100 Replies to “Destiny Rogers – Tomboy (Official Video)”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that doja cat just droped a song that sounds just like this and almost the exact same video… Bottom bithh by doja cat

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  3. Unpopular opinion- we have way to many girls that wanna be boys in the world. I mean they even started letting girls into the boy Scouts.

  4. Is this Kids bop 2019? Wtf is this trash this some really cringe stuff reminds me of those songs like Friday just smh I’m honestly confused on who listen to this garbage and why? 😂😂🤣

  5. Every tom boy I've known grows out of it around your age. You're pushing a hidden agenda for fame. Sell out.
    Women love your men, men love your women.

  6. You'll never be as good at anything that a man is. And dont say "having babies". That's a curse you dumbo. It's cool to hang out with all the boyz and be a single mother! yay

  7. Am I the only one who thinks she sounds just like all these other “neo-soul” singers? I’m a tomboy myself, but let’s be real…the beat is why she’ll get buzz for this one. Is anyone else tired of the same-ole in all these popular genres??

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