yo guys what if I scare a volunteer with the loud intro coming out you guys with another freaking banger I'm sorry astok right now but yeah I just another insane video as you guys can tell from the title this one is it's I actually had like a lot of time on his computer which is pretty crazy as you guys will see from the video but yeah before this starts if you guys want to join our discord or follow my Twitter or Instagram all those links will be in the description and also my twitch all future live streams will be on my twitch so that link is also in the description but other than that I hope you guys have a beautiful day and I'll see you guys next time peace yeah disconnected okay yeah so now what do you see on the computer screen sir I've got the little run box open right and besides the open you can see a white long panel where you can click on downloads the orange box okay now click on download you can see the supremo it is downloading I think it will come up in the bottom yeah it does I can open that click on that which is down there then it will come up I think alike run save cancel it see me yes or no click on yes okay after click on yes your little box will come up where it will show you run supremo you know it says says internal runtime error 4 8 9 1 1 5 it says yeah it says internal runtime error 4 8 9 1 1 5 supremo could not start okay so any option over there okay cancel theirs okay and the X by n okay click on okay okay okay anything comes up no the box just went away okay now you can see the supreme okay yeah that's the only one that I have okay close down this page okay and you can see the icon on the screen right Google Chrome yeah under what icon you can see can you tell me with me like one by one the name of the icon you can see over there any icon like Team B word or like ultra fever blue color icon it should be blue oh I do have TeamViewer it's got two arrows in it right right left and right yes so two arrows like facing away from each other right what is written over there like team beaver 19 be a team we were 16 we were 14 what is written over there it says TeamViewer 9 okay double click over there just double click on team D word you want to open it there's one zero five two five two one zero eight one eight four eight three four eight three yeah and what is the password it's a nine six nine six three four I was asking about it because I'd given you this icon and it is showing now it is the old version it is team v1 yeah it says TeamViewer nine on the icon here it is the old version okay no so like and you can see right hand side it is asking the partner ID do you see yeah there's like a blank box here right type over there the partner Adi type over there one two one two one two one two no one time one two wait one just one two right okay okay I thought you meant two times than one five one five two four five two four five nine three zero nine three zero then click on connect to partner just below you can see connect to partner okay yeah click over there I'll ask you the password do you think yeah it is asking me for a password type over there the password one six seven one six seven in a small later key Arjun kilo okay lowercase K H yeah and click on log on or okay whatever you have that okay it says connecting initializing display parameters on the very top in this place you can see I'm indicating over there you can see you're off sunlight communication there's like a screen I see the robots see now just wait just wait I'm going to show you you can see on the very top in this place on the very top yeah there's like a menu right communicate or like communication like this yes I can click on communicate ok and click on like sweets side of each partner okay switch sides with partner okay and then now what says connecting again click on connect like communicate once again ok ok switch sides with partner yeah it just says connecting which one now try and click connect communicate once again ok then click one side with partner all right did he disconnect it no he didn't he hung up well I can't tell you at the mouth I just deleted all his stuff oh no no he's trying to log off wait wait it's this guy it's this other program disconnect disconnect come on no I already deleted his BIOS it's still connected I did I deleted all of his backups can I delete this yes Oh oh my gosh I got his number right here I think I have to go off my actual TeamViewer because it was it uh wait wait wait wait let me call back I'm sorry the person you were trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been okay let's call their main number back how are you thinking for calling Mike reception hello thank you for calling Microsoft corporate this is Philip how may I help you yeah I was just speaking and so on Philip and our car got disconnected yeah okay tell me like who your crew you were talking to you I'm not really too sure what his name was but he had me open like the TeamViewer and stuff okay just hold it for a second give me a moment or a second yeah if you could get get him for me that'd be awesome hello he doesn't want to talk hi thank you for calling microsoft corporation and this is phillip rama hell you yeah I was just talking you fill open the call got disconnected yes for a second alright thank you guys probably soap is I deleted all his backups on the D try if he had bunch of backups there oh the it just went silent that they are they trying to block me