critical point to us being friends is the fact that I helped you in some way that means that we're friends fake like they act like you're a friend or whatever you're talking in DMS apparently I heard leafy was trying to help h3 out get sponsorships help them with network and all this stuff there were friends they were talking to the DM in this video you're laughing about NIC saying that about my kid and you're supposed to be my friend okay I've got you sponsorship deals I'm talking still I'm talking still you're supposed to be my friend I have you channel boxed right I've helped you grow alright I've helped you out it wouldn't surprise me if keemstar thought him and I were friends you know just because I follow him back on Twitter he's probably thinking idubbbz referred to me as buddy in the DMS he must he must be my friend so if he ever makes a video on me I'm gonna say we were friends we were supposed to be friends we were never friends cont I'm not going to give you my hand in the Twitter DM z– and say by the way I'm working on a video you mind not deleting the shitty we said you post every single day because I need to collect a big fucking timeline of your god-awful hypocrisy and dumb shit that you post since keemstar doesn't mind showing Tumblr posts and Twitter DM zazz news he shouldn't mind me showing our private Twitter conversation where he says he'd ruined my career if he didn't love my content Wow you love my content keemstar maybe we are friends maybe we are friends after all you like the the our long green alien dance you like Slenderman Gangnam style dude you like overgrowth let's play oh but that neglects the part where you say that you'll ruin my career oh you'll ruin my career keemstar good fucking luck you're not gonna ruin my career you dumb piece of shit and I've shown you why you're not gonna ruin my career I'm smarter than you you can't think before you speak and I've never said this on ironically but I think this will be the first time I actually say an ironically and mean it kill yourself normally teams start big time criminals like you in jail I have a different plan for you any last words team star drama lark nation now over 1 million three hundred and eighty six five somebody once told me that I could make some money by building some people on so I grew and no goatee and put on a stupid beanie and started making up some dank lies so I'm making death threats and I'm calling people nigger counting that cash on my channels gone figure never you mind that I was already bad for my racist homophobic hate speech trans found out all the coal no it's my culture boys in the online punch bowl you never know who are my docks so y'all can suck on my cocks hey now you're a teen star put your ad on MLG hey now you're a teen star get your socio path P and all we care about is new personal attacks and harassment is totally like ice literally want to kill this – it's not a threat – Thomas I want to fucking kill this dude can't wait to report your dad like seriously what's wrong with you asshole I only do the show for money that's it all right I don't do it can entertain people that's just the fucking scam I really hope you die of cancer I hate everything you want to be bought the Fang hey now you're a keep star do a trickshot MLG hey now you're a king star eat your popcorn goatee and all I report is the news if you can call this news somebody once asked you to spare me from harassment your content is a fucking disgrace I said yep and to save my rep I cannot believe you until you're dead I'll punch you harder than my girlfriend's face well the hate keeps coming for the show where I run and even if i get banned i'll just keep on coming doesn't make sense to give up this dick i make mad money from being a dick for revenue stream it is my dream to take online gossip to the extreme I'm a sociopath don't you know I'll do anything for a little though hey now you're a teen star Eman Keith star pay them you're a teen star you're an asshole Keith stars News it was just so you know retard you just made yourself look like a retard to try to win some contests idiot you weren't even there idiot Jarret fugle April elf yubz ventures this is a fucking am bo I'm an ambien

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  1. Some people actually deserve to have hell unleashed on them. The scum of the earth covered in this video falls in that category.


    i m
    t y p I n g
    s I d e w a y s

  3. Well keen you fucked it seems like you didn’t destroy his career looks like idubbz dry fucked you to me

  4. I don't have a favorite content cop. All of them are equally unique and fucking goosebump inducing and well researched and edited and perfect and not even repetitive. As popular as Ian is I still think his abilities are underrated as fuck

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