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FROM NAGARJUNA SAGAR Oh dear! I am lying in the lap
of tides, expecting you! I am immersed in the river of minds! I am drenched in the rain of perspirations. The flesh in heart is blazing! The yearning is a flame
and has kindled passion! Memories about you showered like a mist. All coming days will not be ours. Memories alone would be my gift. You are my breath, acknowledge it! Come to me like a pleasant drop! The universe is like a hell without you! Sympathise with me
No evidence about you! Every moment my mind looks for you! Why are you silent?
Don’t keep a distance. You are running away
from me! Is it fair dear? There are wounds of passion with in. Future days would be torrid. Is this love or revolution?
Do you know what it is? You are far away like a distant lamp
My burdened life has been cursed! Sweet heart! My dear!
Come on, at least today! Be a dream in my eye!
Be in my hug at least for a minute! I want to take rest!
Will you come dear? I liked Policeman’s job. But, a life was exposed
to danger because of me. I must get up… no…
I’m not able to. There are 2 bullets in my body. I think it would’ve
ruptured my intentions. They have wounded them.
It is terribly painful. I mustn’t die. He would’ve kidnapped Maya. I must definitely save her. Get up! I must get up.
Get up. My name is Ram Chandra. Ram Chandra I.P.S. My life is dedicated to the three letters
following my name. My penance! My 24 year penance! I was selected in I.P.S.
At that age. My life was meandering
into a rut till then. Then, It changed drastically. At 27, I joined as ASP in
Kakinada, Vigilance Department. After that a lot of transfers
in different cities. I loved my profession!
And I received the prestige for that job. Then one day…
Hyderabad city, Crime branch, June 24th. The beginning day for all. To stop the crimes in the city… …we launched the
Criminal Intelligence Unit. As an officer on special duty,
I took charge of the CIU. I formed a team. Rajesh, worked with me in Kakinada. Srikanth, My batch mate in Academy.
He is a good friend too. Jagan. Last year Academy’s topper.
My junior in Vijayawada. We four, were together on training
in the commando batch. We feared nothing. They called us “Calves”
in the department. We searched every nook and corner
of Hyderabad and gathered information… …about the rowdies and criminals
who were not on record. This dossier contains Andhra’s
five important gangsters’ information. Individual information
about each of them. Dass. Until now,
no Police record has his photo. This is an exclusive video
shot by an informer. Das. He is responsible for 3 murders
and 2 kidnaps in the last two months. He is the dangerous fellow of them all. All the rowdies in the city
would flee if we kill him. Mental Krishna. A rapist! He only molested a girl who
was returning from her school. Oblesh! He is the supplier of bombs
and rowdies to gangsters in the state… ‘Guktka’ Sambha. He hails from
Madurai district in Tamil Nadu… …and selling drugs
in the name of ‘Gutkha’. He kidnaps kids and
uses as drug peddlers. Another one is Shankar.
Encroaching is his main activity. He belongs to Madapuram area. He is Seshav Reddy.
A sadist! He harasses girls and if they
don’t budge, he kills them mercilessly. That file has got their movements,
criminal activities and… …information about them
required for this case. Even during our meeting now,
our team is watching them. We’re awaiting your instructions. That Das is important to us. You can take a call
on the spot about others. But Das should die. You should boost your
self confidence for this operation. The bullet that you are going to use
would change your life entirely. After you kill that gangster,
their accomplices… …would become foes to you. They would definitely trail you. And most of the time
your life wouldn’t be their target… …but your courage
and your beloved ones. We are ready for the hunt, sir! I’m nearing Darga.
Bring the money. If you inform the Police, I’ll kill you! There may be at least 5 people inside. Why’ve come here like supermen?
We could’ve brought 4 more men. Try to adjust man!
– Ok. Sambha brother, Police… Come fast. Police dog!
What’s your name? They’ve told about you.
You won’t go out alive from here. Son of a widow!
Come on! You scoundrel… You rascal… Come on Seshu Reddy! You said that you
would flee if you’re taken to the court. Now we’ll see
who’ll run away. Your wife came yesterday.
She cried about you. She told, it would be
dangerous if you come out. Your daughter would be
happy if you die. This is for them.
Go, go! How dare you harass
your own daughter? A vehicle is coming.
I think that’s the one. Ram, that is the right vehicle. Will it will stop there
exactly as he said? – Certainly. This time we should give a
colour TV to your informer. He has given correct information. It’s ok. Come let’s go. I am not coming. Rajesh is waiting for us.
He cannot handle it alone. Rajesh! Don’t stay there.
Take an auto and go. We are not going to arrest him today. What’s your intention?
Why shouldn’t we arrest him? Why should we? This Mental Krishna is a
serial killer… Rapist! He will come out is we arrest him. Police has no cases filed against him. He has a Political background
There is no evidence and witness. We can arrest him now, but Devi, the
13 year old girl, who was molested by him… She can’t come from the
hospital bed to depose him. She is hapless. I saw her a week before…
She is lying like a corpse. No use arresting him now. What shall we do now? Let’s kill him. Is he dead? Escape from here. He is dead sir! If he’s arrested,
Government has to spend money. We must use a vehicle,
and fill it up with diesel… 4 of our department people
in uniform must secure them… Court case… Judge…
These are all unnecessary expenses. Now, just a bullet! At my cost! Just Rs.50! Devi would feel happy to hear this. We’ve done with him,
haven’t we? Have you understood
what you have done? Human rights & life aren’t
respected in this country. It is not your problem alone
to save the human rights. Our department is to save only that. Not only the rights, it is our
duty to save people’s life. The guys whom you’re sympathizing,
only are the spoiling human rights. That’s why I stopped their interference
and saved the human rights. In our Constitution, people’s rights are
more important than the rogue’s rights. And above all, we don’t have
any personal enmity between us. Moreover we are taking risk
in each operation. We’ve got information that Oblesh’s
accomplices are planning to kill us. Is this the gratitude we
get for doing our duty? To tell frankly, as far as I am
concerned, they are not human. They are animals. Despite hearing all this,
if you want to punish us… …punish us with SPCA Act.
