eXceed Collection Gameplay Impressions (PC)

heroine mr. Nash again today we're gonna be taking a look at exeed collection for the PC it's a trio bullet-hell shooters have been brought to us by new media as their latest delocalization effort and bringing more doujin titles to the west there's actually three titles in the collection and players have the option of either giving them all as a compilation or just buying them individually for three games there are gun bullet children vampire x + jate penetrate and if you decide to get them individually a look at about 3 bucks each for them but if you get them all together it's ten dollars for everything i wanted to expect from a bullet hell shooter there's like tons and tons of bullets everywhere and you gonna be really dodging and getting lots of different patterns to have to wear and throw the game but also found it was recently accommodating because the variations of difficulty levels there police wall spread out enough for my taste that even if you don't play the games very often you can still have a lot of fun and not be overwhelmed by everything that's going on over the screen and still feel like you're being challenged to a reasonable degree I personally don't play he sort of game very often so for me I found that I was still able to have quite a bit of fun sometimes I had to play on easy mode sometimes normal and I was still having a quite enjoyable time with it and even it feels play pretty intense especially the boss plates which can be a lot of fun because there's like several phases each boss and then they all have different types of attacks as they ship from each phase and this feels really have picked the whole way through is here having like just a ridiculous amount of bullets being tossed yet here the whole time it's also interesting it'll from one game to the next because you can really see just how much the developers have grown as they've made more of these games because the first one feels a bit more rudimentary very simple then just sort of getting used to actually making this sort of thing and then because the second and the food it can really see the evolution in the series as the bullet patterns get more complex as sort of things you can do with your own characters become a lot more complicated in more depth is being added to each game first game you can select between three different characters in each has their own sort of weapon fire style and it's a lot more about just dodging bullets and powering up your weapons and then just getting up a charge meter on the side for your special attack and it's actually kind of interesting to an extremely challenging to actually level up your weapon because you have to collect these little purple icons it can be pretty tough to get to need a lot of them to actually level up your weapon but the good thing though is if you level it up and you die you maintain that power level you don't have to keep on Rhea cumulating it which is sort of offset some of the difficulty in collecting these power-ups for that particular aspect of the game the second game actually found seems a bit more like an ode to it you could we go because there's the whole ability to UM sort of avoid damage if you haven't wore matching the weapons that are being used at ya at a particular time in the game because all throughout the i'll be seeing either red or white bullets being shot at you and you have a corresponding aura that you can have on your character that you just make sure you have a matching whatever bullets are coming at the end you won't take damage from them see it's like this constant shift back and forth between them then when you look at the third game it's sort of but arch back to the original while you're more collecting those icons again the power up your charged meter so you can do special attacks in conjunction with your bombs and your regular attacks for me is probably a toss-up between the second and the third game as to which one I like the best the first ones okay but you can really tell it's not quite the same level of quality as the latter ones that found is a bit more clunky doesn't look quite as nice and everything dis isn't handle as well as the last few games I just like how smoothly my characters move and number two and number three and just how much more bullets are coming at you just how crazy you can get in comparison to the first one and on top of this they have just more interesting like played mechanics and I liked having that Ikaruga into the second one and I also like just the way that the power-ups work a little bit faster in relative relative to what's going on in the third game so you can just keep on cycling through and building up your special attack for almost every thought I wouldn't see so much it's like having an extra ball but it's extremely useful to have this slightly more powerful attack whenever you're in a tight spot because there's a lot more enemies to deal with in pretty much any of the other games that splicing the most slowdown of the third one as well just because there's such a ridiculously usual number of enemies and bullets being tossed at any given time but yeah it's really toss up for me between the last two games as to which one's my favorite out of the three you also have an option as to whether or not you want to have a story while you're playing and the first game is pretty much between going directly between story mode and arcade mode whereas in the last two games it's just a matter of turning off the dialogue in which case you just skip over all the storytelling elements and it's okay the story it's sort of pretty light anime fair I thought it's something basically the first one you're playing as like this weird military psychic magical force that's working for the Catholic Church trying to stop an invasion of like demons of vampires and then the second one this war between the vampires and demons is over and then the main Catholic Church is trying to encourage like peaceful coexistence but another element of it is becomes a niveau Bukh & has been sending the girls from the first game to go wipe out all the demons that you play as a vampire demon human hybrid type person is trying to stop these um more militant wing of the church from going ahead with your plan and then the third one is a completely different thing or your place is like dragon human girl that trying to go to a tournament and be the ruler of the end but it's fun light story telling him you're not missing anything if you turn it off I usually play with it off just because I want to get to more blowing things up bastard and they not have to go through the story I'd save maybe watch it once in the first playthrough then after that you can just go and full steam ahead and blow things up it's not great but it's not absolutely terrible either the story graphically the game is decent and you can really see like I said earlier there's a very obvious evolution in each new game in the series the first one looks extremely simple in comparison to the others it's very 16-bit look to it the bullets aren't very impressive and then when you get to the second one there's more detail and the bullets a little bit better in the patterns are more complex and then when you get to the third one things look even better still with the fancier enemies some bigger mid-level bosses and all the character portraits are getting progressively better with each new game of the series so it's definitely an evolution factor is kinda interesting to see basically the games generally consistently quite good the second and third games are definitely at the high point in terms of music with a very nice lush full intense high-speed music it really matches all the action was going on the screen I thought the first game was a little bit more simplistic it didn't really get my blood pumping as much further like what compared to what is going on in game but blessed to they actually works really well especially during boss fights it really adds a lot to the experience with all these bullets flying around and the boss shouting at you and then just having this really good intense music playing the whole time overall love and having a lot of fun with the game so far and it's definitely one worth looking into if you're into these sort of games it's really up to you if you want to get them all in the compilation version or individually I just want to getting them all at once and I'm quite happy with it it's very fun the fast action itself like I said it's also very accommodating to newbies so you don't feel like you're going to be completely alienated to going in over your head with this it's going to be really fun and intense just put it on easy mode if you're having some trouble and then work as you get more used to it and it's just so kind of interesting to start seeing more and more these sort of games coming out over here and I'm glad that new media has been doing this and getting some support from Capcom to help along with it if you have been having a hankering for a new shoot-'em-up especially a bullet hole one I would definitely recommend taking a look into the XE collection it's a lot of fun and what worth maybe taking it for a spin anyways the mr. Nash there's always thanks for your time and if you like what you see in these videos be sure to subscribe to our channel

