Feed a Resident in a Chair CNA Skill NEW!

hello hi mr. Jones my name is Patti I'm your CNA today would you like a snack yes please okay I'm going to go wash my hands get my supplies and I'll be right back can I ask you to sit up straight for me please okay thank you okay mr. Jones let me get you a hand light so that you can wipe your hands you like to take that thank you very much did he dispose of this okay can I offer you a clothing protector yes please I'll just place this on your chest okay it looks like we have pudding how does that sound great very good can I offer you a drink before we get squeezed thank you you're welcome okay are you ready yes there you go do you have any plans for this afternoon no I do not they're showing a movie on the big screen in the activity room would you like me to get more information on that for you yes please okay how does the pudding taste delicious very good ready for another yes please can I offer you a drink would you like something to drink yes please ready for another bite yes please ready for another bite I'm actually are you sure you wouldn't like just one more bite I'm okay thank you can I get you something else from the kitchen no thank you okay let me know if you get hungry later and we'll get something to eat we do have food available on the unit thank you when you take the napkin there you go I'll remove this clothing protector from you and we're going to put this in dirty linen I'm going to go take care of your tray I'll be right back okay thank you okay I'm going to place the tray back on your table is there anything else I can get for you a magazine perhaps no thank you your call light is within reach please let me know if you should need anything I'm going to go wash my hands and documents okay thank you after washing my hands I'm going to document the amount of food that this patient ate using my documentation form I'll review the steps of my skill make any Corrections and tell the evaluator my skill is done you

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  1. Do not use your own mind! Do not use common sense! Do not even feed nutritious foods! Let's feed sugary, chemical-laden processed foods to patients who need to be healing! I'm so retarded, let's just do this because it's what we're used to! We are resistant to change! And we can't make patients eat anything actually healthy, like fruits and vegetables!

  2. Patty are you being graded on documentation on this one ? Because I know on pulse and respiration it’s needed.

  3. 4your cna please respond ASAP I was going over the nurse aide check list and in the description box it said that the resident will be sitting in the chair inappropriate for feeding assist resident sitting up right how will I do this ? I test in two weeks Thanks in advanced

  4. At the beginning of the video, the care plan says that the resident is an inappropriate position for eating? But nothing else is referenced regarding this? Can someone help me out?

  5. Just curious why you choose reusable towels for clothing protectors, but use (and toss) all of those Chux pad barriers when emptying the Foley? Couldn't you use a towel instead and wash it rather than wasting the disposable pads??

  6. Perfect! Just how I learned it it’s so hard to find review of skills on YouTube when you notice a lot of things people do wrong this the only channel I can count on lol

  7. Don’t you need gloves whenever there’s potential contact with bodily fluids? I feel like we used them in lab.

  8. Thank you so much for your videos, they are very helpful. I just passed my written test and the clinical today. Thanks again

  9. These videos are so helpful, my one recommendation would be to review common mistakes at the end of the video 🙂

  10. I want to thank you for your videos, because of you guys. These videos help me passed my CNA skill test today in Florida! Thank you!!!!

  11. I want to thank you for your videos, because of you guys. These videos help me passed my CNA skill test today in Florida! Thank you!!!!

  12. As soon as Im done feeding the pt for test will I throw away the food or snack fed and document or the evaluator would see first how much it was fed then I discard of the food?

  13. If the patient is able to wash his own hands, then why can't he feed himself? Is this just to record the amount of intake?

  14. why she didn't close the curtain for privacy ? and I think she needs to wipe the resident's hands after eating the meal ?? right

  15. totally forgot to see if the patient can or can not sit up by the self and did not wipe the mouth before giving food between drinks and giving food

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