We’ll accept it. All four of us were transferred
to different departments. I was transferred from the
Crime Branch to Control room. I was sorry only for one thing.
I couldn’t get Dass. I had a hunch that he
would come after me. Control Room!
An easy job. But, PoliceDepartment is like that. No job is permanent. In which ever branch you are, do your
duty sincerely, is my motto. 3 months in crime branch, is hell. It’s like a sitting on land mines. Enough of this fear of
dying every moment. We can live happily
for another few days. Now look at my hubby! He’ll be with me instead of the evenings. How many times should I repeat it?
I am a late police incharge. Whatever it may be. Haven’t you fulfilled
the task given to you? No, not yet over. I am hungry, shall we
eat somewhere? I want to eat a wedding feast. Ram, why don’t you get married? What dear? Are you asking me to
marry for having a wedding feast? Anyway why are you asking me?
Ask Srikanth. He is roaming with a girl! Ask him
whether he’s planning to marry her? I am like Lord Sri Ramachandra. You know about me dear! Anyway ask Jagan.
He is sending SMS to a girl. He’ll forget everything if
he gets a reply from her. Is it true? – Yes.
I spoke to her. But, it’ll take sometime for marriage.
She asked me to develop my complexion. All girls cannot be like Sandhya. Next encounter is yours.
I’ll arrange a real wedding feast. Anyway there are thinking to marry. Why are you escaping from the marriage? I’m a Ioner! I don’t have any relatives. But I am happy. There are many officers
with wives & children. Unlike them,
I have the independence. I’ve courage to
face anyone… anywhere. Then, one day, Maya stepped
into my life like a dream. Maya… my beautiful Maya. Her gait is like tidal waves. She is a beautiful riddle. She is a miracle. It is a cold night. It is a colour of love. It is a colour.
A colour of merry. It is a colour.
A colour of merry. Which sculptors dream are you?
Which heart’s desire are you? Are you a vowel in the alphabets?
Are you the jasmine in the plaits? Are you the rainbow in the rain clouds?
Are you a spring flower? Is this fragrance yours?
Is my ecstasy true? You are lighter
than the ‘Bondu’ Jasmine! Even if I close my eyes,
I see you! While singing about you,
I become spellbound! Are you the new wonder of wonders? You characterize beauty! Your words are sweet.
You movements are pretty. Sky bows down because it loves you! Clouds love you and bestow a sari for you! Oh humming bird! Don’t run like that! I feel happy to see you smiling! It’s like a musical rendition! I had met girls in my life,
but nobody disturbed me like her. Hey! Take a U-turn.
– Sir. – Take a U-turn fast. Leave me! Wait! What are you doing here? Wastrels! Are you all students?
Which college? Hey! Come here. Your tooth is broken!
Go home like this. What about you? Don’t look like that. How dare you tease the girls? What about you?
How old are you? If I give a blow… Come let’s go!
– Get lost. Go. Come on. I saw her for the first time that day. I can never forget the anger and
fear written large in her eyes. Again her… Many years after leaving college,
I gave a second look to a girl… I don’t believe in fate. But, again and again…
…she’s coming. Are you coming? Your anklet.
I found it in the lift. That is not mine. You also know that. That’s mine.
It fell in the lift. Is it yours? Tell that I’ve reached the spot.
Clear them all! No one must stand there. Who are they? Is this done by
Gopal and his accomplices? Is this Gopal a rowdy?
Do you know him? – No sir. You won’t say even if you knew. Give me a pack of King’s cigarettes. No need sir!
– Are we friends? Give me quickly.
– Ok madam. Are you residing here?
Where’s your house? Give me a coconut. I’m asking you only. I asked where’s your house. Do I know you?
I don’t need to answer you. Give it quickly. She doesn’t like me.
I liked that. Take Rs.100. I’ll take the
change later. – Okay, madam. I’m no expert about girls.
But, I felt a girl must be like her. Where is your license?
– I have the license but at home. You should not use this road.
Why have you come? I thought it is a short-cut. Give me ten minutes and
I’ll be back with my license. Nobody can wait for you
We have lots of work. Constable, ask him
to pay the fine. I don’t have money now!
Don’t insult me in front of the girl. I am working in a software company.
If you’ve doubts, look at my ID. Take it sir!
– I don’t bother where you work. First show me the license. I saw her again 2 weeks later. What’s the problem? He doesn’t have a license
and papers for the vehicle. If asked, he tells
cock and bull stories. What is your name?
– My name is Raja. I know about you sir. We both together solved a
land problem, do you remember? What’s your name? Where’s your house?
No.3, Krishna Nagar, Jubilee Hills. You refused to tell me earlier. Where are you coming from. We’re
coming after watching a movie. Do you’ve tickets? That tickets… There was an offer for a juice
against the ticket’s counterfoil. We replaced it for a juice. Are you brother and sister?
– No sir, we are friends. Friends means?
– That means just friends. Why are you using this road? Why did you cross them? You were using it as it is a shortcut. Give him the keys. I’ve taken commissioner’s signature.
Don’t wait for him. He’s little busy with Chief guests. You
go and present this file in the Court. I’ll talk to you in the evening. After that I met her
a month later. My name is Maya.
– I know. I remember. I want to say sorry to you.
I had been a little harsh. I didn’t know then that
you were a Police Officer. I understood it from your dirty look. Did you think I was chasing you under
the pretext of returning the chain? So, you’ve realized that a Police Officer
will not behave cheaply. Isn’t it? There’s a special respect
for Police, isn’t there? Good! Go ahead… ask. What?
– You wanted to apologise. It’s good not to talk to strangers
but, never underestimate others. What’re you doing here? Teacher in Vignan Vidyalaya… What are the subjects you teach? Maths for 12th standard is very difficult. What’s your qualification?
– Msc. Maths… IIT Madras. IIT students can get good jobs in America. How come you’re a teacher here?
– I like teaching profession. Sir, I’m Maya speaking.
Do you remember me? Vignan Vidyalaya. I do remember you…
Tell me. I’m calling from the school,
we’ve a problem here. Sorry for calling you here.
– No problem, tell me. She’s my student Roshini. Her house is in Miyapur.
