Different File Formats for Artwork – Gloweasy Promotions

hi it's Brandon and I'm back again with another video now I'm sure you had this question in your mind what file formats do you accept or is my logo or the artwork is in a proper format or not now let me tell you generally in this industry we accept vector artwork now these are four formats like dot AI format or dot EPS format or not CDR format or dot E H X format now these are some popular vector format apart from that we also accept event of PDF format as well now the most popular one is AB dot eps file which most of the client they send us however we have that we have seen lot of clients who don't have the artwork in proper format they send s dot jpg or not PNG which are actually not appropriate for this industry and we cannot use them however with us since we have a artwork service where we can go ahead and we can actually draw your artwork or we can make you turn your artwork into a proper format so if you have any such doubts or if you don't have your artwork in proper format don't worry just send it over to us and we can help you to fix this issue and turn it into a proper vector format so I'll be back again with another video to explain you more about these things and hopefully you like this video thank you so much and have a lovely day bye-bye

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