First WORLD RECORD Pass attempt!! 8,500rpm, NO traction!

what is going on I don't know why I'm being so loud but I am freaking excited and that is because we are doing another completely random adventure we are going to clean up some cars we were supposed to leave tomorrow morning at like 5:00 a.m. 4 a.m. something like that that way we can make the 12-hour Drive + stop so it normally ends up to be about 14 hours with eating and everything but we decided that we're just going to go ahead and leave and it is currently yeah it is 10:40 the night before so instead of leaving at the time that we're supposed to leave we're just gonna go ahead and leave now I don't know why it was a good idea but Austin came over and we started laughing and joking around with hey I'll leave and then we were like alright well then let's leave so now we're leaving so anyways we are about to hop in the Volvo real quick load up all of our bags and head over to the shop that way we can get everything loaded up in the Duramax I've just got to load up the rest of our bags and then we can hit the road oh look Mill oh hey Mel oh dang it just it just like it just Lightning over there is it lightning how do you say that is it lightning outside or is it lightning outside like it's rain and raining there's a lightning and lightning or it's just lightning alright it's a it's lightning outside I woke up at like 7:00 something this morning so I don't think I got nearly enough sleep to drive for probably 16 hours through the night but we're gonna we're gonna friggin sand it Brett come on Caleb mam load up your bags ready to go even though we're six hours yeah we're long hooked more than we're seven hours ahead of schedule come on Mel oh we're running late you're gonna meet us over there alright okay guys we have made it up here to the shop Alison's looking cute we got posed our bike in the back and the whole ass trailer we've got Caleb gonna ride with us and Jess we're just waiting on them to get here they were finishing packing their stuff I'm so pumped I think the reason that I'm most nervous about this weekend is because this is going this is gonna be like my first real attempt at this world record pass for the fastest manual s550 Mustang and it's gonna be close to the fastest stick-shift coyote as well so it's just I don't know got me nervous as you guys see we already have the Mustang and everything loaded up in the trailer we've got tons and tons of merch for you guys and we're pretty much good to go I cannot believe that PO is gonna run his dirt bike down the drag strip that's gonna be so funny holy crap it is such a mess in here I am so sorry that you guys have to see this meep oh no we did that check that out though we did get the roll bar installed today thanks to Poe oh and Harry got this thing installed but Poe welded everything in place which is awesome because this is actually he's really really sturdy now that we got it welded into the frame and everything in the car [Applause] everybody else to get here then we're gonna go ahead and get on the roads so I will see you guys I don't know when we're gonna I guess I'll keep you guys updated along the trip I don't exactly know I have no idea how tonight's gonna go we usually don't do stuff like this but Oh Who am I kidding yeah we do we do stuff like this all we ain't no we ain't stopping we're trucking through I will see you guys along the trip it is 5:18 a.m. we're in Mobile Alabama you know what that means that means that there is a tunnel coming up shortly I am so dead right now what do we want sleep when do we want it right now let's go first mr. honk if you love tunnels don't hit that pole we're out quiet it's a suit now oh my god places where the whiskey runs and the beer chases like what's going on guys I'm mellow this is Austin that's Josh Gavin doesn't feel good so we're taking over Gavin's be right away we can't find them we're in the middle of vfe Florida Gavin is literally yeah listen baby this is crazy but you take my breath away I know that we got these fields I'm hoping that you feel the same I know that we got these vibes I'm hoping you reciprocate the way I feel yet is to really everything about you today all these feelings I know I just gotta let it go keeping it low keeping the Oh little oh you say they just take it slow you listening time you need to really know why I'm just trying to make you mine it'll be fine I promise it'll be right I just let my mind if the motor starts knocking today you still have one more pass past that point yes you still have one pass not if it has even the slightest bit of oil pressure and it's knocking it's still got one more pass yes if it blows up then it blows up yeah yes yes si Senor yeah like that protecting the car right now yeah they allow we're getting our tech cart started in to make my first pass I'm not even touching anything we're gonna run it like it is see what happens no hydro first pass no one use it – why you definitely don't get that computer definitely still sitting I'm just gonna send it more if it doesn't run what I wanted to run B&B is here by the way so VMP is gonna give it a little bit of juice just again if you can't drive it if you don't get it they're just gonna let you rev higher yeah we're gonna take the rev limiter off hopefully we don't race you need to just raise it to like 9000 don't just take it off yeah everywhere and now we've got the shocks set at 12 and 14 but you look like you'd be in Reno 911 he said he lost the throttle cable yeah we can't go watch the race too many people so we're trying to draw him up oh yeah we'll just use the door cheating he came back all the spicy meatball he said he's go quick spicy meatball what is it it's white so should I run it on this tune first or should I just go ahead you know party this is the Clara how many times do you want to party a party no party for at least the first 60 feet like two and a half degrees but I put a lot