Her neighbourhood isn’t good. A boy there is teasing her everyday. And he is forcing her
to roam with him. Yesterday he had hit her
along with four guys. She is scared and didn’t
inform her parents also. They are waiting for her
after her school hours. What do you want us to do? Can a Police action solve this?
She shouldn’t face any problem. Which area? Are they here, Roshini? They’re sitting on the wall. That guy who is wearing
an Orange T-shirt. Go there! Don’t be scared. I’m here. Go back casually.
Don’t let them know I’m here. That girl. Hey, girl!
Come here. Why are you not stopping? If you don’t, I’ll barge in your house
and pour acid on your mother’s face. Come… Why are you late from school? Come… Why’re you going away,
when we were waiting for you? Don’t you like me?
Look at my face and tell me? Will you lose anything if
you go out with me? Why’re you making me angry? If I get angry, Boys, tell her.
– What does he lack? He’ll drink a full beer bottle non-stop. Brother, why do you still talk?
Pour acid on her face. Sami, give the bottle. Give it. Take the bottle brother. No. No.
– Do you know what is this? Do you know what’ll
happen if I pour it? Pour it brother.
– Shall I pour? Don’t wait, pour it. Who are you? Run away.
Oh gosh! Come here.
– I’ll beg you sir. It’s just plain water.
It was all for fun only sir. To threaten her,
I said that it is an acid. I swear. I am telling the truth.
It’s just water. Look, I am drinking it sir. Just for fun. No bullet. Just empty pistol.
Got scared? Yes sir.
– You… Come on.
Did you call me? Come here man. Don’t beat me.
I am a pilgrim. I am a pilgrim.
– So what? I’ll kill you rouges.
Go away. Roshini, go home. You’ll not have problems in future. I’ll put two men
on guard from tomorrow. I’ll get down here. What if it had been really acid?
– My face would’ve got disfigured. I can’t even imagine it. Only now you were thanking God! After that, her face and her eyes used
to haunt me now & then like a painting. I was sitting with a friend in that
coffee shop. I saw you. I’ve come to take you
for a cup of coffee. I’m on duty now. CM is crossing this road,
I must be here. Then, join us after CM crosses
this road. We’ll wait for you. Will you come? I don’t know how much
time it’ll take. Don’t wait for me. Who is she? Your friend?
– Mind your business Ansari. Go fast! Tears that seldom come from my eyes
fell on her forehead that day. I’ve seen many people
hurt in accidents. Grizzly murders. Disgusting scenes.
Nothing ever disturbed me. But, when I saw her severely hurt,
I couldn’t bear it. Her name is Maya.
She’s a teacher in Vignan school. Inform them. – Give them my
mobile number if necessary. – Ok. I forgot to say!
Today is Sunday. Call the Principal at his house
if nobody is in the school. Her sister’s house is
at Nagarjuna Sagar! They’ve left for Bangalore
and no one is there. We are trying to contact them! Try to inform this to them! Impressive lover! Fix that saline bottle! We’ll have wait for
another 24 hours. Impressive lover! Dear oh dear! Dear oh dear! How are you?
– How are you? It’s very painful. Nothing will happen!
You’ll be alright. I’ll inform the doctor. Any way you weren’t there
when CM passed that way. You were taking me to the
hospital in your car. Couldn’t you’ve joined me for
a coffee when I invited you? Why’re you serious?
I just said it for fun. I was seeing you and missed to
see what was coming opposite me. No fault with
that water tanker! Is doctor coming?
– He’ll come. He only admitted Maya!
Come on. She’s Swathi, Maya’s sister.
Maya’s brother in law. DCP Ramachandra. How is she now? – A small
head injury and a hand fracture. You may go and see her. Come on. Sit down! Can I see Maya?
– She is resting now. I’ll come later.
– Ok. It seems you’re spending
more time at the hospital. – Not like that! I went twice to see her.
I didn’t see her at the second time. But, I’m always thinking about her
even when I’m working. Nothing like that. I feel I am the responsible
for that accident! That’s all. I don’t like that! I’ve decided not to see her again. I should be angry with you! You never
met me after that in the hospital! I got discharged a month ago!
But you never made a phone call! I was wondering whether
I am expecting too much from you! Not like that! You’ve come to meet me. Couldn’t you
bring a flower bouquet? Why do you take out a gun? You may be a Police Officer…
Everyone may be scared of you. But, you don’t know how to
talk or move with a girl. Accept it?
– I agree. You’re very uncomfortable. I’ll be back in a 15 mins.
Is it ok? Even your sister is uncomfortable
whenever she sees me. I observed it in the hospital.
Did you ask her why? I know. You’re a
police officer, that’s why. You’re sitting here and
talking to me, that’s why. Wrong-doers or criminals can
feel uncomfortable on seeing me. Why should your sister…? Are you saying my sister is a criminal? That’s what I wanted to say.
Please tell this to your sister also. Is it? I’ll see. We’ll see. Let me see how normal a person
you’re in future. I am Maya! – Tell me.
– I want to meet you. Thanks for accepting
my invitation. Why’re you so formal? You might be busy today.
– I am not busy today. You wouldn’t come if you are busy! Is the city peaceful? It’ll be peaceful
if you’re here. I find only 4 walls around me,
even in my dreams. That’s why I decided to
come out and I did! I am planning to go to
Nagarjuna Sagar tomorrow! My sister and brother in
law were there only! Sister is there now! I want to see her! Normally I’ll
go there every Saturday! Bus travel would take three hours.
I am going tomorrow. Can you come with me? There is one beautiful place!
It would be good if you accompany me. You said that you are not busy. Your fragrance dear, is a morale booster! This is the eleventh wonder!
It is like embracing rain drops! Our acquaintance is blissful! It is my first experience!
Unforgettable! Don’t give a furtive look and disturb me!
Like a fishing bait… Don’t entice me with your talk.
Don’t taunt me! Shall I tell the truth? Shall I tell the truth?
Shall I tell my mind? My mind is filled with joy! Never before I felt this joy! I am not sure!
I think it is love! What would it be called? Is it love?
With whom shall I elucidate? Never heard before the
music emanating from her lips. It would stir even a
serene person’s nerves gradually – Hello! I don’t know what has happened!
