DIY How to sew a PVC/ vinyl tote bag

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna show you how to make this clear vinyl bag it is a great project for beginners to get you used to using the sewing machine and get to you used to this whole selling thing I really love the bag. It turned out great and I’m actually looking forward to making another one. So Let’s get right onto the materials you need so you can also create a beautiful bag like this So you need Ankara fabric Or any fabric of your choice I chose this fabric because I liked the ink blotted pattern on it you also need scissors, thread vinyl, and the sewing machine. You cannot do this project by hand it would be so tedious and you really wouldn’t love the experience this sewing machine Is great for beginners. It has all the stitches you need and you’re good to go to begin, you to cut out three vinly pieces. I cut my 13 my 17 inches. You can make yours any measurement you want depending on how big or how small you also need to cut out strips from the vinyl sheet for the straps. I cut mine 24 inches long and one and a half inches wide The next step is to cut out your fabric piece I cut mine 10 by 15 inches After all the cutting is done you need to make zig-zag stitch all around the fabric After sewing the zig-zag stitch around the fabric place it on top one vinyl sheet and Then place another vinyl sheet on top up with the fabric in the middle. it sounds complicated but it’s not just sandwich the fabric in between two vinyl stitches that’s what you do and make sure that you Smooth it out because you don’t want any bubbles in between because the vinyls sticks together but you just need to make sure that there’s no bubble in between so just Spread out evenly and ensure that your fabric is well centered to ensure that things don’t move around I clipped the edges of the vinyl sheets together with Peg. You can also use wonder clips Or sellotape but do not use pins you will leave a forever hole in your vinyl shit so I just used pegs you are going to take it to the sewing machine and Sew around the fabric piece I sewed it one inch away from the edge of the fabric piece Sewing the vinyl together was the challenging part of this project Because the vinyl doesn’t move smoothly over the sewing machine so you need to take your time slowly but surely and finish After sewing your fabric and vinyl sheet sandwich you are gonna place the last sheet of vinyl on top of your sandwich And then sew around it leaving one,end open for your opening Okay, so when you’re done sewing, open up your bag Base Afterwards then I sewed about 1.5 inches away from the tip of the bag down the triangle Cut out the excess vinyl sheet to make it easy to turn Now comes the fun part, turning the bag Takes a little patience once again but the result is fantastic These are the straps like I said they’re 24 inches long and 1.5. Inches wide So, I’m gonna fold that into two and sew down the entire length The straps are all done now I am going to take it and place it inside the bag about three inches away from the edge of the bag place it in and sew it in a Rectangular, shape just all the four corners of those straps Sew that down to make it secure and do the same for the other side and the second strap Once that is done you have yourself a vinyl bag Customized and made by yourself for yourself or for anyone you want to make it for that is the beauty of DIY I Hope you guys enjoyed this video I totally I’m gonna make another bag with a different fabric in a different design Just experiment if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to my channel looking forward to more DIY videos also in a comment section give me ideas tell me what you want me to make next my next video and also don’t forget to Check out my last video on my top ten sewing project let’s motor starts on eating the things that I stood And I’ll see you in my next video bye

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  1. Looks good. Thanks for sharing.
    A tip might be to include a strip of matching fabric when you make the straps, if you have enough extra fabric. If not matching, perhaps a solid color that goes well with a chosen print.

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