no I don't know if you guys can hear it but I can slightly hear it in the background hello hello can you hear me yeah okay oh my god I just had a word with oh my like a supervisor of Kate the one who was talking to you I guess he's just attending a caller with the other customer so once once he gets to like it's really urgent that I talk to him right now like really urgent you want to talk to him right yes please okay okay all right well he's probably looking at its computer like where did all my stuff go oh I wonder if it actually like went through and deleted stuff in the system folder because I clicked delete right as it disconnected who knows maybe it did he hung up again okay I'm calling back one more time and I'm just gonna start oh oh they blocked me it's just no way it just keeps ringing they did they really just block me I'll call them what the different of her ventured he's so bad oh yes be so bad hello oh he has to be so mad to just hang up like that he literally heard the phone go hello hey how do you feel that your files are deleted I scam button where's where's the scammer that I deleted his files get him on the phone he's being a whiny he's being a whiny little brat he won't you won't talk to me is it is this you are you him where is he I want to talk to him you will need to tell me a name I don't know his name just he's the supervisor the supervisor yeah supervisor supervisors are not named is the supervisor come on bencher do you know who I'm talking about he's the one that keeps hanging up on me all whiny and bad cuz I deleted his files or was he I'm not even sure it didn't really stop but he he's mad like shit Wow okay let me call let me call with the actual number again and see if he picks up maybe they're like City they're probably just so bad oh man ringing that wallpaper though you never got to see it but still that's hilarious oh yeah they're just stop pick it up well I'm gonna post their number on the forums anyway so there they'll get plenty of calls all that guy was he raised he was like he like tried to stay calm for a second he was like trying to figure out like who is that who's the supervisor and then like I don't know where he just goes listen motherfucker you've been calling that's like like out of doors just like you make all he does it's like it's like what song it's like they're trying not to be mad on like Xbox or something and then it like someone just kills you in the game and you just flip you just like listen here oh that's that's hilarious yeah I guess I'm going to end this video here I'll have their number posted on the forum if you guys want to follow me on twitter my twitter is at scammer revolts where over 6.1 k which is freakin insane i know i say it like every video but i don't know i just think it's really freaking cool guys I think it's awesome um oh one thing I do want to address is I said this in my last video I said it in the other video that blew up and I'm gonna set this like the last time I'm gonna say it cuz I've been saying it too much but files deleted in TeamViewer do not go to the recycle bin they're basically this is what happens to a file on TV it's as if you dragged into the recycle bin like this and then you went like this and delete it forever empty the recycle bin that's what Team Viewer does Team Viewer does not put files into the recycle bin I just want to make that clear so before you type your comment asking me that please watch the whole yeah yeah but I think I'm gonna end that here oh man I can't believe that this is just just is just outfit again guys I'm really trying to come out with you know just amazing videos for you guys I'm trying to come out with bangers you know you know hi I'm guys and yeah other than that I hope you know what do you guys think about the video the just what do you guys think and yeah I hope everyone's having a good day watching this and if you're having a bad day I hope you have a good rest of your day and hopefully you know your day gets better yeah other than that I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will see you guys in the next one peace


  1. Here's a LIVE one……
    I just got a message on my phone machine saying they were going to be deducting $299 from my bank account for some kind of subscription having to do with the computer  if I didn't call to cancel but I couldn't understand the message. It's from 202-873-2578

  2. He was lying. They can't break off from one customer to deal with another like that. That's very unprofessional.

  3. Hey when you get disconnected and get a call back in the same video but different scammer just keep it going and act like a new person more content in one vid just a suggestion but keep rocking on I’m new as a sub and this is comedy 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥

  4. Clearly they would be less suspicious of the delay, and allow you to stay on longer and inflict more damage, if they thought they were dealing with a clueless old person. So I suggest you team up with Hoax Hotel and have him do the call as Betty Murphy Grumpus while you delete files, etc. 😂

  5. What do the people think the scammers are doing? What's their reason to get you to blindly follow their instructions/willingly give them access to your computer?

  6. You realize ,there going to write comic books about legends like you guys , travel well where ever you go 🙏🏻😌

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