I think it is love! My style has changed! I don’t know what is this intoxication?
What is this desire? My young mind is asking you only! You have changed me with your talks
and gave me courage to love. You have come in my eyes
and have pushed me! I don’t know a place
beautiful than this in the world! I also don’t like to know about it! This wood house is ours! When my parents were here
we visit here every weekend. This house has seen my
happiness, sorrow and everything. I wanted you to come here. Oh humming bird! You made me
realize this panic is also a desire. You are a boon to make
my dreams come true. This world is new!
Looks like it is new born! I was changed because of you!
I am crazy about you. I want to talk to you.
– What is it! An incident on the day
I met with an accident. Your shirt was drenched
with my blood. You tied a kerchief
to stop the bleeding. You ordered the driver,
Ansari, to go fast. I know everything.
I was watching it all. Your eyes were filled with tears. Why? Everything before me turned dark. But, I knew I wouldn’t die.
I made a prayer at that time. When I regain consciousness,
I wanted to see you. It happened exactly like that. You were in front of me then. When I feel that, my life has
been started newly from that time! I’m telling you unabashedly…
Actually I never feel shy. I love you. No. Don’t say you love me… Before you said about your love,
there was a special feeling between us. That was very nice.
Let us maintain status quo. It was my mistake.
I should’ve expected this. I don’t have any great reason.
I’ve got used to living alone. There’s no place for another
person in my home. Did I ask your opinion about me? Did I ask you accept my love? I opened my heart to you. I expected such a reply from you. Time’s up!
Let’s go. She was changing my world
in front of my eyes. I didn’t like that. I thought of going away from her.
But, I couldn’t. How are you?
– I am fine. Have you started going to school again? Yes, for the past 2 weeks. Have you come to meet me? I know no one else here. Ok, Let us talk! Come. I’m unable to concentrate. I’m unable to take classes.
I’ve forgotten my mathematics. I’ve lost appetite.
I’m sleepless. I’ve come to tell you,
it’s because of you only. I had decided not to meet or talk to you.
But I couldn’t be like that! I like you. I’ve come here to ask
you to accept my love. You said earlier that you were
a normal person. You’re not a normal person. Had you been one, you wouldn’t
have rejected my love. I love you. You’re not a normal person. Had you been one, you wouldn’t
have rejected my love. DCP sir, I’m surprised
to find you here. I know no one else here. I’ve so much to talk to you. Shall we? Come. Maya, what do you want? I didn’t get you.
– What do you want us to do together? I want to marry you. I must spend my life with you.
I want to be with you. I want to talk to you happily.
I want to fight with you. I want to cry resting
on your shoulders. I must be mad about you
always like I’m today. I want at least 3 children from you. They must be like you in
appearance & character. I must see these eyes, always. Then, one fine day I want to die.
That’s all. – Why? I’m not a happy go lucky man. My life is at risk, always.
Why do you want me? You wouldn’t understand
if I tell you. We’ll marry. I like you very much. Ever since I saw you
for the first time… But I had fought with my heart.
I don’t want to hide it anywhere. We’ll marry in a month’s time.
Okay? A drop of tear in her eyes.
A flash of happiness on her face. She gave a contented look.
I can never forget it. I decided right then to live with her. Next day… Srikanth, Rajesh, Jagan and I,
were transferred to the crime branch. First, we re-opened gangster Dass’s file.
Operation Dass kicked off. 10 days prior to this.
Panda entered my life on that time. Panda! Born and brought
up in Berampur in Orissa… At 19, he killed his father and
ran away to Mumbai. 8 years later… Mumbai Police is after him
with 32 criminal cases against him. 15 extortions, 9 murders, 5 kidnappings,
2 rapes and 2 kidnaps, one bank robbery. Finally, he murdered a
local MLA, Ashwin Naik. Who are you? – Where is Ashwin Naik?
– Who are you? – I came to kill him. Anybody please help us!
– Dad! Panda was arrested.
He was there for 6 months 8 days. On the 9th day he escaped. Sensation was created in Mumbai city. Panda reached Hyderabad
after escaping from Mumbai. When we re-opened Dass’s file,
we went through his history. There was only one
information we don’t know! Crime branch which was searching
Dass’s missing brother… …was Panda,
who had fled from Mumbai. Brother is coming! Greetings! Panda Brother! This is our place. All are our boys. They’ll give
their lives for me. For you too… …6 months imprisonment was like hell. When I heard you were in jail,
I was be numbed. I ran out of ideas. Police has increased the
pressure on me here also. – Police! I just sat like that. What would the police will do us? One police officer by name Shinde,
in Mumbai, dared to beat me in jail. He’ll die in another 30 minutes.
Do you know how? There won’t be a scratch on his body. Salim, tell him. He has a 15 year old son. They’ll kidnap him in another 30 minutes,
confine him for 2 days… …and give a torrid time to Shinde. Later they’ll send his
son’s body in a parcel. He’ll realise it then.
Damn Shinde! This will send a message
to all police people. They’ll think twice before hitting us.
They’ll fear us. There’re few people here. They’ll get sense only if we give them
a few shocks like this. They are sending message to me
to get out from this town! Rascal! We’ll do it. – Panda has come. Shall
we put up a cut-out for our Panda? That too opposite
Commissioner’s office. I’ve a cut-out for him here! Who’s this?
– I’ve kidnapped your son. If you want him alive, pay a
ransom of 25 lakhs and take him. Don’t go to police station!
Then, it’ll not be a kidnap case. Arrange the ransom,
I’ll call you again! Change the sim card! Will Seetharaman be having cash?
– He’s rolling in money. Despite so many warnings,
he has gone to police, Arun, what’s your age?
– Eleven. I think your father
isn’t concerned about you. Seetharam doesn’t know
about ourselves! We’ll show him! Who is that?
What is this? Stop! Stupid! I told you at once
but that too in a clear terms. I told you not to go to police. We’ll
settle it between us. But, you didn’t care. Arun who should have been playing
in your verandah is dead now. You wanted it. You killed my son.
