Fortnite – Season X Overview Trailer

Season X is here and the world is destabilizing — FAST! But, don’t worry- That means there are tons of new ways to play Fortnite. From the B.R.U.T.E., a new two player vehicle
that packs some serious firepower… To mysterious ‘Rift Zones’ that alter your favorite POIs
in unexpected ways. Huh, thats weird… Season X delivers new experiences for all players to enjoy. There are new places to explore… new secrets to uncover… …and the world you play today may not be the world you play tomorrow. In addition to all new gameplay found in Season X… there’s also a brand new Battle Pass… that’ll introduce new dimensions to some of your
favorite Fortnite characters… in ways you’ve never seen before. And, at tier 100 you’ll unlock Ultima Knight! Plus, don’t forget — there are new emotes… …gliders, wraps, and more to earn
as you advance through the pass. The Battle Pass is available right now for just 950 V-Bucks. We’ll see you in game. Fortnite Season X Battle Pass.

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  1. I really want to play this game on my phone but its said it's not supported to my device and I have seen every you tube video on how to get Fortnite on my device and they dont work and I started to get really angry because this game is really cool and I want to play this game but I wish Epic Games would just put Fortnite in the Play store but I keep on doing the same thing and watching all those videos just so I can get nothing and no I do not have a play station or Xbox or PC just a phone but seems like that wish will never come true

  2. Can we please go back to the old, funner battle pass trailers with upbeat music and no voice over, like season 3-6(?). They were so much better than these voice over trailers where we just get told everything rather than shown.

  3. Plz dont do the fortnite 2 plz plz plz epic noo plz and plz can return the double pump for LAST TIME plz 😪😪😪😪Nostalgia😪

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