Delhi Tourist Destinations | شوێنە گەشتیارییەکانی دەلهی

India Gate is the most famous tourist place in Delhi, India which visited by local people and tourists. Visiting here is for free charge. This monument or this place was made for the memories of those Indian-British solider whose sacrifice their life during World War I looking at India Gate with any side or corner is the same. Since Delhi ruled by muslims during Delhi Sultanate. There are many buildings, castles, and architecture which built by muslim rulers. So if you want to explore Islamic architecture, then Delhi is a perfect location for you to visit. Purana Qila is another tourist destination, which I visited. Purana Qila means old castle, the history of this castle was in 16th century here you can find the old castle, mosque, hammam (shower), library, lake and baoli for storing water. this is Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque, which many Bollywood film were shooting here such as : Sultan, Love Aaj Kal, Jannat 2 But the most famous was Veer Zara, which staring Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta. In the film, the director Yash Chopra shows this location as part of Pakistan. But in fact, the place located in Delhi then I visited Qutb Minar, which here you can fine a tall Minar and a damaged mosque This place is one of the most visiting place in Delhi the tall fo the minar is 72m. It was the tallest minar at time which were built. The most beautiful scene you may find here is passing the airplane by the minar. Hazrat Nizamuddin is another tourist and religious destination in Delhi hundreds or thousand of people visit this place to pry I read on websites that the best time to visit here is Thursday evening. I visit there on that time for me that time wasn’t great and best choice since it was very crowded. thousand of people came her and the place is small. so if you want to visit there I sugguest you visit on other days (not Thursday) The reason which I visit this place was for listening to Qawalli songs as we have seen in Rockstar film. Unfortunately, as I said due to over crowded I even have not seen the Qawalli. Jama Masjid is another tourist and religious place this mosque was built by Shah Jahan, the same ruler who bulit Taj Mahal in Agra. Outside the mosque, you will find the Old Delhi Which there are many shopping and bazzar available there. you may go there but it’s not that easy to waking there. the most famous bazaar here is Chandni Chowk, Mina Bazar and more… beside shopping for clothes, you can find many street food here. پارەم پێ نییە :: I don’t have money I have no idea, where Im going to 🙂 finally Im in lost 🙂

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