I’ll tell you one thing… Leave me! Stop it! How many people are
there in your house now? People have come to
offer condolences for your son… Did anyone think why your
daughter isn’t around crying? Where’s your daughter Rani?
Where’s she? Blackguard! Shut up!
Don’t shout! Your daughter Rani is with us now. Seetharaman, pay Rs.30 lakhs
and get her released. Don’t call the cops. 30 bundles of Rs.1000 notes.100
notes is one bundle, brother. He did not heard it earlier! He realised it only after
we kidnapped his daughter. Simple… but it’s powerful. Beautiful girl, wasn’t she? Our boys were itching to enjoy
that girl. But I didn’t allow it. Never force a girl. She must come of her own.
They must spend their lives at our feet. Brother, whichever city we go,
we must rule over it. We must create sensation. We must
make this city know our real identity. Crimes started hitting like sea waves.
Hyderabad city was shivered. Dass, in 3 months,
kidnapped 6 people, 4 extortion… …11 robberies and 13 murders! No! Please! Don’t kill me! I’ll give
whatever you ask! Don’t kill me. He is scared! How’s the vehicle?
– Superb brother, flying like a jet. Jet flies only in the top.
This is a car. This would be a good place for us!
A Muslim couple is staying here. They won’t care about us!
We can pay Rs.1000 per month. Brother is coming. My department didn’t about… Panda’s brain behind Dass’s crimes. Vizag, Rajamundry, Warangal,
now Hyderabad. We’ve became Emperors. All this only after your arrival, Panda! We aimed at Dass.
We decided to terminate him. Where are you? – I am in Secunderabad
Station. – Not in Secunderabad! Come to Kachiguda station. Is the information correct?
– It’s correct. They’re meeting at Kachiguda station
not at Secunderabad station. Vasu Sait has arrived just now. Panda look, Police! Public are there! Dass… You are surrounded. Ram, weren’t you waiting
for this moment? – Yes. Like in Ankusham movie, should we hand cuff
him and drag him on the streets. No… we’ll kill him.
Ram we’ll kill him here. We asked you to quit this place.
Did you pay heed? You didn’t. Now, you’re going to die. Or else we’ll arrest him. He’ll reveal
a few VIP’s names. We’ll kill them. There’s a large customer
support team behind him. Who needs VIP’s names.
Jagan, ask him if he believes in God. If so, ask him to offer his last prayers
or else tell him to close his eyes. He appears to be an atheist. I don’t feel
like letting him go alive from here. Dass, are you scared? If you’re so scared, why did you
come from Orissa to Andhra? Dass, who held this city to ransom
for the past 5 years. A criminal who gave testing
times to the department. He’s no more now.
I was feeling proud. I never regretted or felt
pity for killing him. I had only one thought.
This city must be peaceful. But, we never knew that
Panda was there at that time. Panda, what’s all this?
How did it happen? We should avenge
for Dass’s death right now. All Police Officers must hide in fear. An incident should happen like that
and it must be a ruthless, right now. Order us! We’ll do
whatever you say. Where will be Vasu Sait now?
– We’ll find him. Police got the information from Vasu! Dass, didn’t care about Vasu.
He was never afraid of us. He was not under our control.
That has done all the damage. Vasu Sait must die. His entire
family must meet a ghastly death. Kill all of them!
– We’ll do it. Come. Who is the Police dog?
Who are they? I need their names. I want to know where they are staying. Who is the guy who was
like a desperado at that time? I want to talk to him.
– His name is Ram Chandra. Ram Chandra, Srikanth, Rajesh, Jagan.
They’re a team. This encounter has done
under their supervision. Only they were following
Dass for the past 6 months. First, By tomorrow’s dawn,
let it be anyone in Ram Chandra’s house. Father, mother, brothers, sisters,
wife, children… no one must be left alive. For brother Dass.
It should happen. I must talk to Ram Chandra
while this is happening and he is crying. Panda, he doesn’t have anyone
you had mentioned now. He is a Ione man.
I know that. We’ll kill the whole team. We can do what you said!
There’s a girl. I’ve seen her. They were talking to each other near
Commissioner’s office. I knew she is his flame!
We’ll kill her! Sorry, I was busy last week. I read it in newspaper.
Are you free now? – Let’s go. Panda, look there. Weapons are ready on us.
Shall we kill her? Shall we make a call to Panda? This is my hide out.
Generally I never invite anyone home. But, why it is so dark? I like it only if it is like this! It’s good now. I didn’t mean,
it must be like this only. I say it’ll be good
if it is like this. Watch, your life will become
colourful hereafter. Even a police officer
would also look good if it is so. Rascal! Scoundrel!
You are responsible for Dass’s murder! Hey, Salim, Sudha…
Chop everyone. Kill him!
– Go in. What are you doing? Who are you? I never laughed this much in my life!
Speak some more. There will some
additional benefits if you marry me. Our children will easily get
admitted in my school. No need to apply in advance.
No need to pay donation. You needn’t stand in queue.
– Really? Then? I’m a qualified Mathematician.
In simple words Maths genius. No need of tuition in Maths for our kids.
You too needn’t trouble yourself. Anyway you don’t know! I’ll take care of it! Because,
Maths is very important, isn’t it? Then, I’m a good singer.
I’ve learnt classical music. I know to play Guitar also.
– Really? – Yes. Swith off the tape recorder! So, I’ll save some expenses! Where were you all these days? I was here only.
You didn’t see me. Ram, I’m Jagan speaking.
– Tell me. Somebody massacred
Vasu’s family members! They killed everyone in the hotel
where we had kept them secretly. Who?
– I think Dass’s boys. They’ve killed 5 people.
How did they know about this place? Did they got the information
from the department… Ok. I am coming there. Who’s that? – Do you think
that you are smart? Idiot! Who are you?
Tell me your name. Did you get news about Vasu? It’ll take 3 months to clean the
blood stains from his house walls. The biggest mistake in
your life was killing Dass. You shot him dead like a street dog.
You must tell the answer for that. Hey, come to the point. Read my lips.
