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hello everybody my name is J I'm one of the expert IELTS teachers here at e to language what we're going to do is not write an essay instead we're going to look at some top tips one tip in particular which I'm afraid to say will come right at the end of this presentation but I need to take you through this presentation so that that tip at the end really makes sense to you and so you fully utilize it to your benefit so what we're going to do specifically is look at real tips for how to score an 8 plus in writing task 2 okay let me first tell you my little experience maybe you've heard this before maybe you haven't I'm an English teacher obviously I'm a native English speaker I had to take the IELTS four times before I got a decent score in writing I could get nines in reading listening and speaking not no problem was still challenging but writing I got stuck on seven point five three times and so I did some investigation into why it is that I got stuck and why so many people get stuck at sort of six point five to seven and it turns out that there are certain ways that you need to write your essay in order to boost your score so one of those ways is looking at grammar and that's what we're going to look at here these ugly looking things are what the examiners use to mark your writing and there's one here which focuses on two things grammatical range and grammatical accuracy okay these two things are key for boosting your score the first one grammatical range means variety of sentence types okay you need to use a variety of different sentence types to boost your score and grammatical accuracy well it means grammatical accuracy that your sentences are correct and accurate and there's s on the end of plural nouns and you use articles properly in your verb tenses are straight etc have a look at these two paragraphs these two paragraphs perfectly accurate grandma okay so I mentioned that you wrote these two paragraphs and everything you wrote was just a hundred percent accurate however there's a big problem here and that problem is range these sentences are all simple sentences or compound sentences there are no complex sentences there are no modal verbs there are no question sentences there are no conditionals they're all just simple sentences so what score do you think you would get for grammar you would get a four because here in the criteria what the examiners look at it says rare use of subordinate clause I'm going to show you what a subordinate clause is in a minute but the maximum score you can get the maximum score you can get if you do not use a variety of sentence structures is four okay so even if your accuracy is nine but your range is 4 your score for grammar will be four that's the highest you can possibly get so let's say then let's say you wrote perfectly on task and you answer the essay question and the examiner gave you an 8 for that part and this way that you structured the essay instructed your paragraphs the examiner gave you an 8 for that part and your vocabulary was excellent it was very wide-ranging so the examiner gave you an 8 for that part but the examiner gave you a 4 for grammar because your range was limited in that case the average for your total writing band score would be 7 because the 4 brings it down to 7 and let's say the same thing happened here you got 7 for task 7 for structure 7 for vocab and 4 for grammar the maximum score you can get for writing then because of the grammar score is 6 right so the super tip is this you need to use a wide variety of sentence types in your s and if you don't the same thing will happen to you that happened to me and your mark will get stuck on something poor okay so what we're going to do in this lesson is we're going to look at different sentence types I'm gonna show you seven seven I can't remember six or seven different sentence types but we're specifically going to focus in on complex sentences and a particular type of complex sentence called a subordinate clause don't worry it sounds crazy but it's pretty easy you probably already know it so let's have a look so in fact I want to show you six different sentence types first of all let's start with simple sentences these are obviously quite straightforward so a simple sentence has one idea let's use the question prompts that let's say the question prompt said something about the government should tax sugary drinks that's your writing task 2 essay prompt or part of it so here are three simple sentences this is 1 2 3 sugar makes people unhealthy ok it's good it's got a subject it's got a verb and it's got an object here or people gain weight from sugar okay again subject verb object sugar harms people's teeth these three are examples of simple sentences you should definitely include simple sentences in your essay but again it's about variety so let's look at compound sentences compound sentences are when you have one idea plus another idea for example let's say the question prompt again is government should it tax sugary drinks you say sugar makes people unhealthy and it harms their teeth so here we're using a conjunction like and for yet but so or or nor there's a few different conjunctions or different ways that you can create a compound sentence fine these ones there are the critical ones you need to include what I'm about to show you into your essay and I suggest you clear include at least five at least five of these complex sentences using these words these are the words the IELTS examiner's look for these are the sentence types that create subordination which I'll show you in a second after although as because before even if even though if in order that once provided that rather than since so that then that though unless until when whenever where where else who whether while and which okay so let's have a look at some examples here so what a complex sentence does it coordinates two or more ideas into a single sentence so the prompt is the government should tax sugary drinks my complex sentence using the connector while is this while some people will support the tax others will be against it so let's remove this and let's have a look at let's say it just said some people will support the tax full-stop others will be against it so here I've got two simple sentences but if I use one of these subordinate clause type words like while I can create a complex sentence okay and these are the sentences that make you win in IELTS writing so what I did on my fourth