D3mystic 101 | How to save your statistics | #2

hello I am Anne Martin after 25 35 on their rosary and delivered this women take that car the short video will show you how to sell you games and sticks both on era and season go to your profile page and click on the game tab alright so there are three small batteries on your right if you click on the first one it reveals an edit button on each character let's sleep on one of these alright so we can select a level and the time you play this character if you click on the second button it will import your statistics from button late be patient takes it him it takes a little while to get them so you cannot teach the pattern night did not send back all the data not all the statistics are saved on the battlenet servers for the remaining data you need to get them from you in game perform and click on the edit button and fill in those rings para seasons it is almost the same it doesn't port the same statistics but only for the last three seasons as battlenet hit on in the data for those that means you can only gather data from sevens from c6 17 16 and 15 by the time this video but can steam but you can still get to stats from the encamp of one just like we did for the era and fit in those fields and induce feelings so let's say I don't save the data for season even it does work but for the season 8 there's nothing because battlenet has not saved this data but like I said you can always save your the top if you can gain profile all right so now it can is it start saving statistics thank you so much for listening and watching please subscribe to this channel for more videos

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