You’ll fear. You’ll cry…
You’ll feel the pain. You’ll regret for
choosing police job. The girl who’s in your house now,
that moon-faced, isn’t she your concubine? Rascal! I’ll kidnap her
before your eyes. Watch it! After that, I’ll make you
go from pillar to post. I’ll make you cry. I’ll rape her and I’ll drop her
corpse infront of your house. Watch it. I’ll kill all the policemen, who
were with you while killing Dass. Rascal, It’s a challenge. After that I’ll talk to you
when you’re left alone. Scoundrel! I can kill all the officers
and you today itself. But, you must know that
such an enemy exists. You must fear me. That’s why
I’ve called to inform you. This will happen. It’ll happen,
but slowly and before morning… …any time in front of your eyes.
You just watch. Go casually and check outside
if there’s anybody standing in our street. Check it up!
– Ok sir. There’s an auto parked. Yes. It’s parked on the street corner. Sir, any problem? – Nothing.
A phone call threat. Anyway, you both be alert. I am not coming there!
You immediately come to Srikanth’s house. Tell Rajesh to come there. What’s happening? – I’ve little work.
I must go. – I’ll go home. No. You come with me.
I’ll take you to a place. Come. I’m DCP Ram speaking.
Listen carefully what I am saying. I need our 5 boys
immediately near my house. Not in Police jeep.
Ask them to come in an auto. Ask them to stay at road number 12
which is two streets before to my house. I’ll be there within half an hour. Is this how you normally
go out of the house? Tell me Panda! – Is he inside?
– Yes Panda. That girl.
– She’s also inside… with him. What about the security?
– 2 constables are there… Any other security, movement of
police vehicles or men. – Nothing. Can we attack him now? I think we can!
– Scoundrel, tell me correctly. Shall we attack now or not?
– We can do that. Sure! If he goes out, follow him
and inform me on phone. I’m on my way in 20 minutes. Threats are not uncommon
in a policeman’s life. But, I was sure it was
not an empty threat. I don’t know who he was.
He has already attacked Vasu. Next he had aimed Maya. I have a hunch that he’ll attack
my house same night. I’m prepared for a counter-attack. Come. Are you going out? – Yes.
We’ll be back in an hour. I’ve many things to tell her about you. What happened Ram?
– A phone call! He never told his name. I think he’s close to Dass.
He only has killed Vasu sait! I could feel anger in his voice.
He is following me from the morning. He threatened to kidnap Maya.
– Maya? First Maya, then you
and then me! His men are watching my house
from an auto. He’ll definitely come.
His words are saying that. He’ll definitely make an attempt tonight.
I must see who that is. I’ve requested for 5 boys,
we are 4, isn’t that enough? – Enough. If he fails to turn up?
– We’ll catch the guys who are in the auto. I’ve spoiled your sleep. Assume this as an
action episode and enjoy it. Forgive me if
it turns out to be a serial. Third house from the left. Didn’t I say he’ll come? Come on Panda! Don’t stay! Come, listen to me. Hey police! Have your
bullets exhausted? Scoundrel! Do you know who am I? I’m Panda.
Have you heard about me? Mumbai will shiver if they heard my name. Maharashtra police couldn’t do anything.
Why have you come here? Now you’ll die,
Come on. You should pay the ransom of
Dass’s death! You must die. You stay at my feet or die.
All the city police should surrender to me. I’ll take that girl away. Mumbai police have filed
32 cases against him. Dass’s home town is Berampur! I got some doubt and I enquired
with Berampur’s JCP Patnayak. He gave some information that
he is the brother of Dass. When we shot Dass in the encounter,
Panda was also there. So, now he wants to
avenge for Dass’s death. I’ll arrange security
for Maya’s protection. Ram, you give me a letter
regarding this. Does Maya know about this problem?
– No, sir. You all should be very careful.
This guy seems to capable of anything. I’ll arrange an additional security
cover for everyone. Now, he’s a wounded beast
because of your counter attack. What would be his next step?
– He does not have that much patience! He’ll come definitely with rage. If he decides, he can hit us,
anywhere… any time… It got delayed! Sorry dear, were
you sleeping? – Got drenched? – No, sweat. Ram, I’ll go to bed.
Let’s talk in the morning. Take care of him and bring
the water bottle while you are coming. He looks tired!
I disturbed your sleep! Where is Maya?
– She’s sleeping upstairs. D.C.P sir… what’re you doing here?
– Sorry, Maya. Did I disturb you? I didn’t sleep at all. You sleep.
I’ll sleep on the sofa downstairs. We’ve to go from here at 5 a.m.
I came here to tell this. Where are you going?
Sit down. Sit down. Aren’t you sleepy?
– Why don’t you talk with me for sometime? Was your job successful?
Tell me. You’re in a problem
because of me. Till such time, if you stay
in a safe place, I’ll be comfortable. Shall I lie on your shoulders? I don’t find any other
safe place than that. Maya, it’s serious!
We should be careful. I’ll wake you up 5 o’clock.
You sleep. What danger can I face in your presence?
Won’t you save me, hitting everyone? There’s danger only for your enemies! Do you know how old am I?
– 24 yrs. Ask me, why did I ask this?
– Why? I’m waiting for this kiss for 24 yrs.
Now I can’t wait, even for a second. I think I’ll start living
with you from today itself. You rejected that day!
But you talk otherwise now. We can’t trust police’s words! Where is the guts you had
while killing Dass? Now, show me! I want to know some details!
Where have you kept that girl. Tell the where is the resident
of the remaining officers. Tell me fool! Tell me! I don’t have patience.
You’ll die if you won’t say that! Tell me idiot! Won’t you sleep? – It’s 4.00 a.m.
What’s the use of sleeping now? You said, we’ve to go somewhere
at 5. I’ve school tomorrow. Take off from the school for some time.
The situation is not good. My name is Panda! I told you before that
many things will happen before dawn! I am in your friend Jagan’s house. If Police get scared,
he would become an ordinary man. Now your friend situation is the same. Do you want to watch it? Why is the door open? It’s all because of Dass’s encounter. Why should Jagan die for that? Take this body to Osmania Hospital! He is an young chap!
He had dreamed a lot about his future. We did our job! Who’s he? Did he
consider police so vulnerable? Can’t we do anything? How dare he kills a police officer
on his own house? We should not leave him! I can understand your feelings!
