FIFA 14 Free Kick Skill Game: Legendary Score!

check out buy cheap fifa coins dot-com for the cheapest and fastest service on the net what's happening beautiful people my name is dirty mike and welcome to the SA sports free-kick skill game challenge and this is open for ps3 users as well as xbox 360 no discrimination and the way this works is if you're able to get that legendary score that legendary mark 50,000 points in 2 minutes and 45 seconds then you get a free 50,000 coins easy money and this goes to the first three people that are able to complete the drill and in order to be eligible all you got to do complete it whether you're on the Xbox 360 or the ps3 as I stated and then tweet at myself or shoot me a message on facebook at at mic so 9 USA and that just allows me to confirm that everything's legit I will add you as a friend to make sure the score matches up and everything's good to go and you get these free coins and if you already completed the drill even better this is the easiest 50,000 coins you've ever made and if you're having trouble with the drill because it is one of the most difficult on the Xbox currently there's only 10 people that have actually reached legendary status there's a full tutorial on my channel and that's an easy way for you to get some tips see how I completed it as you can see this is my run in the background where I do reach that legendary score so I hope you guys enjoy the video leave you with some music you can watch the rest of this have a good time and get involved with some skill games on FIFA 14 peace

44 Replies to “FIFA 14 Free Kick Skill Game: Legendary Score!”

  1. it's actually not that hard, but you have to hit the close tubes before hitting the deep tubes.. you get a multiplier 🙂

  2. actually someone that watched this video already claimed 50,000 free FUT coins.. dude nailed it on the ps3

    Still got 2 more 50,000 FUT coin packages to give out

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