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  1. The price is about 3 USD per game, but if you buy them together it's 10 USD. OK. So let's not get them in a bundle 🙂 Ah well, I just got them on Steam for 5 Euros for the bundle.

  2. I noticed that. Kinda tempted to double dip on it, and maybe get the other doujin games they have on sale from Capcom. =)

  3. This is close, but not quite accurate — stage 1 is the only stage you can't bomb on in order to get Remedy to appear in stage 4 (though you do have to perfect the fight itself). I believe the other points are right, though.

  4. This collection is also on Manga Gamer. Feel free to support small business, and VN translators, specifically.:)

  5. pretty good review and for the most part you play them correctly. some ppl don't look at the controls and don't use slow.. you forgot 2 things that i noticed. in the 3rd game the really big non boss enemies clear the screen of all bullets when they die. also there is a secret extra boss/stage.

    1CC'd (1Credit Clear) the game before (any difficulty).
    Play on Normal difficulty or higher.
    Have autobomb turned off.
    No bombing before beating stage 4 midboss (dying is allowed though).
    No continues.

  6. UPDATE: The games are now out on Steam! Click on any of the standalone game product pages to find the link to the full collection.

  7. Yeah, it's been planned for Steam for a while. Not sure what's been delaying it. Hopefully the game shows up there soon, as I'm sure it would do well.

  8. Yeah, it's quite a good compilation. The more I play the harder it is for me to decide whether I like the 2nd or 3rd better.

  9. A way to make your gameplay impressions better would be to decrease the volume of the game so I can hear your voice clearer! It is a little hard at times.

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