But, don’t take any decision in a hurry! Where are Maya and Sandhya? After I came here, I made a call
to the control room inspector… …and have sent them to your office. We can’t keep them here Ram.
We’ll send to some other place! Tomorrow, I’ll arrange a meeting
with the intelligence force. I’ll arrange the additional force! We should inform this to DGP. Do Jagan have any realtives?
– No one like that! We are everything to him!
– Make arrangements for his funeral! Start the car. Brother, police!
Run away! Saleem Brother!
Police! Oh gosh! Leave me! He’s ‘Penknife’ Srinu. Sharp knife Srinu. Where is Panda?
– I don’t know. If you want to arrest me.
I’ll become an approver. Who is going to arrest you? Panda brother is arriving! Panda, they’ve killed my brother…
– Don’t worry, I’ll take care. Take him inside.
– Don’t cry! – Nothing to worry! You nasty police!
Don’t you get sense at least now? Now only I’ve killed your man!
Don’t you get sense? Where is your girl friend?
Isn’t she with you? She is with me!
Will you come and watch? Why are you lying, stupid?
Wait for me. I’ll come. Ok. Come right now!
I’ll wait for you! I don’t want you,
but I want your team! Then I want your girl friend and
I want all who are close to you. After your dear ones die, and you’re
left alone, at the time you are sobbing, then I want to talk to you,
sitting in front of you! I am coming! – Why should
you come? Nasty fellow. Tell me where are you?
I’ll come. What happened? – You said
you wanted to talk to me. That we have talked in
afternoon, that I am going to Sagar. About that only! It’s only 3 days since
Maya left this place. Situation is not good here.
Are you going? I can’t stay here like a coward
by sending her there. She must be with me!
I’ve decided after a long thought! I’m going to marry Maya tomorrow. After I stay for one day with her,
I’ll bring her back with me! Maya should be with me in my house.
It would be safe for her. Where are you going to get married?
Won’t you tell me? I know it only when I go there.
Might be in her house or in some temple. Anyway, I’ll call up and tell you. Just now, I’ve informed Rajesh. I was thinking to tell this to you.
But, you’ve come. Shouldn’t we come for your marriage? No. All of us shouldn’t be
together at one place. It would be better if you
stay here in this situation! I’ll bring Maya here
after the next day of our marriage. Then we’ll have a party together! I want to talk to Sandhya.
Give me her phone number. Sandhya is staying with her friend. There is no phone there. It won’t be good.
I want to inform her! How? She’ll call me after sometime.
I’ll tell her to talk to you! After you go there,
call me about your whereabouts. I cannot forget the murder of Jagan!
He should not have died. I am enraged whenever
I think about that! We should kill him. Next day, July 3rd evening,
we got married. Her people agreed to it happily. Of all the marriages I have seen,
ours was the best. It would attract me even
if my eyes are closed. For singing a song praising
my eyes couldn’t get words! Are you the new
wonder of wonders? Definition of beauty is ‘You’! How are you?
What happened? Marriage was held at
6 o’clock in the evening. Rajesh also wished you.
Where are you? Are you at home? No. They had a property
20 km away from Sagar. It’s a beautiful place.
We’ll be here in this evening. When’ll you be back?
– Tomorrow evening, I’ll be back with Maya. Sandhya hasn’t called to me.
– She called me just now. I told her to call you!
She’ll call you immediately. Keep your mobile on. What are you doing? Come. Are you happy?
– Why? But never seems like that.
There is some afflict on your eyes! Is it about Jagan?
– He is a very good friend. That should not have happened to him. Leave that! Are you happy?
That’s what I want. Shall I tell one thing? – What?
– You are very handsome. Many of them would say this to you.
– I don’t know about that. But I know one thing. You are so beautiful. This mind is crazy! I though it would be enough if
I am with you for three births. But, now I am thinking that the moment
which I spending with you now is enough. I am ready to die even now. Oh handsome!
Take my beauties! Hug me tight!
All the beauties are for you! Oh handsome!
A jasmine is calling you! Handsome! Catch the areca
nut on the flower cot! Desires flow like Godavari. This glamour doll is all yours. Play and sing with me tonight. I’ve kept some places for you
which are not exposed to air. My beauty and glamour are only for you. Waiting for a long time
for a consort to hug me. My youth and life is only for you. Why were you away for so long? Moments of happiness
are in front of us. Your physique creates craves
to my fondles and my sari. I never felt like this before. Your affection created a thrust for
my breath and my growing desire. I am forgetting this world. My silence vanished
when I am with you. This eternal bliss makes me sing. Didn’t I tell you, I’ll come? Hit him and throw him in the water. Hit him. Hit him. Come. Leave me.
– Come. Hit him. Kill this scoundrel! Why do you make a fuss? What?
Come on! What?
Want to die? This is for brother Dass.
Bring her, we’ll go. He is breathing.
Come and help me. Search for Maya. Will you be able to dance?
Will you be able to watch? Will you be able to stop?
Is it a floral chaplet? Is it a warm hearted feeling?
Or a gala music in young mind? Is this a boon to the eye? Is it an adolescent beauty?
Is it a shrouded glamour? It is a new palanquin’s desire.
Come with your adolescence! If ‘Vasthu’ at home needs total change,
I can do it for you! The beauty before you,
will lessen your desire! Will you wage war on my lap? The beautiful girl was hot!
When time waged a war. Are you hesitating to mingle? Oh, Love!
Oh adolescent! Mind perceives a Cupid!
Body languishing in separation! Created some desire in my mind. Love is everything.
It is heavenly bliss! It is an yearning of the adolescent! Floral bed provoked to wage war.
The milky sculpture wants to proceed! Is the little dream so ecstatic? Is it a desire? Shall we talk?
Are you in a mood to talk? Shouldn’t I touch you?
Ok. Leave it. You can’t move. I can do anything.
Can you bear it? Can DCP Ram Chandar bear it? Are you an American product?
You don’t look like a Telugu. That colour, counters and… But I never eat spittle food! Both of you celebrated nuptial night
yesterday, didn’t you? Was it good? You don’t need this, remove it. Are you need this nuptial thread?
