Famed Climber Brad Gobright Dies In Climbing Accident | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Rest In Peace ✌️ Brad Gobright. I know you are in Heaven looking down upon us and God, Jesus and Mary are taking good care of you.

  2. My cousin was shot by "mistake" while getting a take out pizza…the white cop said we fit the description… Black people face death each day just being Black… white guys face death climbing cliffs, mountains, and fee parachute diving… their luck.

  3. What a horrible accident, my condolences go to Brad's family. The comments are so incensetive, joking about someone's death. How would you like it, if those jokes were going to one of your family's deaths?

  4. One less adrenaline junkie in the world. He knew he was making a mistake when he was making it and it cost him. Always run your safety twice, because you die if you miss just one!

  5. Attention seekers!!! Must watch!!! Safety third and death first.
    Lol i don't want a rope people will notice me more..
    Who the f is this guy? Don't matter dead anyway.

  6. Zero sympathy for people like that.Ohhhhh he died doing what he loved …tell that to him now lol.You wanna do stuff like that well have at it and don't expect any remorse or sadness from anyone.

  7. That is why I enjoy watching Netflix and Disney +. I can only fall 2 feet from my couch. My life is to valuable to through it to the drain just to feel the “adrenaline”. Is better to be a dog alive than a dead lion. I learn that early on my life. Sorry for the family

  8. Can’t and won’t feel bad. That’s the cost of this extreme sport.
    Selfish, rather then think about his family he went for adrenaline. Great job

  9. Am I the only one who feels bad only for his family? I mean you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. Who wakes up and says, "I'm going to go risk my life just for fun cause I'm a white man and I need a thrill"? Black people go out driving with expired plates when they need a life risking thrill.

  10. I know someone will tell me. What is the point of climbing? At the end you've accomplished nothing. I have more respect for extreme sports Which takes talent and practice . Everest climbers are just plain stupid.

  11. This reminds me of the people who surf and get bitten by a shark next week there out there again with one arm I guess passion overrides life and death

  12. Poor guy…thought he had everything under smooth…control.thought he could con the mountain or thought the mountain was his friend

  13. Let's see….
    "Doing what he loves"
    His friend does not look like he's loving this experience.
    And I'm sure that he will not love it for as long as he lives.
    Just stop the excuse

  14. People wanna act like rock climbing, ski diving etc. are sports… Let's be real it's gambling with your life for the adrenaline high. This shouldn't be national news.

  15. Sorry, but that was a rookie mistake. Negligent. Take back all the "professional" labeling period. Professionals don't make that kind of "mistake".

  16. He died how he wanted. Live by the gun, die by the gun. Dont feel bad for him, his family maybe but he knew what he was doing and he was well aware of the risk.

  17. Free solo climbing is like race car driving without a 5 point safety harness or a carbon fiber reinforced roll cage.

    I'm sure you'd get an extra rush for putting your life on the line at every moment more so than the other race car drivers (already doing a dangerous endeavor). But is the feeling of a rush worth losing your life?

    It is just stupid and the free solo people will thankfully weed themselves out of the gene pool by dying decades before they should have otherwise.

  18. Rock climbers, mountain climbers, sky divers, hang glider pilots apparently have a hidden death wish. Why else would they put themselves in a place where a single mistake or misstep can be fatal?

  19. Of course he did. Climbing without ropes for a long time..is anyone surprised?
    I'm more impressed by awesome fathers, selfless caregivers, people who rescue abandoned animals, invent something green.

  20. A family spokesperson has refuted claims they planned to change his name posthumously to NotSoBright.
    "Brad died doing what he loved, like, literally, like, Y'all. He loved falling……..errr climbing"

  21. "What is fun to you, is death to me." Says the frog to the boy throwing stones in a pond. Free climbing sounds fun but, it can be deadly. So sorry for his family left behind to mourn. How selfish of him. 😐

  22. Karma.. LAUGHING.. stay off our sacred mountains… it is ONLY the BEGINNING…. X13X13X13X13 get theM DIVINE HEAVENLY MOTHER GAIA…….BE BLESSED!! ANOTHER BITES THE DUST….UR CURSED!!!

  23. Is it worth it? Now his Mother, Father and the rest of his family is suffering and will be traumatized by his risk-taking for the rest of their lives. Wake up! 🙏🏼

  24. Told a kid to be careful on the wet floor because gravity doesn't care how good or cute ur. It would've been good to interview him while he was falling.

  25. I climb this area every couple of years. It's called El Potrero Chico in the state of Nuevo Leon Mexico just outside the city of Hidalgo. The limestone walls go up to 2,200 feet. May you rest in peace my friend. You will be sorely missed.

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