Gateway Of India | Taj Mahal of Mumbai | Vlog # 32 |

(Seagulls Bird) Hello Guys Welcome back to My Channel So today I have came to a very special place in Mumbai Which is also called the landmark of Mumbai Yes this is that place If you ever thought of Mumbai So the first pictures which appears in your thought is this place That is in your mind So I have come to… The Gateway of India Yes Every Mumbaikar Who lives in Mumbai Have a visit to this place once or twice in a month I do come here very often But never made a video but lots of YouTuber has made a video So I guess it’s perfect time for me also to make a video on The Gateway of India And took all you guys for a ride of this place So Lets see the gateway of India Opposite exactly to the gateway of India is Taj Mahal Tower And very next to it Taj Mahal Palace Gateway of India is a tourist place But also famous for one more thing New couple who are about to get married or already married Also comes here to Pre or Post Wedding shots Photoshoots You can see behind me there are lot of Pigeons Here Pigeon are feeds Means People do feed these Pigeons here So this is also a great view to see here in the gateway of India If you ever come to the gateway of India You can go to the Elephanta Island through ferry But there is also a ferry ride available for the Alibaug as well Right now I dunno the timing and fare for the same But whenever I travel to the Alibaug So I make sure I made a detailed video about Alibaug and take you guys along with me So this was the front view of Gateway of India Now I’ll show you the back view of Gateway of India from where the Ocean is visible Actually, The Arabian Sea is Visible So this is the back portion of Gateway of India Since its a gate Gateway of India So its same from the back and same from the front as well Let me show you something else Before that let me show you one thing If you want to travel from Gateway of India to The Elephanta Caves You will get a ferry from here 200Rs return ticket per person So you will get the tickets from these gentlemens And Ferry is also parked right here This ferry is boarding passengers for the Elephanta Caves (Ferry Departed for the Elephanta Island) There are lots of such ferries for The Elephanta Island throughout the day So the frequency of ferries are quite high But if you are planning to visit The Elephanta Island Please note one thing Elephanta Island is Closed on Mondays So except Monday Plan your Elephanta Island journey on any weekdays If you want to know how The Elephanta Island looks like How to reach there what things are there So I have made a detailed video About Elephanta Caves I give the link in the I-button Please watch that video as well But first watch this video completely And someone here is trying to catch the Taj Mahal Palace upper Tip Whenever I see such a thing I felt like asking Have you got the Tip have you got it in your photo This is the Closest I got near to a bird ever He seem friendly Now what you have seen Someone back there is trying to touch the Tip (Taj Mahal Palace tip in the photo) If you want that type of Photo So there are lots of professional photographers here Which I believe will charge Rs 20 to 30 will take a better photo and you will get it in 10 minutes So if you want to make that as a good memory So I recommend you to click such photos from a professional photographer I just found a pigeon’s fur Which is like heart shape well it looks like a bit heart shaped I’ll keep it as souvenir Okay guys so this was my today’s vlog About Gateway of India I hope You have Liked It If you liked It So LIKE and SHARE this Video and SUBSCRIBE to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL I will meet you in some similar vlog Till then This is your Lovely Friend SUYEB SHAIKH Signing off Bye Bye

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  1. It has been always a lovely experience visiting the Taj Mahal of Mumbai that is The Gateway of India, Mumbai, have you visit this place or want to visit The Gateway of India?
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  2. bro please show the background scenes more rather than showing your face most of the time in your vlog.

  3. Oh My God😱what a superb hyperlapse portion in between I watched so many videos on gateway of india but this made your video extraordinary great work🤩

  4. One thing so Obvious Without Gate Of India there is no Mumbai true Identity, excellent video bro all your video is superb and so interesting that every time I watch one video of yours and before I realize I already watch 4-5 videos already hehe

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