18 Replies to “Cutting Vinyl With a Die Cut Machine”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing…I have not used my Cuttlebug in awhile because I use my Silhouette but for those small projects it would be great !!!!!

  2. I'm kicking myself for all the vinyl I've tossed! It makes so much sense, too. It's the perfect medium since its already got adhesive on it.

  3. i have a cuttlebug like you do, and i am wanting to cut Heat Transfer Vinyl and beable to iron or press the design onto a project, What are the steps i need to take to do so?

  4. I really like the vinyl video, but it would have been nice if you told us what plates to use. I seemed to have cut into my B & C plate. I'm very new to the cuttlebug and cutting. Into vinyl. Thanks

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