I say remove it. Will he come?
Speak out. What would he do if he comes here? With whom he is playing? Four people were doing brutal acts. Having a gun, they thought that
they could kill anyone at any cost. This would be a good lesson for them. Hereafter, every single policeman
will be scared to come forward. Will any kid choose his career as a police
after hearing this news? Within a snap, all went wrong,
did you see that? That is what life is.
For all the humans, including the Ram. I don’t want this injection.
I don’t have time to talk to you. I have to go urgently from this place. You can’t go in this situation. Take the injection. Otherwise,
the condition would be serious to you. Just a minute. Relax yourself. What is going on here?
I can’t understand. Get out for two minutes.
– I have to give an injection. Get out for at least two minutes. Why Srikanth?
Is this for Sandhya? I betrayed you. I blemished my job. They took away my Sandhya. I only left her at the airport. I don’t know how she got caught by them. They called me.
They hit her infront of me. They said, if I don’t co-operate
with them… …they’ll slash Sandhya’s head and
send a parcel of her head. At that time I felt she is
important than anything else. Get back.
– Don’t do anything to her. What do you want?
– Move. Tell me what I have to do? I only exchanged your gun. I only informed them about your
staying place on your nuptial night. I didn’t know what
I was doing. They stayed in my house. They allowed Sandhya to talk to
me once every hour. Suddenly, they left the place
early in the morning 4 o clock. Only then, I realised. I called Rajesh and told him everything. We decided to come to your place
immediately. We informed the commissioner. I phoned you on the way.
But, you never responded. What are you doing? I couldn’t be a friend
or a policeman. When I think about it now,
even my Sandhya won’t forgive me. I can’t be forgiven!
Don’t forgive me, Ram. Please, leave me.
Let me go from here. Let me go. Shut up! I’ll kill you! I am Panda speaking.
How are you? Who’ll take care for the city,
if all police officials stay there? What do want?
– I know you are a wastrel. No use talking to you.
Give the phone to Ram, quickly! Speak with him. Can you hear me, Maya? I am alright, Maya! You don’t be scared. – Enough!
– I’ll come to save you. You are a real man!
You’ve survived it. Do you remember what I told you? That is I’ll send your girl back
after she satisfies me! Now, we’ll stop that.
That also in my style! There is an area called
Zaherabad which is… …100 km away from Hyderabad,
in Mumbai highway! If you want her, come there! Don’t come alone! Bring those
2 of your policemen with you. Ram Chandra, if you have guts…
If you want these girls, come to Zaherabad!
You three alone. What did he say? Maya is with him. He called
me to come there. We should go. He said that he’ll kill your whole team.
Then why are you going alone? This should be handled carefully.
In this situation… We should go. This battle was started by us.
We should end it. Come. It’s time for you to go! Your beautiful face should
watch by your husband! Start to go. Freshen up. You should look like an angel. I’ll take you to a place. I know what would be on that.
– Nothing would be in it. Who is he? Should we surrender to him? Can’t we do anything to him? Ram, check whether it’s Sandhya. Ram, check whether it’s Sandhya. That is Sandhya, isn’t it? She is my Sandhya, isn’t it? Oh gosh! All went wrong. All went wrong, isn’t it? I betrayed you, Ram.
I’ve betrayed myself. Ram, Maya was kidnapped because of me. They’ve killed Sandhya, Ram! They sliced her head, isn’t it? I want to see her face.
– No. I want see what they did
to her face! – No. Oh gosh! Hey, how long you’ll watch
a headless body? Isn’t it disgusting?
Take it away. Quickly! Give me the phone. Tell me Bose!
It is me, come quickly. What happened was greater
than we expected, Panda. That black guy killed himself
after seeing his wife’s head. Ram Chandar vexed because of that.
We have won. That’s great. Stop the Jeep. Somebody would be there to watch us! I’ll be back. That’s what I am telling. Yes.
Nobody can harm us. Walk. Be careful. He is Dass’s henchman. He knows where they’ve kept Maya. As it is election time we don’t
have that much force right now. Otherwise, we should take
special permission with the CM. – No. I’ll take them with me,
irrespective of number of persons. Today evening, they are changing
Maya to some other place. We should be there before that. Do you know Nagamani?
She had a big bungalow. Bungalow full of prostitutes.
I’m going to leave you there. There’s a great demand
for your type of girls. First, all big shots
in the city will relish you. Then, all other men would play with you. Then, I’ll phone and inform
Ram about your place. He’ll suffer & die by seeing you.
That is what I want. Where is Bose?
– He is yet to come. Where has this mad fellow gone? Hold her. Hold her tightly. Leave her.
Take this. Shut up Nagamani!
Don’t act smart with me. I won’t come to
the place where you call me. You come to the place,
where I ask you to come! I am starting to come there.
You get ready to come there. You must be there within half an hour.
I’ll call you back. Do you understand?
Put the phone down. I can’t bear their torture.
Cheaters… What vehicle have you arranged?
– I’ve arranged a water tanker. That would be the safe for us.
– Yes, brother. If we board the tanker at Koti,
we can go to Vizag. The boat is 4 o’clock
tomorow morning. – Ok. Brother police!
Run away. Come on! Go, don’t wait. What are you doing, Panda? You will be alright. Look at me.
I am here. Open your eyes.
I am taking you to the hospital. After going to Vishakapatnam… VISHAKAPATNAM
30 Km Old Coastal Area
Vishakapatnam Where is this boat?
It is yet to come. It seems, it’ll take 1/2 an hour.
– We will wait. Go. Move. Kill him.
He won’t come here. Come on. Come on. Now, is it painful to you?
Come on. Now, Ram Chandra, DCP is a loner. Come on. Come on.
Get up, man. Have you now understood about police! Come on…
Get up. You want to talk to me personally.
I’ve come here alone. Let’s talk. Scoundrel! Talk me.
Tell me something. I have come here. Tell me.
Nasty fellow! How many of you? For whom?
Dass is a worm! You’ve come for him.
I’ll ruin you also. If some one else comes for you,
I’ll kill him also. AFTER 3 MONTHS…

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