Forged in Fire: Blackbeard’s Cutlass Home Forge Challenge (Season 6) | Exclusive | History

– Hi, I’m Seth Marshall.
This is my shop. This is where I make knives. Not a whole lot to it. Uh, come with me, and I’ll
show you around a little bit. This is the most important
part right here. This is my forge,
I hand-built this, and yes,
the rust is an insulator. I got a home-built press here. It does the trick. Somewhere around 600 bucks
invested into it, so it can be done. It can be done. – I’m Jason Crum. I’m back in Kingsley, Michigan. Let me show you around my shop
real quick. These are all the tongs
that I generally use. I’ve made ’em all myself. They’re never gonna be pretty, but they work. This is my 1901 Trenton anvil. After years of searching, I found it 15 miles away. [chuckles] Me and this anvil,
we’ve got a history. We love each other. – I have a pile of tools. There’s tools everywhere,
piles. I got some grinders.
This is a little 2×72. I don’t use it very much
anymore. If y’all are wondering
why this is pink, I just so happened
to make this for my wife. It’s really sharp.
She loves the pink handle. The night that
I had finished this, we were sitting on the couch, and I had my wife
handling it, just to make sure
it fit her right, and she’ll tell the story
very differently, but I reached over, and she stabbed me
right in the hand with it. Like I said,
she’ll tell it differently, but she stabbed me
with a knife that I just made her. – And this forge, I just built specifically
for “Forged in Fire,” just in case I made it this far and I had to do a long blade. And so I did this one
out of an old propane tank. She is definitely a beast and will heat some steel. Nothing special
about my welder. I’m sort of self-taught,
so you’ll never hear me say the words,
“Trust me, I welded it myself.” This is the grinder
that I built. Much like my blades,
I made it up as I went along, so the fact that it actually
came out and cracks well and grinds well…
it surprises me. This is my little, tiny
drill press. There’s not a lot of power
behind it, but it manages to get through everything
I’ve ever asked it to do. Another garage-sale find.
$15. See? You can do this
without any money. So that’s my shop. Thanks for checking it out.

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