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Today we are at Hawa Mahal Hawa Mahal is a palace seen in a most congested market place This monument is the pride of Jaipur which seen near to the city palace This Mahal was built of Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 It was intended for the royal ladies to watch the city without being seen by public The palace have nearly thousand small windows makes the ladies follow the tradition More than saying it a just palace ,we can say it as architectural brilliance The palace is built in honey comb pattern makes it differ from other palaces of Jaipur The palace seems like the front of the city palace ,but the reality is its is the rear portion As we look from street it appears like a huge wall .but is a huge 4 storey palace We need to take ticket to enter hawa mahal I had taken 300 Rs combo ticket so that I can see most of the monuments around Jaipur with it Through this Chandrapoli gate we are entering this pyramid shaped palace Now we are seeing the back side of what we had seen first from the streets We can enter the first 3 floors of the palace This is called a Bhojanshala or a place of public dining This small windows makes Hawa Mahal the real palace of wind This cool breeze in the palace makes it as the favorite place for the royal family during summer Now we are walking through the historical first floor of the palace Today is a holiday, So many national and international tourists are flowing into the mahal This is the beauty of first floor ,windows with colored glasses This colored hall in first floor is called Ratan mandir When sun rays come through this colored glass makes the room colorful 100s of small windows are there in each floor which give beautiful arial view of the city Hawal mahal is built with pink and red sand stone in Mughal-Rajaput architecture The pink color of hawa mahal contribute to the name of Pink city Jaipur We are now at the second floor of the palace The top most pyramid of the mahal is now closer to our eyes As we climb top, the beauty of what we see through windows are increasing We can hilly mountains and the mighty forts in them Most of the palaces of Rajasthan are like this, simply marvelous We are now at Vichitra Mandir at the 2nd floor of the palace The palace seems to a huge building looking to a moving street Hawa Mahal made my day,usually this type of palaces I have seen away from this city But this is an exception !! We are now climbing to the third floor of the palace This third floor is a real view point It will give view as good as drone shots do.. You can see the whole Jaipur 360 degree from here The city palace , jantar mantar, forts all can be viewed from this floor The views of a city , the views beyond a city to the hills Hawa Mahal was such a beautiful experience for me India should be proud of having this type of palaces at 18 th century Now I am leaving from the beautiful palace ; Hawa Mahal We are exiting the palace through Sharad Mandir Hope you have enjoyed today’s video .If so please subscribe to the channel

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