more in on the hit that's you should I mean that's gonna okay alright this might be only hit so good luck custom tune there I'm really impressed the ATTC live I mean they don't be after today but I can JK but seriously at least like a chance to altogether yeah I'm not stupid the first pass got a it's got to go gotta get in every year it's gonna go fast it's gonna go I said don't even use the hydrometer sighs twice in this car once blew the engine so think of it as like a candle now you only have so long for the better we're out of camp we are pulling the whale's tooth remember if it picks up I do not hit the brake or let off exhibit hold it yes you have to hold it you what do I do whenever I have their shifting shifting the air let's go think of this if that car goes down and you snap at IRA that's your car if I don't see the signs anymore [Applause] 500 ohm which means don't miss a gear yeah if I'm insecure this cars that's it's all me whenever you put your helmet on do you ever listen to music through the Sena no really that's part of why I blew my car up is because I was listening to music while driving so I could hear all the noise here we go it is just me in the car now we've got a new tune on here very very spicy tuna actually we've got the suspension dialed in we've got our safety plug disconnected now that we got a roll cage in here I was very sketched out about doing that because like I said I didn't have a cage so I didn't want to do anything crazy holy crap literally everybody is watching render time all right guys here we go oh boy hey they bumped up the rev limiter a lot oh yeah it's still running we're good yeah thank – we're running it's still running sorry I'm a just idle through it the most soft launch goddang sign I don't know what just happened the first time it splines so bad so I thought that I was gonna slip it I just launched really soft and I tried to launch really soft and it just bogs so hard I mean I made it to them attract running [Applause] that is embarrassing I'm not gonna lie to you I know the track and was probably mad at me for that because I went back and rolled through and try to run again because I thought that I was gonna be able to fix it just didn't happen I think that shocks must be set a little bit too tight or something because it just blew the tires off like there was it even tires there I'm sorry I didn't get to see you pulling up I thought you're gonna come around the other way just it's all right what why it's oh come on give me some give me give me some all right just stop all pressure yeah so it's still running there's no issues no okay so that means we can make another pass into trust there hey if you thought you didn't ask yourself oh yeah the fuse freakin fell out of the fuse holders and they tried to let you start it wouldn't start my clutch was hanging the headache started four times and handled everything started and I freakin Road wheelie down the track arena thirty seconds before I had 37 Justin said that we're chillin in the trailer it's like it's like 97° icarly trapped 144 that time and that was with the spicier tune I generally trap around 148 I don't know what happened I think it's just honestly way too hot so I guess I'll give you guys an update on what happened they're out there tearing it up we're in here chillin for a second it's it's really high I'm coming I'm coming okay Paul can you hold yeah I'm gonna come what oh he is still going I don't even think he's checking oh my god look at him he doesn't give a flying he doesn't give a walking flying if they do a crawling no that much smash the wall and what a rivers on lock the motor broke the whole good how are you going to do that to a v8 swap Miata alright this time I'm gonna do a little bit different and I'm not gonna care about anybody that was the hardest thing and sitting there looking at everybody looking at me [Applause] [Applause] alright 10 – scoot yeah there we go I wasn't terrible alright um we've got a little loss of oil pressure it looks like no it's climbing back that was weird past that one was very weird I don't know what this happened I spun all the way through first but I held into it I don't know why I just felt like I didn't want to let that one go I stayed in it banging ii spun a little bit and then it caught it and then third gear was great all the shifts were great like I said VMP bumped up the rev limiter all the way to 8,500 and it's holding oil pressure nothing's happened this is also two and a half more degrees of timing I don't know what that pass was but it might have been might have been good oh my god dude 10 – at 143 that was no bueno I wonder what's going on 10 – at 143 it should be trapping a lot higher than that – it's trapping 10 miles per hour lower than what I honestly expected it – we trap 148 like I said on the old setup so that's odd to be trapping so slow on this new setup with the pulley like it is and everything in the fuel system the 10 – I can understand because I like I said I spun really bad again I don't know why it's spinning so bad today on this track we just did a pretty healthy burnout – Justin the owner of VMP was out there he's guided me he was getting me to do a big solid burnout I walk through it and everything slid out of it did good but it's just it's I don't know not trapping good at all and definitely definitely definitely not into 60 footing very good that's no good man I guess since VMP is here I'm gonna go bring the the log that I just made and I'm gonna get them to look out and see what's going on I know I'm definitely having severe severe attraction issues but at least at least we're back running I don't know if low tens Oh check engine lights on I just realized oh that's not good stop dropping right out of the tech into life walking over to BMP with the date along and see what's going I mean I was gonna put them in there but I figured out you gotta press them out of the Pistons now it's