attempt after I investigated and did all this homework and realize what was going on and actually had a meeting with the IELTS people when I wrote my fourth attempt I thought okay usually when I write essays or emails or whatever I like to write short simple sentences because I believe that they're clearer but that's not what you should do in the ions you need to use a variety as I said so what I did on the fourth attempt was I use a whole variety of different sentence types I use complex ones and compound and simple ones I even put questions in made sure they'll pass see if I use modal verbs da da da da but I made sure that I had at least five of these complex structures now I want you to try to write a few okay I'm going to give you two minutes to write three complex sentences the prompt is the government should tax sugary drinks so your complex sentence will go or la da da comma da da da da . or da da da da da so that da da da da da because da da da da da comma da da da da da so try to fill these gaps with some information from the prompt you have two minutes to write three complex sentences to increase your IELTS band score starting now you okay maybe you need more time seeing people have sort of still in the first type of sentence let me push on what I want you to do if you haven't finished I want you to pause the video go back and finish those three sentences okay I'm going to show you mine but if you haven't finished please go back and do that now let me show you mine okay here are my examples although people will benefit companies will suffer again let's look at this because what's going on let's say we get rid of this and we just have people who benefit companies will suffer two simple sentences or I can Mia make a complex sentence using this powerful word here what about so that the government should tax sodas so that the public becomes healthier okay again I've got two simple sentences but I've created a complex sentence using so that what about number three using the word because at the beginning of the sentence because people are becoming more obese the government should tax sugary drinks there you go it's actually I shouldn't say it's not that hard it's hard to get these accurate and you definitely need to practice them because as I said without them four is the maximum score you can get in grammar okay I seriously mean that you can double-check the criteria if you want there are extraordinarily important sentence types so the big take home message is this you need to use complex sentences in your writing task 1 and 2 by the way use it in both of your writing tasks let's have a quick look at the other sentence types before we finish so passive sentences so the prompt again the government should taxed sugary drinks well the passive sentence is when you reverse the order of the subject and the object for example here's the active sentence food scientists know that sugary drinks are addictive let's say we want to reverse this order and we don't want to talk about food scientist we can say sugary drinks are known to be addictive okay so I've created a passive form from the active form they're so passive sentences are also important in your writing to show variety let's have a look at a question sentence but what a sugar tax really work my suggestion here is to use one question in your essay I think they work really well if they're placed properly okay they can work really well in I put one in my last one where I got the 8.5 and I think I put it in the introduction but it was just a short simple sentence as a question type and it just created a nice sort of narrative voice for the essay and it just added to my variety so do you think about putting perhaps one question into your essay there because it can work well the last one our conditional sentence one is our conditional sentences these are somewhat complex these are conditional sentences our sentences that start with if if sentences so if the government had taxed sugary drinks earlier then we would not have an obesity issue now so how do you strike a balance though between grammatical range and grammatical accuracy because perhaps if you're attempting to use a wider variety of sentence types your accuracy will go down or maybe if you're trying to be very accurate your grammatical range will go down so how do you strike that balance between variety and accuracy that's a critical question question is do you need to distract a balance here's the thing if you do not attempt if there is rare use of subordinate clauses in other words you rarely use complex structures then you will get a four okay but if you attempt complex sentences even if they're less accurate remember this is the same thing that the IELTS examiner's are looking at when they're marking your writing you can get a five of course if you're even if let's say you're a native English speaker so your accuracy is nine you should definitely try to attempt a wide variety of different sentence structures because then it will just boost your score but even if your English is quite poor and you're worried about accuracy at least try to use a wide variety so the take home message the key point that I wanted to talk about right at the beginning which I led you through is this variety sentence variety is more important than sentence accuracy so on test day you should attempt to use a wide variety of sentence types including the six that I showed you in this live class and even if the accuracy is not hundred percent doesn't matter it will increase your chances of scoring better than if you are conservative and just attempt simple structures that my friend is the end of that presentation if you need help with your IELTS in any way speaking listening reading writing check out e to language comm sign up for free and you may want to think about upgrading your account for one on one tutorials writing feedback lots of practice questions sample essays over V lessons methodology lessons like this one that take you through everything the course can last well there's a lot of material it can last about three to six months if you want to do it slowly or you can blast through it in about a week to get the main stuff there so do check out that website if you have any questions do check out this one here go to help dot e to language comm help e to language comm so it's the same as this but help ET language comm ask your question we'll get back to you with an answer okay cool bananas

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