bad for time and I'll just like screw it thinking the ride holds rough right and I was just waiting for that to you the next big internet bad you know right now it's oil pump years I've did not seem to get that thing holding on for dear life did you reuse the pistons with the bill I know they're all new oh they're so fun I just new bearings good oil you're not on a mobile one anymore yeah everybody chastise because I broke that motor in with Angelo instead of like cheap conventional oil this is how Rebecca you want to tell them how you break in a motor it's 8,500 for a solid second the data log shows I was at 8500 rpm for a solid second that on the first year first year I didn't have any Joey inhibit traction I tried I tried once I saw that I didn't have traction okay it'll hook in a second I held it and then it didn't hook I was like okay second that's you at 8500 rpm for about a second oh lord have mercy that's a nice line I like it when they go like that I don't like it and then the other thing is the weather the DA here oh yeah 1,500 2,000 feet I don't know what the DA was when you ran before probably like 150 feet down sue takes into pressure humidity really the big thing of pressure and temperature and then an actual elevation but but it's folded down to the area to another and get like- a thousand feet and you make much yeah seems like your biggest issue right now I regret yeah like the whole of first year is just gone jacking gear about halfway through it is gone nerd no I appreciate you at least looking through it I just wanted to see if there was any problem see her top EMP was VP was talking about the DEA stuff whenever they're like it really has lots to do in da or whatever which I know it does they tell me that there's a history you can look up the history of TAS so I went looked up the DEA history from the date that I ran that past guess what the DEA was that a negative negative 1557 so look guess what the DNA is here today mm the DA here today is 2518 what am I supposed to do with that that's why the old set up it was traffic for miles per hour faster than it was waiting figures were late this dude lined up um talked enough I gave them a little about that about the kisses the freaking light poles the tree completely all the way in the center like outside is literally more sticky than in the way because in the lane is literally just rocks so are you gonna do one more pass or you're done alone what I'm worried about is it's actually still together I don't want to go out there and blow it up for literally no reason because if I go out there the fastest that I can run is like a nine eight the reason why I don't run it our home track that often Oh guys it's a slow down the shutdown part which is like basically happened to signs you finish at the signs and you start slowing down our it says honestly how long would you say that it's fine like a straight away an eighth mommy and if you track like I'm traveling around which I'm soon to be driving around 150 travel around 150 and having to slow down in an eight-mile to nothing is like really important to doing pretty bad yeah I'm just upset with this like I said everybody's here like being PNM right I just one of the Bob here and hopefully get closer I reckon with everybody here that way I think like return the favor on this pond all right I guess we gonna go watch some demo cars it says hail strike you ain't lyin sign look at that hood stag boy look at that they kicked out the whole windshield Oh [Laughter] what white in the boy look at this he literally has he's got like snowboarding goggles on no way no way oh we already blue is tired we we burned our tumor to the ground oh my what that is really oh he's got the harnesses the carbon helmet the neck brace to the fire oh my god oh my god sign [Applause] that looks wrong well all down I guess that's it is that it Harry welp oh how did that go for you well my bike is on a 3,000 people then I ran a 14-2 on the bike with it spinning and every year it was spending so bad I wouldn't hit the rev limiter now it sounds like a machine gun going off down there but anyways though I guess we're going back to the trailer and I guess it was a fun of it kind of we didn't do what we came for but at least we had a good time so all right we're gonna oh everything's good re sweet yeah let's check the straps yep perfect alright sweet great please their bike dirt bike for sale $1,500 or best offer it's actually a supermoto let's check the straps thank you give it to me you're mistaken

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  1. Who’s near North Carolina?
    May 25th & 26th I’ll be at the same track that I blew my engine at last year, Galot Motorsports, for the “Anything Goes” event!
    You really won’t want to miss it. LOTS of crazy stuff going to happen out there..

  2. havent watched your videos in a while, came back, videos still boring and you blame everything but yourself for your crappy driving lol

  3. Please tell me why some of ur friends in low places dont know the lyrics to friends in low places smh the just lost their cowboy up card

  4. its ok to admit that you need practice launching bro nothing wrong with that. If you take some time to learn a proper launch that stang will run 10s easily, you got this!

  5. WHy are you saying the engine is junk so many times.. just dconcentrate on driving and shifting. Your asking for support from all your freinds and tuner, and then still complaining. The car didnt spin either, so idk why you stopped driving on that first attempt. Deep breath, and do what you do on every back road every friday night

  6. Your truck will probably get keyed by one of your neighbors who you woke up screaming like a dick at nearly 11 pm…..

  7. "I don't know what just happened, I don't know what just happened"… Just own the driving mistakes and move forward with what you learned.

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